How to wear a long trench coat in spring more temperament? By reference 18 sets of trench coats, it is too suitable for ordinary people


Wearing it in spring, everyone wears the most long trench coat, but in the eyes of different people, the attributes of the trench coat are also different. Like fashionable and elegant fashionables, they think that trench coats are the most important items in early spring wardrobes.

But for Xiaobai, the long trench coats everywhere will only make their shape look dull and boring. Why is the difference in windbreaker, but the difference is so obvious? Naturally, it is a question of whether it will be dressed. So how to wear more temperament in spring trench coats? It is too suitable for ordinary people!


1. Make a more fashionable inward

Can women wear a windbreaker from the way to wear? Wearing white people often start with a windbreaker style, choose a variety of exaggerated or complicated windbreaker styles, with masters who know how to wear trench coats to be fine in a lot of refinement. , Choose the classic long trench coat, take the internal and overwhelming things.


1. Select the print inside

The printing here is not only crushed, large prints and other elements, but also elements such as plaid, diamond pattern, stripes, ripple dots, etc. This also means that we are very wide in the range of selection.

For girls in the workplace, it is recommended to use a small floral skirt with black bottoms of white flowers to combine khaki long trench coats, which are fashionable and elegant. If you like trench coats+same -colored trousers, it is recommended to wear light blue striped shirts with trench coats.

2. Long wind coat+color line

In addition to dresses and shirts, there are many styles in the windbreaker that you can choose, such as knitted sweater, knitted cardigan, striped shirt, and so on.

How to wear basic models+basic models? You can improve the highlights by selecting the colored line, let the public’s sight to the upper body, full of existence.

Second, when wearing a long trench coat, know how to expose skin more fashionable

Another way to enhance the sense of fashion is to increase the area of ​​exposed skin. Of course, you can also improve your clothes through other methods to avoid weaknesses.


1. Exposing ankle

This is the simplest and most immediate way of exposed skin in early spring. By selecting knee skirts or nine -point trousers, a part of the calf lines are displayed, so as to visually shape the slender and long legs.

But this kind of method is best to match with various pointed shoes, loafers that can expose the instep, and less with daddy shoes or other bulky shoes. Essence

2. Roll up the trench cuffs

The other is to expose the skin to roll up the windbreaker cuffs, especially the classic long trench coats with different colors inside and outside, and a circle of cuffs can also enrich the dressing level.

Of course, this is not the whole of the wrist. Use a khaki long trench coat to stack white shirts, light blue shirts, roll up the trench coat and shirt cuffs, and the layering is more obvious.

3. Open the shirt neckline

When it comes to exposed ankles and wrists, how can we not mention the neck lines? Like choosing a variety of V -neck sweater and square collar bottoming shirt, you can show the collarbone area.

However, the windbreaker+shirt is still the first choice for women in the workplace. You need to unbutton the neckline of the shirt to extend the neck lines, and the whole is casual and temperament.

3. Demonstration of long trench coats

Let ’s take a look at a few long -town coats that are both simple and practical and very temperamental. Ordinary people who do n’t have the point of dressing, just wear it.

1. Long wind coat+over -knee skirt

If you want to get rid of the rigid and rigid, you can solve it by matching the knee skirt alone. In addition to choosing a long knee long skirt than a windbreaker, you also need to mention the slimmer of the upper body.


In this way, the proportion of legs can be stretched significantly, creating a tall and slender goddess image.


2. Long wind coat+slit jeans

The technique of exposing the ankle is reflected in various trench coats. For example, when using a trench coat combination with trousers, choose the black nine -point trousers designed with the above slits above, showing long legs and long legs, and highlighting the capable and sharp shape of the shape. Essence


Coupled with the blessing of the black system, it can also show a more noble and stable side of the blue trench coat.


3. Long wind coat+white underwear


I do n’t know how to match it to wear a long trench coat to be more temperament. I may wish to choose a variety of white braces directly.

From white high -waisted trousers to white skirts, with Khaki or coffee color trench coats, noble atmosphere and fashion.

Of course, in addition to the above clothes, various denim items are also suitable for combining khaki long trench coats, giving a full sense of age. In the early spring, we can wear a good temperament in the early spring and have a lot of methods. Like these matching demonstrations, it has a good reference value for ordinary people!

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