What surprises do you have brought the LED industry with wireless connection?


What surprises do you have brought the LED industry with wireless connection?

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Traditional LED boxes and boxes between the boxes are staggered and connected to multiple video signal lines, control cables and power cords. The negative impact of multiple line staggered is to increase the complexity of installation and maintenance. It requires a large number of engineering installation personnel. The maintenance cost is extremely high, and it is easy to fail and the appearance is messy.

Connection between traditional LED boxes


For this,

The Semiconductor Semiconductor has launched a unique wireless wireless connection technology -millimeter wave non -contact connector ST60

Essence This technology can make our LED screen panel cleaner, more stable connection, simpler installation and maintenance, and at the same time reduce the cost of connectors and maintenance costs, saving the ineffective cost.

The connection of the ST60 is based on the 60GHz millimeter wave band

, Have a power distribution similar to NFC or Bluetooth, but

Has a faster data rate, up to 6.25Gbps

Essence In addition, 60GHz is a frequency band in most areas worldwide. This frequency band provides high bandwidth and can be transmitted through glass, wood, plastic and other materials, and can be quickly absorbed in the air.

Ensure safety


The application of ST60 in the LED industry is mainly as follows: the following three aspects:

1. Connection between the module and the box.

The connection between the traditional module and the box is implemented through the B2B connector, while the B2B connector is facing reliable problems caused by aging wear in long -term use, and it requires a large PCB area. Non -contact connections can solve complex structural design and more consumables.

2. The connection between the box and the box is also suitable for Micro LED.

The traditional connection between the box and the box is achieved by Ethernet. The connection of the network cable is cumbersome and requires higher manpower and time costs. In addition to effectively reducing the aforementioned cost, non -contact connection can effectively improve the stability of the connection. Because the area occupied by the ST60 connection does not need to be opened, this is the optimized appearance of LED customers, such as the possibility of ultra -thin boxes.


3. LED 3D holographic display.

For the field of LED 3D holographic display, the external circle polarized antenna of the ST60 is used to implement the video connection of the LED rotating fan blades with the main control system in the center position, which greatly breaks through the traditional connection method video bandwidth limit, optimizing the video display effect , And reduce the design complexity and connection costs.

The most important advantage of the ST60 is that it can replace the non -contact connection of the cable.


The ST60 has higher reliability, lower costs, lower costs, and data links that can resist harsh environments and ensure stable data links than cables and connectors. ST60 supports ultra -high -speed data communication with a maximum 6.25Gbps, which is suitable for replacement of widely used communication based on Gigabit Ethernet.

In addition, the ST60 supports consumption level and extends to the temperature range from -40 ° C to+105 ° C. At the same time, the ST60 can support the face -to -face or edge transmission methods and the configuration of integrated antennas through different antenna configuration. Finally, the ST60 does not require external radio frequency components and crystal, which brings optimal material costs and very small packaging, only 5mm².

Because non -contact connection technology has many advantages, it has been used to innovate LED head companies.

According to experts, Research understands

The ST60A2 product series has been mass -produced, and customers can purchase chip samples and assessment boards from local agents of Semiconductor Semiconductor.

In 2020, Italian Semiconductor and Partner, Zhouming Technology, developed a new generation of display, which adopted the 60GHz radio frequency transceiver chip ST60A2 of the SEF semiconductor ST60A2 to develop advanced high -speed non -contact video transmission solutions. The new series of LED display of Zhouming Technology transmits videos through the ST60A2 non -contact connection technology, getting rid of the fetters of the wires and connectors, reducing the screen assembly and maintenance work, thereby saving a lot of costs.

It is also important that non -contact connection technology can also improve the reliability of the customer system.

As a non -contact connecting black technology, the next -generation products will have higher design bandwidth and transmission throughput.

The new -generation product series ST60A3 has an EUSB2 interface and will be mass -produced in the second half of 2022.

The Semiconductor Semiconductor is promoting this technology in the LED industry, in order to benefit more customers in the LED industry in the future and promote the LED industry to be higher.

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