Yishimi detonates Jiangxi Home Furnishing Industry with a 48 -scenario -style whole house


At the just -concluded first central (Nanchang) furniture full -house customization and new building materials expo, the first 48㎡ scenario -style full -house custom experience hall was launched according to the Shimi brand to move the “home” to the exhibition. The widespread concern of Jiangxi Home Furnishing Industry and Consumers, the unique 48㎡ scenario custom home experience hall, leads the new style of custom home furnishing industry. The new franchise model has aroused the ripples of Jiangxi home people.

Yi Shimi uses a new model to bright sword Nanchang Jianbo Fair

依诗米以48 情景式全屋定制引爆江西家居业

At the first central (Nanchang) furniture furniture full -house customization and building materials expo at the Nanchang Greenland Expo Center on June 22, Han Jizhong, chairman of Beijing Yishi Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. And helping Jiangxi has become the focus of the audience of the whole library. Han Jizhong believes that customized furniture companies can better grasp the opportunity and achieve corporate development goals only by recognizing the industry situation and creating the core advantages of enterprises.

Yishimi is a brand of customized furniture, and the booth is directly designed as a 48㎡ scenario -style whole -house custom experience hall. It is the first case to move the “home” directly to the exhibition, which has attracted so many people in the industry to queue up to visit the photo consultation.

What does Yishimi bring to consumers?

According to Shimi, the English name it ’s me (the meaning of” I “), the Chinese name of the paper is poetic, which aims to create a poetic life for consumers with individual personality. In addition to the name of the name, the positioning of Shimi is also different from other customized brands. What Shimi wants to do is a scenario -style whole -house custom experience hall, which is customized by technology, that is to say, Shimi will ” The purpose of focusing on technology, heavy customer experience, and light products “creates a poetic life for consumers.

Lock the needs of the three groups of 80, 90, and 00 in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and third -tier cities. Including all customized furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes, tatamin, balcony cabinets, bookcases, living room cabinets, porch cabinets, TV cabinets, etc.

依诗米以48 情景式全屋定制引爆江西家居业

Industry take the lead in innovating production and marketing management model

依诗米以48 情景式全屋定制引爆江西家居业

With the upgrading of innovative consumption, quality consumption and experience consumption, Yishi will change from home products to home life, from product delivery to consumer experience, and integration from business behavior to community. Internal seeking reform and development. As a national brand, Yishimi has formed a strategic cooperative relationship with a number of central strong media, and uses Weibo, WeChat, 100,000+ and other self -media circles to spread. Help. A high -occupying Yishimi brand.

Yishimi will unite 60 small and medium -sized home companies to empower the product supply and land service ecosystem within 500 kilometers. Establish a three -year and ten -year sales goal of three years, and strive for the development of the country.

依诗米以48 情景式全屋定制引爆江西家居业

Yishi Mimi Jiangxi hot recruiting city partners

It is reported that since 2018, the company has deployed 10 factories in Beijing, Tianjin, Handan, Shenyang, Panjin, Taiyuan, Weihai, Nanchang, Wuhan, and Guangzhou, and will complete 60 factories in the country in the next three years.

According to Shimi Management, the pursuit of informationization, standardization, process, and training. From research and development, design, order transformation, and manufacturing services, the use of informationization methods, standardized operations, seamlessly connecting the entire process, and helping the transformation of the processing manufacturing industry to service -oriented and technology -based manufacturing. To strengthen and optimize the training, and continue to upgrade the management system with the private directors and business schools.

依诗米以48 情景式全屋定制引爆江西家居业

“Custom furniture is a segment of China’s reform and opening up results. The wisdom of the Chinese people is fully played and value. According to Shimi, Shimi has the ability to output the optimized industrial solution for all walks of life. “High -quality products”, Han Jizhong proudly passed such a beautiful expectation to the outside world. (Text/Picture Zhang Enmin)