It turns out that this is a full -scale leather suit.


Casual suit jacket+solid color T -shirt+straight leisure pants


Shoes: wild shoes


In men’s clothing, there will be more boys who like leather jackets; in fact, you ignore the leather suit jacket, and you can be handsome and outstanding!In this mix, the upper body is selected as a casual suit jacket. The use of leather can more highlight the texture; the bag design plays both a decorative role and easy to store small objects;The thickness of the weather is enough!Boys in the north can be worn during this time!Choose a straight leisure pants in the lower body. The moderate version can wrap the shortcomings of the legs and thick legs?nonexistent!Choose a stitching shoe for shoes, comfortable and versatile; do you realize it: It turns out that this is a full -scale leather suit jacket!That’s right!Let’s learn it!