Handmade woven vertical dual connection method step tutorial DIY necklace handchain rope -Moon Old Red Rope


This model is composed of three dual couplets!Is it very beautiful?Pay attention to Xiaobian!

手工编织 竖双联结编法步骤教程diy项链手链绳——月老红绳

Pay attention to steps

手工编织 竖双联结编法步骤教程diy项链手链绳——月老红绳

The most important thing is to adjust, don’t worry.

Share woven DIY, can also be used in the necklace, you can play freely!Let’s learn from each other, thank you for watching.

手工编织 竖双联结编法步骤教程diy项链手链绳——月老红绳

Author: Moon Lao Red Rope