The owner of the photo studio will not tell you! If you don’t spend a penny, you can generate a certificate directly on WeChat


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In our lives, we often need to use documents, different scenarios, and different requirements for the background color and size of the documents.


Red background: used for insurance registration, medical insurance card, IC card, marriage certificate, etc.;

White background: for passports, visas, driving licenses, ID cards, etc.;

Blue background: for graduation certificate, work permit, resume, etc.

I believe that you have to go to the photo studio every time. It is very troublesome. The practical WeChat can generate a certificate directly, and do not spend a penny. Let ’s learn together.

1. Make electronic photos

1. First of all, we open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom, find the entrance of the “Small Program”, and click “A magnifying glass” in the upper right corner after entering. Enter the “license photography” in it to find this applet.

2. Open its homepage. Here are hundreds of certificates of documents, which are classified. There are sizes, passports, examinations, and life. Which specifications need? Production.


3. If you want to make a “one -inch” document photo, you can add photos from the mobile phone album after entering, or click the “photo” button, take the certificate directly on the spot, refer to the auxiliary line on the screen, and click the shutter button.


4. Waiting for about 3 seconds, the photo will be generated automatically. There are 6 background colors below. Support the background color of any switching certificate. Then click the “Save” button to save the photo into the mobile phone album.

Second, print certificate photo

1. If you want to print photos, you can use the same APP to make, which not only has a fixed specification, but also customize the size. The production method is the same. First, select the size you need, and then take photos to add photos.


2. After the document is generated, if you feel not good enough, you can make beauty, grind skin, skin brighter, thin face, etc.; Like some resume photos need to wear formal clothes, it also supports one -click dressing on it, which is really convenient for convenience Essence


3. Finally, we will preview the effects of the electronic version and the print version. You can save the electronic version to the album, and then take the photo hall to print it; you can also print it directly on it, free shipping directly at home, it is more cost -effective.

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The owner of the photo studio will not tell you! If you don’t spend a penny, you can generate a certificate directly by WeChat.