What is the kitchen floating to stop? After reading the introduction of the renovation master, I suddenly suddenly became cheerful!


Many owners will always find some little girls that are indispensable and easily ignored in decoration, such as today we have to say. Many decorative small white or even the owners who have already renovated, they have never heard of this thing, but small play is a big role. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the kitchen stop countervalue.

First, why should the kitchen install the flue to stop?


The kitchen’s flue is public, and many people know that they will always float the tempting scent when they go upstairs. The reason why this hook is generated is that the hood is not well sealed, and the action of the reverse valve is to prevent the hood regeneration in the kitchen toburities and prevent the role of filling. You said that dozens of dollars have such a big role, ignoring the more regrets!


Second, how to choose the kitchen tobacco stopper?

The role of the reverse valve is “reflex”, side effects are “increasing exhaust resistance”, and a good stopper valve is guaranteed while the exhaustive resistance is minimal. Xiaobian summed up the purchase of three points:

1. Single stopper countervers do not force in the exhaustive resistance, and the double opening stop reverse the valve is the largest, not in the flue, completely universal, solve the single-way board countervers in the public flue still will return. problem;

2, the effect of the effect is a rubber or silica gel seal;


3. The baffle and frame of the reverse valve is a flat and facade.

Third, where is the best way to install?



Do not install on the mouth of the flue

Xiaobian often saw that many people attach the reverse valve on the mouth of the flue. After a long time, the oil stains were stained to leave the blade caused the blade to blow or blow up, and the effect of smoking was affected. The blade is not in the same effect of following the installation of the reverse valve.


, Installed in the kitchen hood is correct

The stopper is installed in the kitchen hood. It is not only convenient to remove maintenance, but also to avoid flue garbage falling. Inserting the flue to stop the reverse valve is a slope structure, and the lower part should be partially in-depth, if the upstairs decoration Tao, building waste may be in the reverse valve, causing the counter-counter door and not even open, which is not recommended to install the reverse valve in the flue port.


The above is the introduction of Xiaobian for the kitchen tobacco countervalue, I hope that you can take a wake up when you decorate the kitchen, don’t forget to take the reversal valve! (This article is written by Hefei flying ink design! Purely original, please indicate the source, thank you for cooperation!)


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