Black transsexual large -size female model’s underwear advertisement, did you offend you?


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A black life splits the United States, and a black underwear advertisement has split the Chinese Internet.

There were black civilians who died under the knees of the white policeman. Later, there was the bankruptcy of “Victoria’s Secret” and caught up with the pride of a few groups. The huge poster of Calvin Klein with a very visual and extremely political and correct posture has become the most difficult scenery on the streets of the United States.


The model named Jari Jonnes is 29 years old. He is a columnist, producer, and the first black transgender actress to compete with the Cannes Film Festival with his works. Her wife Corey is also a transsexual, and they raised a transgender child together.


After occupying the streets, Jari Jonnes wrote on the social platform: “We are history, we show impossible.”


To be diverse, to consume, support race equality, and support a minority group, I have to say that this is very American.


At the other end of the Pacific, this advertisement also stimulated some fragile and sensitive nerves, which caused a public opinion battle:

Looking at these kinds, it can be seen that some (mainly male) netizens believe that no one really thinks that this model is beautiful. CK invites her to be because she is a “active creature” representing politics, so “supporting multiple aesthetic” hypocrisy “hypocrisy and transliteration” It ’s a decline in waiting for brand sales.


This series of speeches also cause female netizens to make a case:

It ’s been 2020. Do you think the advertisements for women’s underwear are for men? Do you ask yourself, is you a target user?

On the one hand, it is extremely taunting in brand values, on the other hand, to defend the power to define self on the position of consumers.

At the same time, Jori Jonnes himself also showed his malicious comments he suffered, and various humiliation said that she “nausea and people want to vomit”:

Why do women’s underwear ads raised such a large -scale, comprehensive, and multi -level quarrel, causing a completely different look of gender?


Let’s start with “Victoria’s Secret” bankruptcy.



“Victoria’s Secret”, the largest chain of women’s clothing retail stores in the United States, is about to enter the bankruptcy liquidation. This seems to be one of the insignificant news in 2020, but it is probably to make the world popular all over the world. It is hard to imagine. Maybe everyone still remembers what kind of carnival has been set off for the once -year fashion event “Victoria’s Secret Show”. At that time, the world’s top supermodels were proud of the wings of “Victoria’s Secret Angel”. Why did the generation of fashion giants fall here? Don’t women buy underwear?

Data from market research institutions CoreSight Research show that Victoria’s market share in the United States has decreased from 31.7% in 2013 to 24% in 2018. No matter how discounted Victoria’s products, it cannot save the sales dilemma. Had to offset the profits of beauty products. Because the ratings have repeatedly declined, on November 21, 2019, Wei Mi officially announced the cancellation of the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Show, and the legendary event of many supermodels was endorsed. In 2020, we caught up with the global new crown epidemic, and the deserted Victoria’s store closed one after another.

This allows Wei Mi to face up to his biggest problem -too sexy.

Is sexy the key element of women’s underwear? Believe in women’s own experience.

If you are physically and mentally happy, “sexy” must be ranked soft, skin -friendly, and breathable. Victoria’s Sexy, shaped with steel rings for many years, and lace substrates for a long time. Many women take off the shaped bra and will have sore shoulders and back, leaving a faint bloody trace on their bodies. This is caused by inappropriate underwear and wearing methods. The chest part is rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves. Long -term inappropriate underwear can cause breast lymphadenopathy and blood circulation disorders, leading to breast tumors. Victoria’s sexy is sexy at the cost of sacrificing comfort, or even some health.

Victoria’s Mispinity has long created a label of “sexy invincible”, but “sexy and sexy”. Although it has occupied the public horizons again and again, as a cheap underwear brand, the buyer Xiu is high, the more the more, the more It is getting farther and farther from the real target users, and the women’s market no longer needs those anti -gravity and anti -human genes.


Victoria’s most proud sexy gathering underwear, the user experience is not friendly.

What’s more, the brand itself has lagged behind the times in terms of values, and even consumers need to tell them to “wake up, the concept has changed.”


In 2014, Wei Mi released a graphic advertisement, and 10 hot models were lined up in Victoria’s Underwear.


This is probably equivalent to promoting female virtues in 2020. It is too earthy to compete for who has A4 waist in the moment when it is promoted. This advertisement has been spoken by a large number of netizens. More than 16,000 people in the United Kingdom will jointly resist Victoria’s Secret online. The purpose is to tell the brand: “Endlessness” does not require you to define it.

Since then, as the sales of underwear declined year by year, the ratings of Victoria’s Secret Show declined year after year, people realized that the old -fashioned “sexy” is really difficult to make.


The decline in Europe and the United States is irreparable. Victoria’s Secret’s solution strategy is to hope to recover a game in Asia, so a traditional Zhou Dongyu is invited as the spokesperson for the Asian brand to win back to the young users. , To be the most comfortable self, her sexy is irreplaceable “, emphasizes# sexy is so#, rich” sexy “definition, is to want to break the sexy fortress that has been cast in the past, and no longer advocate the mouth -watering devil figure. To the world that is not plump and not perfect.


As for consumers to buy or not, we can see their changes. But Wei Mi’s funeral clock is enough to give a warning for female brands: What kind of female consumer goods need in this era?



Who are the users who buy women’s underwear? There is no doubt that of course (most) is a woman.

But returning to the question of the first netizen’s fight: Who did the advertisement of women’s underwear do?

This contradiction is the current distortion -as a woman’s object, the male gaze that cannot be got rid of it.

There is a aesthetic problem behind this: the sense of substitution. When women watch women’s brand advertisements, women are more in their own situation. Pay attention to the physical and mental state of the advertising model -Does her shoulder strap leave a scar? Will her high heels grind the heel? Will her skirt be uncomfortable? Will her perfume make people more confident?

When watching women’s brand advertisements, men pay more attention to women’s face, body, overall atmosphere, the degree of harmony of the picture, and a sense of joy to themselves. In the controversy of CK models this time, some people mentioned that one of the reasons why the model caused was because the model was fat, and it was not pleasant to stare at her.

The typical Male Gaze lens is gradually rising from low to high at the time of shooting. The lens straight from high heels to the tip of the hair. As an intermediary, it replaces the eyes behind the screen and tastes the infinite beauty of this object.

In the same way, the handsome actor in idol dramas is often shot from the toe to the head, and behind it, it also gives women’s attention. But in real life, anyone with self -consciousness will feel uncomfortable from the foot to others. This gaze lens is very aggressive and offending.

On the red carpet, Kate Branchete asked the photographer: Will you shoot a man like this?


In the past, women’s underwear advertisements and even the entire underwear industry carried a large number of men’s gaze, wiping the ball with soft pornography, and selling women’s supplies with men’s eyes. , Slimming, prominent waist and hip ratio … It seems that women’s underwear exists to make men pleasing to the eye.

Psychologist Tang Yinghong analyzed: “Women’s attention to big breasts is largely derived from the aesthetic of men. From the perspective of a patriarchal society, most men prefers big breasts, but from the perspective of women It is very inconvenient to say that big breasts are often very inconvenient. Coupled with the current society that emphasizes bonelessness, and a woman with skinny beauty is difficult to have big breasts at the same time. “

In the national game “Eat Chicken”, the figure of the female warrior does not fit the proportion in life

In the underwear industry, users’ experience comfort, and the “aesthetic” function that users have been reviewed have been tore with each other for many years, but in recent years, the tug of war seems to have results, which has defeated the “beauty” comfortably. Feminism finally awakened in the field of women.

Although there are many women with flat breasts still hope to increase breast enhancement to improve their confidence, for women who have been proud of big breasts, some people are more beautiful to wear clothes and hope to reduce their chests to a moderate level. The right to define the beauty of the body.

Now open a female underwear brand at will. In the classification, there are “steel -free”, “light” and “sports” models. From 60s to 95, consumers without steel underwear in all ages are growing.

At the same time, what are the best underwear types now? The result may make people unexpected- “big breasts and small” “chest shrinking” underwear. Adjusting the chest shape through underwear can make the chest look less plump and more in line with women’s own aesthetics.

Searching for the bra on Taobao “Small” (left) and “Da Da” (right), the steel -free rim is already the mainstream, and the small demand far exceeds the demand.


Searching for “big breasts” on the women’s grass -planting platform, from the method to the recommendation of the underwear brand, there are more than 170,000. “Which underwear has the best effect” is particularly popular.


Tang Yinghong believes, “The new generation of women pursue more self -comfort and self -affirmation. The information, horizons and insights they come into contact are much richer than the post -70s and post -60s. The relationship between the size of the chest and the breastfeeding ability, the big breasts are unnecessary in terms of functional and life in contemporary society. “

In the product display page of foreign underwear brands, most merchants will increase the effect of ordinary figure and large size models, but the key is the expression of the model. Their confident and spiritual state will comfort the customers: my figure is not perfect, and my figure is not perfect. This is like this, but nothing. This is exactly what the potential buyers of underwear need.

At present, the advertisements of domestic underwear also cover the body of the whole age, various patterns, and various models, and encourage women to get rid of the shame of being stared, tried, and humiliated. Because everyone has tightened the nerves for too many years for the so -called “perfect”.


In Feng Jicai’s novel “Three -inch Golden Lotus”, in the late Qing Dynasty, Jiangnan had a “foot race conference”, experts with good feet, and Mo Ke who was good at writing small feet poems. At that time, the men of the rich people were together when they were okay. They called a pot of tea, not to interpret the situation in the world, but to comment on whose girl and daughter -in -law’s feet were wrapped well, wrapped well, and creative.


It is said that Jinlian is a very important sexual organs, and a pair of deforms can evoke the sexual pleasure of men.

There are also many standards for small feet in history: the most widely circulated is “thin, small, sharp, curved, fragrant, soft, positive”; in the novel “Meat Posth”, the Qing Dynasty literati Li Yanweng proposed Xianglian Sangui “Fat , Xiu, Soft “; Fang Xuan listed 36 Golden Lotus in” Xianglian Pinzana “, that is,” Pingzheng and straight, narrow and humiliated, stable and thin, leisurely and charming, charming and thin Gun whole, soft and civilian, cool and elegant, clean and simple “;” Cai Lian’s New Language “in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China used” Little Thin Beet, Soft, Soft, short, thin and straight “, and Yan Xian” Little Foot Talk “I believe that” thin Xiaoxiang is soft and sharp, light and bending, just fold the flat temperature, and stable jade and dryness. “

Comparison of small feet and natural feet

In the climax of “Three -inch Golden Lotus” novels, a fierce battle occurred between “Foot Watching” and “Tianshi”. saved:

The crowd inevitably rubbing each other, making strange faces, swearing, tearing, throwing melon pear pear nuclear persimmon soil slices, and lighting their feet out of the opponent. The little feet woman thought that the little feet were beautiful, and the light -like women laughed for a while. The woman in the sky thought that the foot was beautiful, and the big feet even caused the little feet woman to cover her eyes and cover her nose and cover her face. Take your own ruler to measure others, and you will mess up. Holding the neck of the neck and neck of the neck of the coat, a few of them were pulled together, a lot of energy, and snoring the hubs of the steps.

Everyone knows what the final ending is.


(Finally, the foot binding that can be queried together occurred in 1957. Tonghai County, 1.40 kilometers south of Kunming City, Yunnan Province, has Liuyi Village, known as the “China’s Last Foot Tribe.” The factory was closed in 1999.)



So we return to CK’s ads again.

This advertisement is definitely a successful advertisement in the business sense. It blatantly challenges some consistent standards, which itself is to make people feel uncomfortable. It caused controversy, so it was constantly being mentioned, so the brand continued to reveal, forming an impression in the hearts of the audience, and the purpose of advertising was achieved. It tells the world in this way: black women want to wear underwear, and fat women also need to wear underwear. This advertisement is for women.


Weibo blogger @微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 卑 卑 卑:


My mother has never experienced the confidence of irrelevant appearance, nor has it never experienced a social atmosphere that is not ridiculed by anyone as an overweight woman in person.


In the summer, I was at the water and watched a woman who was about the same as my mother wearing a bikini, and would think: If my mother is here, let her see, what about fat, who dares to tell her to tell her Three and four? Who can control what she can wear or not? Who dares to ask her not to have dinner in the future?

Although my mother did not have CK’s transgender black models who appeared on the exhibition board, but when I saw it in this topic on my homepage for a few days, when the highly consistent figure and appearance were humiliated, I was When she always remembers her mother’s swimwear, she sighs, yearn and timid.


Maybe this is the meaning of our discussion. For men, this model is not beautiful, so you can vote with your feet and not buy CK products; The existence of this advertisement itself will definitely shake the original cognition strongly -the world can still be like this.

In this sense, I hope that Chinese women will be more and more appreciated by themselves, and they will calmly accept their imperfections, as JORI Jonnes says: Forget the world that the whole world tells you “never”! Intersection Intersection I am a abandoned, sexual, degenerate, disabled, obese, black -skinned person … and the next person with dreams to show myself, I show everything I and my body represent, I hope they can cognit themselves more clearly and realize that they are proud, sympathy, love and grateful.




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