The new product release meeting of the Haixi E -commerce Conference appeared at the “Traveling Time” exhibition this season’s popular trend


China Network Fujian April 20th. A new product launch conference consists of seven chapters, respectively: “Hua Nian”, “Blooming”, “Expedition”, “Wild”, “Elegant”, “Coconut Wind”,,,,,,, “coconut wind”,,,, “coconut wind”,,,, coconut wind “,, coconut wind,,,, “Yu Yun”. Seemingly independent small themes, but they are intertwined, forming a visual feast “crossing time”.

As the 2nd China (Quanzhou) Hassi International Brand Expo, the 19th Straits Cross -Strait Textile and Fair, the Internet+”Industrial Strong City” and the fourth Haixi (Shishi) e -commerce conference ” Crossing Time “Alibaba (Shishi) Power Industry Group Selection Association and the 2016 Summer New Products Conference on the Tao Factory Alliance, on the evening of April 18th in the Haixi (Shishi) e -commerce park, through the model runway, the Tao Show Tao Factory Alliance brand manufacturers this season’s popular trend and fashion dynamics. This release show is based on the theme of “crossing time”. Through different styles of works, it highlights innovation and the times. Essence

“Crossing Time” and the 2016 Summer New Products Conference of the Tao Factory Alliance are hosted by the Organizing Committee of the Haiban Fair, the Shishi City People’s Government, and the Tao Factory Alliance, the Shishi Electronic Commerce Association, Alibaba and Haixi (Shishi) e -commerce park co -organized by co -organizing Essence The new product conference and Alibaba 1688 platform are presented simultaneously.

This new product launch conference was by Shishi City Deyi Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. (two groups), Shishi Huibao Clothing Factory, Jinjiang Leopard Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shishi City Shanda Textile Trading Co., Ltd. (Hankesen), Shishi Qike Street Clothing Co., Ltd., Shishi City Xizhimao Clothing Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Daniste Clothing Co., Ltd., Shishi Jiujiu Xing Clothing Co., Ltd., Shishi Jeep War Trading Co., Ltd. (Scarecrow), Quanzhou Tuestuanian e -commerce Co., Ltd., Yi Nan Clothing Co., Ltd., Fujian Camp Clothing Co., Ltd. (SD) provides products and sponsorship, Alibaba (Shishi) strength industry group and Amoy Factory alliance And support.

The theme of “Traveling through Time” in this session is divided into seven chapters of “Hua Nian”, “Bloom”, “Adventure”, “Wild”, “Elegant”, “Coconut Wind”, and “Yu Yun”. Showing people’s different life scenarios and character conversion and interlocking are intertwined, like stylish notes compose a colorful and beautiful movement.

Chapter 1 Hua Nian

In the years of youth, there are too many beautiful memories to everyone. In the era of popular online celebrities, because we are young, we always like to catch up with the wave of fashion and let our youthful dreams fly on the cusp of emotions.

Nianhua — Liangzai dress series, this series is based on fresh colors, light green, dark green, orange yellow, blue, red, supplemented by neutral color systems such as light gray, rice white. Innovation and the perfect production process, you are youthful and beautiful with smart freehand freehand.

The main products of this series are provided by the two -person group, Huagao, Hankesen, Leopard, Qike Street, Xizhimi Island, and Danister brand.

Chapter 2 Bloom

The footsteps of time are so hurried, the slogan of the flames of youth is still loud, and those who conquer the world are not terrible. Those who can conquer themselves are the most worthy of our admiration and great people in the world. And a throbbing heart always likes the excitement and pleasure brought by strength and speed after work or life.

Bloom -sports and leisure series, this series is mainly blue, orange, red, rose red, white, and the dynamic lines of colors, showing the rhythm of life and the vitality of youth.

The main products of this series are provided by Jiubingxing and Scarecrow brand.

海西电商大会新品发布会亮相 “穿越时光”展今季流行趋势

Chapter II

Give yourself a long vacation, put aside all the busyness and troubles in the work, bring all outdoor equipment, invite donkey friends to travel together, ride a bicycle or drive off -road vehicle for a place where you want to go, and experience in adventure in adventure. The limit of life realizes its own life value.

Adventure -outdoor series, this series of clothing is the main color system of goose yellow, military green, orange, and canvas color. Materials are mostly functional fabrics such as warm, sweating, breathable, hygroscopic, waterproof, wear resistance, wear resistance, etc. Hats, sunglasses, gloves, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, mats, jackets, quick -drying pants, mountaineering shoes, hiking shoes, camping tools, helmets, etc. are essential outdoor equipment.

The main products of this series are provided by the scarecrow and passenger brand.

Chapter 4 Wild

海西电商大会新品发布会亮相 “穿越时光”展今季流行趋势

This is an era of fleeting, and it is also an era of chiefs. Youth left the mottled light and shadow in the branches of the years, and life was wild in the surging passion. Sometimes we need to use action to prove our existence. Let’s advertise your resoluteness and strength.

海西电商大会新品发布会亮相 “穿越时光”展今季流行趋势

Wild — Jeep style series, this series is based on military style, the top is mainly tone of dark green, military green, olive, and jujube red. The pants are mainly orange, yellow -green, dark green, light blue, khaki color as the main color. Most of the cotton cotton and water washing technology are mixed with mid -high cowhide shoes.

The main products of this series are provided by SD function men’s clothing, jeeping car, and anecdotes.

Chapter 5 Elegant

Whether in the workplace or business travel, we always want to present our elegant side in front of the world. The simple and stylish mature beam shows the wise and restrained grace of men and the capable and smart.

Elegant -leisure series, this series is determined with simple style and neutral color. Whether it is T -shirt, short -sleeved shirt, plaid shirt, or leisure pants, five -point multi -bag pants, most of them use cotton, add water washing or nano -processing technology , Ecological environmental protection, comfort and nature.

The main product of this series is provided by the Loury Joto brand.

Chapter 6 Coconut Wind

In the hot summer, the afterglow of the sunset reflects the light yellow beaches, the blue sky and the blue sea, the coconut wind is gently, and the bikinis outlined curve. At this moment, the roses that are lingering are blooming.

Coconut wind -swimwear series, this series is the main color of water blue, rose red, and red, plus the clever use of design elements such as flowers, birds, fish, and insects, outlines women’s tenderness in sexy.

Chapter 7 Yu Yun

In this colorful Internet age, whether it is the mainstream cultural trend or the attitude of life and lifestyle, there is a huge change; whether it is online shopping or online dating, it has gradually become a living habit of people; no matter how much it has, how much it has appeared The prodigal “chop party” ladies still have to be inseparable from the low -headed family of their mobile phones. The days are always simple and beautiful. And all the wonderful Chinese chapters about fashion and trends will continue to be staged.