Outdoor backpack (climbing bag) guide: a complete outdoor backpack packaging and equipment inspection list


The details of this article will supplement the details in other articles in the future. Please see the column of Lao Gai for specific updates. Such as climbing rods, jacket pants, water bottle, etc. Packing strategy


1. Everyone should still remember that I used the different packaging weight of this inner and outer shelf backpack, so first of all, it is necessary to determine whether the bag you use is far from the backpack of the backbone far away from the back, or the mainstream interior today Backpack or fit outer rack backpack.

According to the difficulty of the route, choose a single package to choose a single bag.

2. Also is the above picture above.

Here is based on the packaging method of the route. Highway hiking uses high storage heavy objects and uses this to reduce the additional physical loss of body leaning, off -road hiking, and reducing the rugged road control. They are all leaning forward, and there is no need to set a high center of gravity, especially on the way down the mountain may lead to additional dangerous conditions.

Don’t be too tight

The chest strap prevent the shoulder strap from slipping left and right, and the belt is fixed with the hip bone. The core is to select the right backpack. so. Should be loaded like this:


Load the sleeping bag and various lightweight and pressure -resistant night supplies to the bottom of the backpack. Use the clothes to fill the hard gaps in the backpack, such as pots and water purification equipment, which can be placed in both collisions and reduced the capacity of the item. The tent and stick rod are loaded separately to try not to hang out as much as possible. Avoid puncture and risk.

GPS, DEET, snacks, headlights, etc. are placed in the fast positioning positions such as pockets and headpacks.

After packing and putting, tighten the side compression band. You can use different colors of storage bags to store different types of equipment to improve the efficiency of access.

Then tighten the webbing in order:

1. Fix the hip bone belt, wrap the anterior spine of the iliac

2. Tighten the lower shoulder strap

3. Tighten the upper part of the shoulder strap

4. Fixed a tight chest strap to fix the left and right shoulder straps

5. Tighten the stable belt behind the waist seal

I will refer to multiple articles and my own experience. This article mainly writes the main equipment of reinstalling through hiking. Daily travel can also be used as a preparation list. But you may need to add more comfortable products on the trip

The labeled O as a must -have item, which is not marked as a non -optional product. Some of them are more difficult to find English names to make friends at home and abroad find a little bit. This article is a list, pictures and purchase links I will be attached to a separate article for everyone. There will be a lot of articles, and it will be updated slowly. After all the updates, I will re -issue a equipment guide to include all the lists.

The complete super -reinstalled backpack checklist is marked as O as a must -have

1.1 Personal care equipment list

O-Plastic bag or ordinary plastic bag for food waterproof and storage waste

O-sanitizer (freehanding handwashing solution cannot leave the bacteria away from the palm, unless it contains more than 60%of alcohol)

O-toothpaste or baking soda

O-small toothbrush (large toothbrush is not okay)

O-soap (don’t use all kinds of fragrant fragrances outdoors, the fish in the water are fart, and there are liquid soap as a hand sanitizer.)

O-toilet paper (10-20 daily)

O-Wet Scarf (3 sheets per day)

O-Eye Potion

O-glasses and sunglasses


O-sunglasses or snow mirrors (prevent snow blindness in snow or sand, sunglasses on sunny hiking to prevent glasses from damage)

O-air preheating mask (reducing the stimulation of cold air to the lungs to reduce the chance of lung edema and high altitude cough.


Someone asked me what this name is ↓, this thing is Mountaineering Warm Breath Mask Oh Yeah

O-women’s supplies (this is recommended by Rei, I think it makes sense so it is added, so it has been added)

O-sanitary cotton strip (selection of menstruation during menstruation, try not to use sanitary napkins as much as possible …)

O-standing urinal (women’s supplies, no need to take off their pants in the wild …)

O-light shovel buried feces on hiking routes with wild animals

O- (high altitude) Plastic sealing bags high altitude climbing, please take away your feces, this is likely to make the residents and other climbers from drinking water in the lower reaches get sick

How to solve every’s fences proplem


1.2 First aid package and medicine

Medical care is a serious topic. It is recommended that the system study first aid and certification to read first aid books. The first book, 550 pages in total. It can be said to be very detailed. This article recommends that carrying medical supplies and medicines are derived from personal experience and domestic and foreign articles and some medical books. I am not responsible for the authenticity, reliability, and comprehensiveness of the following medical parts. For reference only, please read out outdoor medical emergency to perform first aid.

It is recommended to read this book. It is very good and very complete. There are more than 500 pages. It is available in Meiya, as long as 18 knives. Buying is to earn. Or go to Kindle to buy it.

1.2.1 Drugs

O-according to individual needs to choose a prescription drug (such as antibiotics, depression and other drugs)

O-ibuprofen or other emergency painkillers

-Antimamines (anti -allergies) Antihistamine

O-blisters, such as benzene pesters, Blister Treatment tincture of Benzoin

O-antidiarrheal medicine (essential for long-distance hiking)


O-Aspirin (multi-medication, can even treat conventional heart disease attacks, does not contain aortic sandwich)

O-oral salt tonic

O-injection adrenaline (severe treatment) individuals should not buy

O-acid tablets to alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive acid liquids caused by the stomach (if you do n’t have breakfast or gastric spasm caused by huge exercise after full fullness)


1.2.2 Medical rescue and protective supplies (a group of people can bring a set, it is best to be one person, and the special forces are generally used by each person)

O-first-aid manual or medical supplies use card (preferably Chinese with pictures, maybe who saves!)

O-sunscreen spray


O-disinfection wet scarf

O-medical viscosity tape (preferred with elastic material fabric, width above 2cm)

O-antibody tong

O-deworming solution (It is recommended to buy a professional insect repellent solution that can prevent multiple parasites such as parasitic such as tapeworms.


O-bandage scissors or other tools

O-Anti-hematopoietic pad Gauze Pads (Various Sizes various sizes)

O-sterile non-stick application Nonstick Sterile Pads

O-Butterfly Paste Butterfly Bandages

O-Medical Safety Needle (Nickel plating, do not buy others) Safety Pins

O-Medical Fine Truth Splinter (Fine-Point) Tweezers

O-elastic bandage (that is, pressure bandage, try to choose a deduction style)

O-triangular bandage

O-finger splint and SAM splint

O-disinfection spray for abrasions and small wounds liquid bandage

O-medical cotton swab


O-Standard mouth thermometer


O-Rushing syringe


O-Dingye medical gloves (try not to choose latex gloves)

O-CPR disinfection mask for cardiopulmonary resuscitation

O-waterproof bag or container (store medical supplies and medicines)

O-emergency hot reflection blanket

O-60%of alcohol disinfection handwashing (wait for alcohol to volatilize sterilization when used)

O-bee thorns removal (card or tweezers can be replaced to a certain extent, but remember to disinfect it)

1.3 Under -layer equipment


O backpack 60L+

O Rain -proof cover 60L+(try to use a fixed band with a fixed band)


O The mountaineering rods of mountaineering sticks or carbon fiber outer lock mountaineering sticks

O Shoes hard bottom leather high -top waterproof mountaineering boots

1.4 Navigation System (optional, but it is recommended to bring a three -defense handheld GPS or satellite phone)

O Maps (Map package for waterproof or preparing transparent materials)

O Guidelines (Professional High -precision)

O smartphones (smartphones that can be used with GPS or Beidou navigation)

O Charging treasures (try to choose three defense or do waterproof)

O solar charging board (crossing emergency, should be used with a charging treasure, and the purchase can be matched with the backpack)

O GPS (handheld GPS needs to prepare disposable and recharge the battery in advance. The battery cannot be discarded at will. After the power is used, it must be taken away properly)


O satellite telephone (mostly used for crossing unmanned areas)

1.5 Accommodation

O -Tents are selected according to the weight of the number of days and the use of the number of days, and the main body of the rod and the tent can be placed separately

O-suspension jungle is used, and the comfort is average

O-Skywhel (Sky Waterproof Clothing, Sweat Plum, etc.) is used in ultra-light or limited conditions, for emergency or safe outdoor environment, to prevent wild organisms such as snakes and insects

O -Sleeping bags according to temperature, try to use a comfortable temperature target sleeping bag, the extreme temperature is very painful.

O -Sleep pad (moisture -proof pad) is selected according to the R value (heat blocking value). If you want to directly ice, you need to choose a sleeping pad with an R value of 5 or more. Normal routes are recommended to the egg tank first. The metal faces the people. The advantage is that the price is cheap. With lying down the cushion, sleeping around during the day, not inflating. The disadvantage is the large volume.

O-pillow is not necessary. It is comfortable to bring a down jacket to wrap the pillow with a down jacket, which is okay.

1.6 cooking

O -furnace head or split -type stove head can be used. It is best to be a more insulated stove head like Jiebao, MSR, and Huofeng star. It can be hung in a tent. Essentials, water filtration and cooking must be used.


O -fuel is generally methane, it is best to calculate how much G fuel you need to consume a day, which is convenient to burn water.

O-lighter igniter is used for the furnace head without fireware.

O -pot titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. It doesn’t matter if you drive camping corruption. It does not matter. It is fast and lighter than titanium alloy. Of course, it is best to be an aluminum pot. Elected aluminum is actually much less than the aluminum ions contained in tap water, and there is no safety problem.


O -fork spoon does not matter, titanium alloy or stainless steel. Ten hundred can be used for many years. Plastic wood is available, and plastic has certain antibacteriality.

O-sponge brush the pot well


1.6 Drinking water water purification equipment preferred ultrafiltration

O-water purification tablets or water purification fluids are mainly used for filtering sewage (the one that looks dirty, the water purifier will soon use the water purifier fee to change the filter element several hundred)


O -water bottle (there are single warehouse double warehouses, filtering non -filtration, and several types of rotation clamps) according to need. Personally recommend that the water bottle bag is not used in the mouth, and the double warehouse single warehouse is used to see the use.

O-also has a soft water cup. It needs to be used with a backpack with a shoulder strap bag. The off-road bags generally have chest bags equipped with soft water bags.

O-water bottle of PP, PC or PPSU can be placed in hot water at night to keep warm in the middle of the legs. It will be comfortable to sleep.

O-folding water container

O -water source filtration equipment, generally two types of filtering equipment outdoor water sources of press type and straw types are basically ultra -filter filtering accuracy of about 0.01-0.03 Microfine can filter the coronary virus, which is basically no problem. But it is not necessary to prevent heavy metal pollution water.

-Donnow do not enter the wild lake or stream at will. In many places, water sources may have biological pollution, quite a lot of germs and parasites, especially the downstream of rivers such as dead water or pastoral areas. Intersection Intersection

1.7 Food


Frozen and dried foods (friends who can be used as a staple food can buy mountain chefs, friends abroad can buy Mountain House, Peak Refuel, Nackpacker’pantry)

If the staple food is made by itself, the food is definitely better than the freezing and dryness, and it will be a lot heavy.

The following is a list given by a mountaineering agency (remember to cut it in advance, or you have brought a good knife):


It’s all words that I turn directly on the machine, and the machine is naturally slag. Everyone compared it myself, I was too lazy to fight. Essence Ha ha

Additional food

Long-distance hiking for more than 3 days should bring extra 1-2 days of additional food


1.8 clothing

O -Try to consider three layers of wear (convenient to organize and take off) as much as possible, sweat in the inner layer, mid -layer insulation, outer layer rainproof and windproof

O -Sweat and humidity and anti -underwear to prevent temperature loss caused by the accumulation of body fluids

O-Select fleece or down jacket according to the temperature as an insulating layer to preserve the air to prevent the loss of temperature


O-windproof jacket

O-punishment (more than 10000mm or more film can. You can choose three-in-one, choose less heat reflex)

O -raincoat or rainy pipes (the difference between wear -resistant and abrasion resistance, it is better to choose a large number of bare hands, the rising route is better)

O-knee padding

O -mid -stocking -high socks (selected sweat -absorbing material is less likely to get blisters, tropical selection of sweat socks)

O -heavy hiking pants/pants (this special saying how to distinguish whether it is a heavy hiking pants: mainly depends on whether there is a hook at the pants and legs, hanging on the shoes and adding integration. After the rain or mud is wet, do not stick the legs. The rain cover outside the high gang will not enter the boots without the rain. With the hook and the closure of the closure, it can prevent sand and gravel from entering. The friction exposes the calf and scratched it. It is applicable to the difficulty of hiking routes. It is not necessarily waterproof, but there must be pants feet to close and fixed hooks, and some can be installed with knee pads)

O-charge skirt (facing possible rain, not suitable for dense vegetation jungle) assault pants (high altitude, not suitable for long-distance hiking crossing and jungle)

O-mid-high-gang snow cover reduces the damage of vegetation to pants and calves, and waterproof function.


O-emergency spare clothing (down, fleece or additional spare functional clothing)

1.9 Equipment repair

O sticks maintenance tools, tent replenishment tools, shoe gels (necessary for crossing), etc. Nothing something happened, the accident was over.

1.2 First aid package and medicine

1.10 Wildlife Prevention

O Bear cans, bear spray, snake -driven powder, etc., please choose according to the biological environment on the route.

1.11 lighting equipment

O must not be said in the must -have items for headlights. I do n’t say more convenience and practicality. It is recommended to turn on the waterproof head lights at least 200 or more on hiking or mountaineering. You should not choose the lithium -meter head lamp that replace the battery.

The flashlight is available, it is not possible to bring it, it is better to bring two headlights. It’s not easy to get.

Camplights are comfortable to camping. It is recommended to choose small volume lamps with soft light effects. The air lamp is dangerous. Or there is the same effect with white transparent skin clothes with headlights.

O light identification tool reflux strip. Most tents and outdoor backpacks are banded. If it is not recommended to use a reflective pendant. Or simply do not choose non -reflective clothing. Some of the zipper ropes of some military clothing will use reflective fabrics to blend, but only when it is very close, it is not recommended. You can choose a reflective armband.

2. According to the special equipment of the itinerary and goals

SRT equipment, ice climbing equipment, high altitude equipment, this article is mainly on hiking through, here is slightly.

If there is any omissions, it will be supplemented in the future.

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