This year’s super hot suspender skirt, the temperament is sultry


If the most “summer” skirt, it may be one



It is like the second layer of skin wrapped in the body, and the two slender slings are on the shoulders, exquisite and cool.

A suspender skirt, take you all places! It coexists with high -level sense and casualness, so as long as it is slightly matched, it is suitable for any occasion.



Optical elegance


You can lively and lazy


2021 major shows

It is also the figure of a suspender skirt.

Chloé2021 spring and summer

Chanel (CHANEL) Spring 2021 Advanced Customization


Valentino Valen Tiannu 2021ss 2021ss

There is no soul in summer without suspenders,

Let’s talk to the sisters today. What are the suspenders skirts worth starting ~

Floral suspender skirt

It is a big tits. I personally think that the most suitable items for spring and summer.


Especially this



The floral skirt is playful and cute, and the appropriate dew is reduced to the area of ​​the floral, like a small daisy in the splendid sun in the summer.



Yellow model with small floral sling skirt


It is very suitable for the skin tone of Asian girls, and red floral florals are more beautiful.


Floral skirt


Flowers will also change the style according to the size of the size


Essence The small floral on the left is mixed with green leaves, and there will be a retro -style style; the white floral on the right is more age -reducing and fresh.

Blue floral skirt


It is gentle and intellectual, and even a low -cut style can feel gentle.

Black and white classic


The small floral, with a very fine shoulder strap, feminine and retro.


Flower sling skirt, if you want to talk

Soft glutinous cardigan

The most matched.

Especially cream -colored cardigan, with floral patterns, can be French and Hong Kong style, which can cover meat and sunscreen. The short shirt can also improve the waistline. It is really excellent!

Sonic satin skirt with its own luminous constitution

It is very expensive to look at it, and the style of the suspender will be relatively expensive, and the smooth feeling of enjoying a laziness and sexy style will be created.

The high -level sense of satin, with a very fine shoulder strap,


The casual charm of French style shows dripping!

There is a feeling that people dare to see or dare to touch ~


The long satin suspender skirt is very suitable for highlighting the outline of the figure, mainly because of


The satin material is thin and elegant, wearing it to watch people fluttering


Like a fairy.



Mint green

It is very suitable for summer. The fresh and elegant tone looks extraordinarily gentle under the delicate luster of the satin.

Brown increases the texture of the satin

The color is darker and thinner. It is a style that is very suitable for vacation. When you look at it, you have a high sense of sense.

White satin

Because it is lower than the luster of other colors, the blessing of the fold or the pattern needs to increase the richness of the skirt.



Black satin skirt


It is also high -level and domineering. Whether it is short of self -cultivation or slightly loose long models, it has the elegance and embarrassment of people who can’t help it.


The satin sling skirt is not doubtful that it is the most woman and the most prominent figure, but there are still sisters who feel a bit fleshy,


You can wear a shirt inside

In addition to the high level, you can also wear the sense of OL.



It is also the best solution. The satin skirt combines the toughness and seriousness of the suit.


Can A can be available, but daily workplace

The point is to cover the meat and thin.


It has always been the favorite of big tits,


Give people a good feeling of quiet years

In this hot day, wearing such a linen skirt, you will feel that you have been washed by your body and heart.

Comes with a simple cotton and linen dress,


Even the simplest tailoring design does not seem simple


The thin shoulder straps and the sandals of Mori are all like summer!

The wide shoulder strap is suitable for wide shoulders, and can also cover the pair of milk

The black button brings a sense of design for the skirt. The belt that comes with emphasizes the waistline. It is actually a careful machine to look at it.

White cotton and linen are the most comfortable colors, no matter what the figure can wear a fresh texture.

The cotton and linen that does not add a little design is more pure. The length of the calf is sharp. It can tolerate all the shortcomings of the body. It can only feel comfortable when wearing it.

With a little line design, it will become differently

It can also be easily attracted by making articles on the shoulder straps. Tightening the waist can hide the small belly.


The short cotton and linen dress is a little more lively

, Similarly, if you feel dew, you can wear short -sleeved T -shirts, which are beautiful and fashionable. It is a classic that will never be outdated.

The suspender dress has always had a special charm. It distinguishes other skirts. The long style has a lazy and elegant woman, and the short model is refreshing and lively. It is the best choice in summer!