The brooch will break into the fashion industry and don’t ambiguous in the fashion industry.


The brooch is easily regarded as a very “age” accessory. The world’s most famous brooch spokesperson is undoubtedly the 89 -year -old British Queen Elizabeth II. Other people’s vision and women with valuable broochs as accessories are also often belonging to politics or royal members of various countries. The jewelry they wear can easily be regarded as dignified and stable representatives.

胸针再闯时尚界 不暧昧说爱恋

However, when we reappear the photos of the Queen when we were young, it is not difficult to find that the queen’s brooch is worn from young people to middle age, from middle age to old age, which is synonymous with noble and elegant. The Queen of Britain, the world’s most attractive selection activities in the world’s most attractive women in the world’s most attractive women in the world’s most attractive women. In addition to the rainbow suit and hat, the Queen’s most famous fashion weapon is a brooch. The most talked about is a bow diamond broom. From the beginning of Queen Alexandra, the grandmother, it has been passed on to Queen Elizabeth today. After the change of the four generations of grandchildren and grandchildren, it is still elegant for more than a hundred years.

Speaking of broochs, it is always difficult to bypass the legend of famous women and brooches in history. For example, when the story of the Duke of Windsor, which refers to “don’t love rivers and mountains,”, people will first think of that Cartier’s “Cheetah” brooch. Giriguri Parker, who once played the actor of “Roman Holiday”, got a butterfly brooch when he got married in Audrey Hepburn. It is said that this broocular needle is Parker’s home biography. Parker purchased it back on the relic auction. The famous movie star Elizabeth Taylor was also a brooch that was worn on the day of the wedding on the wedding of Richard Polton, the favorite man.

胸针再闯时尚界 不暧昧说爱恋

The first female Secretary of State Madelene Olb in the history of American history, Madeleine Olbiwed, named a personal memoir with “Reading my brooch”. Practical tools that are handy when dealing with various diplomatic affairs. When the situation is bright and optimistic, Olbite will wear a cheerful brooch, butterfly and hot air balloon. When the negotiation progress is difficult, she will wear a brooch in the shape of Shanghai turtles, snails, and crabs to express her depression and unhappiness; when conflict with the viewer of the negotiating opponent, she will wear spiders, bees, and dragonflies. The momentum. She once wore a snake -shaped brooch to meet the Foreign Minister of Iraq, which was metaphorized by the Iraqi to the Secretary of State of the Snake.

Earlier this year, the 2015 autumn and winter series released by the Parisian family Balenciaga reproduced Parisian style with elegant brooch. Alexander Wang, the creative director of the Paris Family, is a designer known for tough style, but this finishing touch of jewelry brooch makes people see his elegant and classic side. Whether it is in a coat or a half skirt, on the chest or shoulder, and even the shoes and gloves have brooch elements made of crystals and pearls. The charm of the brooche has once again become the focus of fashion.

胸针再闯时尚界 不暧昧说爱恋

The brooch has the decorative effect of a pendant, which is more recognizable than the ring. The most important thing is that the solemn and elegant brooch has no ambiguous atmosphere. Respect, appreciation, and love can be expressed with a brooch.