How to judge whether the car shock absorber is bad, see these places know, simple and practical


The car shock absorber is an important part of the automobile chassis, and the shock absorber is about the comfort of the car, and the sense of manipulation. The main role of the shock absorber is that when the car is driving, the impulse brought by the ground will pass through the tire to the spring of the shock absorber, and the damper is preventing spring rebound, so that the effect of damping the shock absorber, so that the occupant’s occupant rides the experience More comfortable.


So how do I judge the damper damage to the parts of the occupant comfortable? The first point, the most direct judgment method, after stopping the car, check if the shock absorber is oil. If there is no damaged shock absorber, there is no oil, if the shock absorber is damaged, there will be oil stains, but this does not represent damage to the damper, and the oil-damping damper is still available, but due to the damping The oil in the device is not enough, resulting in deterioration of the effect of the damper.


Second, when the car quickly passed the pothole or deceleration belt, a certain tire bounce is abnormally, with the abnormal sound, indicating that the tire shock absorber is damaged, there is no way to achieve the effect of damhaking, all will Have such an abnormal sound.


In the third point, drive in a flat pavement, the body swings around. When we can see it clearly from the perspective of the rear car, the front of the car will sway around, indicating that the shock absorber is damaged.

The fourth point, the tire is abnormal. The tire abnormally wear, in addition to the cause of tire pressure, may also cause the tire abnormal wear due to damage to the damper.

In the fifth, after the car stopped, touch the shock absorber if the shock absorber is warm, indicating that the shock absorber is not damaged, and it works. If the shock absorber is cold, it means that the shock absorber does not work, and the damper is damaged.


In the sixteenth point, press the car to press the car and quickly release it, if the car is quickly rebounded quickly, and it will stop, indicating that the shock absorber is intact. If there is an individual angle vibration, it will be stopped multiple times to indicate damage to the damper.

Although the shock absorber is easy to lose weight, it does not have a strict time standard and mileage standard. If it is detected that the damper is damaged and replaced. In fact, the shock absorber can also be repaired, most of which is due to the damage of the seal, like the main parts of the cylinder, generally not damaged. If you can buy a maintenance, you can repair it. If you can’t buy it, you can only change the shock absorber assembly.

Some ribs configuration high, need to go to the 4S store to use special equipment to test, of course, after the test, I suggest that you ask the maintenance master, which part is broken, try to avoid over-replacement of the entire shock absorber assembly.