Ma Yizhen’s temperament is not to dress up, wearing chiffon dresses with trousers, it is too cheap


Many female stars have the appearance and figure of everyone’s envy, and their temperament is very good, but wearing it is a flaw. Every time I appear at the airport or shopping, there will always be a kind of clothing. The stylist has become a fashion disaster scene. If you don’t believe it, look at Ma Yizhen is a typical type of messy dressing.

Ma Yizhen’s styling analysis:

Chiffon Dress


Ma Yizhen’s temperament is not to dress up. Wearing chiffon dress with trousers, it is too cheap. In the spring and summer seasons, many girls will choose dresses, because dresses can avoid the sense of violation of the upper and lower bodies to the maximum. The spinning fabric dress is comfortable to wear on the body, but it is easy to look cheaper.

Loose style without boundaries


This dress is a bit lazy and casual in the design of the style. A loose style is a bit too casual with a loose style. Although the style is more comfortable, it is also very easy to wear a feeling that it can’t stand up.

Black drawing rope around the waist -increased embellishment


The color design of this dress on Ma Yizhen uses a relatively refreshing floral wind design element to present a visual richness. With a black draw on the waist, the classic black can present The effect of a very good color lining. At the same time, the design of the drawing rope also makes the dress more convenient. You can adjust the tightness of the drawing rope according to your body.

Same color pants

Most ordinary people will choose one of the skirts and pants when they are worn, but Ma Yizhen combines these two different styles of different products. Long dress with long -handed wide -leg pants presents it. A mixing feeling reduces the difficulty of color matching with the combination of the same color system, but this method of mixing and match is really not that ordinary people can control it.

Classic little white shoes


Ma Yizhen is paired with a pair of very simple and classic white shoes on his feet. This classic small white shoes no matter when it is the basic and versatile item, the sense of fashion and practicality are very strong, but Ma Yizhen is matched with this body matching. The overall shape does not look good, the more cheaper it is.

Analysis of other styling of Ma Yizhen:


Short down jacket+dark pants

The short down jacket with the basic color of the same color, the color matching of the color matching, shows a visual extension. It looks very harmonious in the upper and lower body. The method can reduce bloated feeling.


White shirt dress


In fact, Ma Yizhen’s figure is very well -proportioned, and the temperament is also very good. When wearing it, there is no need to use those too eye -catching elements to increase the eye -catching feeling to themselves. Instead It is more suitable for her, such as the clean white dress on her body, refreshing and looking at it. The upper and lower body uses the tightening and loosening method to present a contrasting effect. There is no need to affect the pace of walking because the skirt is too tight.

Black long dress

Compared with the clean and clean light color matching, the dark color matching feels more stable, especially in some relatively grand occasions, the practicality of this basic dark dress will be very Strong, Ma Yizhen put on this basic black long dress, which looked dignified, and the whole person exuded a graceful and luxurious fan.

In fact, Ma Yizhen’s body conditions and temperament are not bad, but the young lady sometimes puts too much on her daily walking on the street, resulting in the decline of clothing, as long as the clothes are online, she instantly transforms into the aura female star.

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