Is it time to get rid of autumn pants? Let’s take a look at the “brief history” of autumn pants


Qianjiang Evening News · hour news reporter Song Hao

Recently, the temperature in the south has taken off. According to the meteorological department, the temperature in Zhejiang province has exceeded 20 ° C yesterday, and Jingning reached 27.2 ° C. Tourists with crowds of people in Hangzhou West Lake also took off their jackets.

It’s time to get rid of autumn pants.


A few days ago, the People’s Publishing House of Gansu published the book “The Details of the Wind Moon: Details in the Change of Ancient Culture”.

Open crotch pants

Early ancestors made clothes in fur, and later invented textiles. The birth of clothes is the period of Yellow Emperor.


In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the “Release Name” explained “clothes”: “Everything, clothes, clothes, Yi Ye, and people should also avoid the cold and heat; . “The upper body is called clothes, and the shape of the depending on is to make characters. The names wearing the lower body, in the pattern on the unearthed colorful pottery, you can see that the clothes are similar to skirts.

In the pre -Qin era, “tibia coat” appeared, and this was clothes wearing in the clothes. The tibia is the calf, and the “tibia” can be understood as today’s stockings. It is tied to the waist with the lace and covered from the instep to the knee. Unlike pants, the two legs of the “tibia” are worn each, not the way of pants, similar to socks.

“Tibin” needs to be worn with the clothes, and there is a requirement for the sitting position. In “Mencius” and “Historical Records”, there is a way to sit on the ground, and the hips are on the ground. This is a rude sitting method. But in the warmth function, “tibia” is a early autumn pants.

The “tibia coat” gradually evolved into connecting with the waist, which is called “绔”. The Eastern Han Dynasty said: “Well, tibia also.”

Today we have the idiom “sister -in -law”, 纨 is fine silk, high -end fabric, “绔” is actually pants, there are different ways of writing, and writing “袴”, today’s common “pants”.

Jiangling, Hubei Jiangling, was unearthed in the Warring States Period and embroidered the brocade. Among some tombs in the Southern Song Dynasty, there are such open crotch -like single pants and cotton pants.

Crossing the crotch

How does the “autumn pants” on the crotch have crotch?

“Hanshu · Xiao Zhao Shangguan Queen” records: “” Light (Huo Guang) wants the queen to pet, the emperor’s time is uneasy, the left and right and the doctor are all meaning, and the words of the palace people are poor. More with it. “

Quan Chen Huo Guang married his granddaughter Shangguan’s Emperor Han Zhao, hoping to get pregnant as soon as possible. Emperor Han Zhao was in a bad health. For the sake of Ah Huo Guang, the Taiyi told the emperor that he would abandon the joy of Yun Yu and let Gong Yan wear “poor” to prevent the emperor from being in the palace. Yan Shigu Note: “Poor poverty has the front and back (crotch).”

Many people think that this is the beginning of opening crotch pants to the beginning of crotch pants, but the book is not accurate. The crotch pants should come from the “Hu clothes” of ethnic minorities.

“Leather pants” were found in Xinjiang in archeology. They had crotch and came from the Western Zhou Dynasty. During the Warring States Period, King Zhao promoted the “Hu service”, coaches ride, and Hu clothes began to enter the Central Plains. As a nation on the horse back, Hu Wei should be the source of crotch pants. At the latest to the Tang Dynasty, the clothes under the top have been changed to pants.


Modern autumn pants as imported products

Cross -crotch pants appeared earlier in Xinjiang and other regions. Globally, this pants were also promoted from high latitudes.


In the 15th century, Henry VIII in the United Kingdom liked to wear strange clothes. He liked to wear a kind of horse pants, wool material, tight, and legs. This pants highlighted the leg lines and gradually became popular. Today, women’s leggings can be regarded as the evolution of this kind of clothing.


The formal modern commercial autumn pants were born in North America. The patent of autumn pants belongs to a Canadian -also in high latitudes -Frank Stanfield.


At that time, the previous underwear style was connected up and down, which was equivalent to autumn clothes and autumn pants. The buttons from collar to the lower abdomen and kept warm. In 1915, Stanfield invented the modern style autumn pants separated up and down and applied for a patent.

Today, autumn pants are more diverse, with velvet, thickened knees, and so on.

But today’s young people don’t like to wear autumn pants. With the advancement of science and technology, the necessity of autumn pants is gradually disappearing, and young people from all over the world are gradually abandoning this kind of costume that may affect experience and beautiful. For example, in Japan, it is said that only the elderly wearing autumn pants (of course, this is the same as China), and the female students are as bright as the snowy days.


In China, many young people in the south do not wear it all winter, unless their mother forced TA.

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