The first long -sleeved dress in the early autumn, buy these 10 pieces! Can set up 3 styles


After a few days of rain in a row, the days of wearing a suspender skirt are gone, and it is time to add a few to myself

long-sleeved dress

It’s time. A suitable long -sleeved dress

Can cover the meat



Not pick up

; Simple to go out, it is practical and convenient.

So today I will make a “long -sleeved dress” planting list. It is divided into 3 categories according to the style to see if you like it:

Daily commuting


Although I don’t want to get up to work every day, I still have to get up.


It is very suitable for work, especially long -sleeved dresses, which eliminates the trouble of matching and sleeps for a few more minutes.

This is a bit of professionalization

Fake two dress skirts


The weather is just right now. Behind the upper body, it was found that there are on both sides of the waist


Design, very thin.

There is a court style at the collar


Big bow

Design, it looks intellectual, it will not be too rigid. The length of the skirt is a little above the knee, because the skirt is

A -shaped shape

The effect of showing thin legs is not bad.

Wear a pair of black on the foot of the work

Lefu Shoes

Eliminate the black bag, the whole shape looks very coordinated.

How can there be no one in daily life


Little black dress


Now, “

Pacific and unsally, covering meat, little capable

“It is said.

In addition to the basic design of not picking people, the reason why it is even more incompatible is the waist.


Fold design

, There are no dead ends in front and back, the first choice for the fat girl is right!

Just wear this season, if it is cold, you can



Wind coats or small outer jackets are not wrong.

The sleeve is my favorite

Bubble sleeve

, Edition three -dimensional, easily hiding an imperfect arm. The collar is done


It is the most eye -catching place on the skirt.


Knitted skirt

It will always give people a gentle and intellectual impression, and it is also more suitable for sister over 30 years of age, which can highlight the feminine temperament. vintage

Generous collar


, Very good to modify the neck.


As one of the items for commuters, shirts, its upgraded version

Shirt skirt

It is also suitable for commuting, loose and not picky skirts, and simple lines outline your body shape. It is really a lazy artifact.


French romance


The French style has been on fire from early spring, and it is particularly suitable for dating or travel. especially

Floral Dress


The floral dress is really one of the skirts that are not enough. The fabric has a good feeling, and it is not easy to wrinkle. There is a certain thickness to the touch, texture and obsession.

Just take one in the cold morning or night

Knit cardigan

, Very gentle and wood.

Finally it’s this turn

Tea break skirt


It has the length of only exposing the ankle and a fold design in the waist position. It is very high waist. It can optimize the proportion of the body.


The collar of this floral skirt belongs to

Large V -neck

Visually very visually

Small face

, And okay


Shrink the shoulder

, I like to wear two necklace embellishments when I wear it.

In addition to the floral,

Rippling element


It is also very feminine. There is a tight draw on the waist, and the flesh on the lower abdomen is perfectly hidden.

The skirt is an irregular lace shape, and it is A -shaped, so it has a visually shrinking effect.

The French romantic floral skirt is particularly suitable for being with a suit. It has a very romantic but formal feeling. It is worth working to wear.

Personality girl

Dress has a strong feminine tempera


Add a simple white shirt skirt



Design and design and


Rabbit ears collar

It feels both personality and age reduction.

The loose shirt skirt is not picked at all, but grabbed the attention of others because of these designs. It is also very simple to match, and black shoes and black shoes.

This is one


Full of velvet

Don’t mention how comfortable it is. Large V age+bubble cuffs, the clavicle also covers the flesh on the arm.

The skirt has very natural


It is very easy to wear out “

Short -term

“The proportion of figure showed a wave of long legs.



That’s it for the “Grass Planting List”. Which skirt do you like today? Leave a message to tell me ~

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long-sleeved dress


Little black dress

Shirt skirt