Fantasy Westward Journey: The fastest completion plan of the fastest belt, the summer vacation can be brushed more than 400 spirit rhymes per day


The significance of the game lies in it that it can bring happiness. If there are too many other things, it will lose its own meaning. Hello everyone, I am a junior, and I will share the gossip fun in the game every day.

Now Fantasy Westward Journey has 19 martial arts, and these 19 martial arts have their own martial arts skills. Although some of these skills have similar effects, these skills are completely different, and these 19 martial arts except the East China Sea except the East China Sea There are martial arts restraint skills outside the Yuan. As long as the opportunities are used properly, the martial arts restraint skills can also cause a lot of harm to players of the auxiliary martial arts.


Fantasy the strongest mouth cannon skills, can 100 % persuade the call beast that players bring

In addition to the skills and stunts that players learn in the teacher, there are some special skills in the dream. This skill is exclusive to monsters. For example A very special skill will be sprinkled with money, and the skill effect of this skill is particularly good. The role of this skill is the player’s summoned beast. After the skill used by the other party Many people do not bring the summoned beast to enter the field in this link, and then summon after entering the field.


Can the painting realm of Wu people still play like this? Escape in the early stage, the last box


Now the mountain and river painting realm can be brushed single, two people can be brushed, or five people can form a team to brush. The player above is a five -person team brushing the mountain and river painting realm, but they encountered a particularly thoughtful teammate. , The teammate who is particularly interested does not want to waste time in the mission of the mountains and rivers, so their teammates jumped the car directly after the task started. The painting treasure chest, so Xiaobian feels that the planning should be revised on the mountain and river gameplay, that is, everyone calculates the task progress alone, and the task progress will not be shared after jumping.

Do you confirm it twice before the copy is opened?


There are two ways when opening a copy task in the dream. One way is to create a copy team first, and then find someone. The player above is brushed the copy in this way, but the time period of his group is a bit long. So one person has not come after the copy is opened, and the two players even have contradictions because of this incident, so the editor feels that for the current players, the method of using the second copy of the copy group is the most suitable. Then It is to first call five teammates to start the copy at the gathering point. Those copy tasks that need to cooperate with other teams can choose to block the demon first after opening.

The fastest completion plan for solid injury belt, summer vacation can brush more than 400 spirit rhymes per day

The summer vacation event is now on all the servers. It is also owned by the ring task in the summer vacation. The editor also brushed a long period of ring task. It was found that the reward of the ring task was really poor. There are special equipment as a limit. I believe that most of the players will not brush the ring tasks. The player above insists on brushing the 80 ring every day to make a special belt. In the fastest case, the player above is the player above. It also takes 20 days to make a special belt.


The above is the spiritual rhyme points that everyone can get in the summer vacation activities? The first 25 ring mission to be completed from Monday to Friday can get 4 split rhymes. After that, each ring can get 2 split rhymes. Therefore, Xiaobian calculated it. Without the entire point of view, through ring tasks, small copies, challenges, and three realms, plus the character online, you can brush about 400 points of spiritual rhyme points every day.

Card Breaking Party: I have never seen such a strange request


In the dream, many players have learned the fire -eye golden eye skills. These players who have learned the golden eye skills of the fire eye are also known as the Card Breaking Party, because the fire -eyed golden eye skills can break the effect of the monster cards that others have used. After the above requirements, the player above shouted on the current channel to break his card. After shouting, the monster card he used was really broken by others.