In fact, it’s not so complicated -talk about how ordinary users choose flash and light light lights


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Table of contents

1. Preface

2. Why do you need to buy a light?


3. Classification and characteristics of portable photography lamps.

4. How to buy a portable photography lamp that suits you?


5. Some of my thoughts


As a part -time photographer who likes to attract bricks, what I am most willing to do is to popularize some buying experiences for entry photography enthusiasts at Aunt Zhang’s house. The atmosphere of Aunt Zhang’s house was because there were many editors worthy of buyers.

In fact, photography is not so complicated. Some things are simple, just like I go to drink water, why should I drink water? Thirsty, not the smart cup reminded me to drink water; the same is true, I want to buy the lights, why? Make up a light, do you want to engage in artistic creation? The ministers can’t do it, so this article is only for users who only need to make up for the light. Let’s not talk about art creation and use light creation. Those play lamp forums have more professional tutorials.


1. Make up light

2. Selfie to make up for a light


3. Shooting my girlfriend and wife, she will let me kneel on the keyboard

Even if your girlfriend is Scarlett Johnson, I can’t watch it so dark

4. See the first three

Friends who love to take a selfie with a girlfriend wife and colleagues directly pull down to “Four, how to buy a portable photography lamp that suits you”, and see the first paragraph to give them a little surprise.

But someone wants to compete with me, isn’t there a flash, isn’t there a reflective board? Isn’t there PS, isn’t there raw? It is unnatural to make up light, and it is enough to have an internal flash in emergency. It is not possible to pull the curve to brighten in the later period.

Let’s refute one by one.

Isn’t there a flash?

Well, the internal flash is an emergency, but the flash index and range. When you really need it, it is basically a decoration, and you can try a flash when you try it closely. Your girlfriend, your wife will kill you.


Also, what about the full -frame machine? What about some micro -single flashes? What can you do if you have no inner flash.

Isn’t there a reflective board?


Most of the time, you just took it casually, right?


Are you a professional photographer, are you a boyfriend who can take pictures in the legend? Do you have an assistant? Can you guarantee that every time you shoot, you are in the golden period of portrait photography (before 9 am, after 4 pm)? Forgive me, most ordinary people are not taking good photos because the shooting time is often taken before 4 o’clock after 9 o’clock.

To say something, some time ago, a tourist scenic spot was organized with local tourism forums to organize activities to go to the scenic spot to shoot girls. I do n’t know if the organizer does n’t understand the photography, or most of the people who go to the old mage (for shooting lotus flowers, birds, siege, surrounding meters, siege, siege The nicknames of middle-aged and elderly photography enthusiasts with no technology), they actually filmed at the top of the scenic area at 10:30-15: 00! It is said that the models were crying after seeing the photos. They couldn’t find the model who would be willing to go when they organized the same activities for the second time.


Isn’t there PS?

PS is not a panacea, even if it is a panacea, you can’t hold the adjustment of the quantity. I helped the company to shoot the event 4 years ago. A young man voluntarily picked up the second camera to shoot. I thought you were a enthusiast at that time. There should be no problem with the photo. I almost cried here, even if the composition was poor, the main leaders of some photos were gone at all, and JPEG couldn’t save it.

Simply speaking, there are two types: flash, and Changliang.


Portable LED lights have risen in the past two years. Most of the previous light lights were large and giant light sources at the film shooting scene or the stage scene.

Laoyou Ji shooting the scene.

Portable Changliang LED lights are generally long:


Or like this:


I know what you are thinking


There is also this:


There are even such:

The characteristics of Chang Liang are obvious. It is easy to use. It can be used without the basis of light. Buying a stick -shaped LED Changliang Light can also be a COS Star Wars Jedi. The price? It’s not high. However, the defects are also obvious. The power is not too strong. It will lose effect during the daytime, or too far away.

The glitter has a long history and is basically as long as the camera history. At that time, people did not have such a large aperture lens. As a result, smart people made the earliest practical flash, ignited magnesium wire to produce light and smoke …


This method is still dangerous, and that era completely interpreted the true meaning of photography with life. Therefore, the flash technology has changed, and the improvement has been improved, the principle is the same, but the safety is much more safe:

Subsequently, the electronic flash also appeared. You can provide instant lighting without chemical reactions. At that time, it was a high -voltage flash.

Old silver swallows flash, my seagull camera also has this accessories. There are only three gears of the lamp head zoom: 35 50 85, you need to adjust it manually, the flash power is fixed, you need to adjust with different ISO film and shooting distance. I will not tell you that straight flashing and digital single -back straight flashes are two very different feelings.

The flashing light is like this:


Its advantages are also obvious. The flash index is high. You can make a light face to your black face in the big sun. Disadvantages, you need to have the skills to use a certain light. Although there are many TTL flashlights that are now automatically exposed, I can Said, is it often a slag automatic TTL? You need to adjust the flash exposure compensation yourself, and the price of the original factories is high.

1. Girls who like selfies, you can choose a mobile LED ring fill light, because the eyes formed by selfie are very beautiful, such as this:



Of course, the actual effect is subject to the power of the small lamp. It is not so exaggerated, but in cases where there is no natural light or light, with Meitu Xiuxiu.

Mobile phone filling_ Taobao search

Don’t choose a dozen yuan in cheap goods.

2. Lazy people, also troublesome, playing with micro -single cameras, can guarantee that they will not often shoot their wives, girlfriends, family members, or just patting children indoors, especially for babies for several months or The box is opened, still, the budget is not too high, so it is most suitable for buying an LED light light.

The ordinary shape of the ordinary shape is more suitable for taking still, but the shape is really ugly. The brightness mainly depends on the number of LED light bulbs. It is best to have a kind of adjustable color temperature. It is best to bring a soft light board. It is not recommended to buy it. Manfu’s LED photography lamp, in addition to hanging a Manfu brand, is extremely cost -effective. Of course you have no money, I have nothing to say.

Yongnuo LED_ Taobao search Shenniu LED308C_ Taobao search

The stick -shaped LED photography lamp, also known as the ice lamp, has a higher face value, and due to its styling characteristics, the horizontal light will be softer, the light becomes harder, and the mall wants to take a photo to take out the security guard It is not surprising. You hold your small micro single, click one, and take a circle of friends for your girlfriend or wife, and children.

Lishuai 516AS_ Taobao search Youyang LED emergency light_ Taobao search

In fact, this emergency light replacement is also good, and the price is cheap

3. Those who want to advance

Funding the original factory lights, 600EX and SB910 are waiting for you, automatic TTL (automatic flash control power), high -speed synchronization (meaning large solar underground shutter can exceed 1/160 or 1/200, the ordinary flashes on the top of the top 160 or 1/200 cannot flash,

You understand that after I read the flash instructions, turn on this high -speed synchronization function to make up the light in large backlight with a large aperture

) One deserves, good workmanship, stable output, there should be. Just remember to pull out the reflective board when you fill the light, and you can jump in the wall ceiling (the light head is tanned against the white ceiling and the wall output). Do not flash it directly for children within one year old.

Display diagram

Canon 600EX-RT professional flash Nikon SB-910 flash Sony HVL-F60M micro-single-specific flash is suitable for Sony micro single camera A6000 A7 and so on …

Canon does not recommend buying 580EX2 on Taobao, because basically the lower price is fake lights! There are no high -speed synchronous fake lights! 430EX2 I don’t recommend it, because I have used this model, there is no diffuser, the index is too low, and the high -speed synchronization of light in the backlight is basically useless. It is a residue. As for 90EX, 270EX, the main control functions they have also comes with you are also for you. Useless, because the flash is played more than the camera lens!

In addition to the Nikon family’s except 910, the SB700 is also a low flash index, so it is not recommended to buy it. Originally, there was a German Mitz deputy factory. I used his products. With the efforts of domestic brands, the lamp of this brand is becoming more and more niche, but if you are worried about the stability of the domestic brand, you can consider it.

Metz 52AF-1 flash (Nikonkou)

There are not many budgets, and they want performance. The domestic brand is a big problem. The problem is that individual products are deficient index. The workmanship is not rigorous, the output is unstable, and the quality control is the character. A lot of labels such as color, Aitos, etc.

Those who need to make up the light under the big sun, the first Wallon SP700:

OLOONG SP-700 Canon camera special E-TTL II high-speed synchronous flash flagship version of GN60 …


The functions of functionalism are that the degree of work in work is a bit worse, but it is stronger than Yongnuo’s work control, and there is a Nikon version.

Secondly, Yongnuo 568Ex2, Canon Nikon version, 568Ex2’s price fell, I am even more unreasonable for its quality control. Although my previous Yongnuo 560 three lamps have been used for 4 years, I am a friend. The battery compartment cover dropped a few days after the lamp was bought, and there were not a few who actually lost the cabin in the actual use. Taobao even sellers who bought this model compartment cover. As for whether it has improved, it is unknown:

Yongnuo 568Exii_ Taobao Search

The price of the Lights of Canon Port is more touching, but this price is really unpredictable:

Character X650C Canon Flash 5D3/2 1D 600D 40D SLR camera High -speed synchronization fill light …

As for other brands, with high -speed synchronization, the big flash index (above 58), what Scante, Jiebao, color, and god cattle are estimated to be better. Product control is a big problem, but fortunately cheap.

No need to make up light under the sun and do not support high -speed synchronization. Just want a flash that can automatically adjust the output power?

There seems to be no such products in Yongnuo’s product line. It only has a high -speed synchronization light with different manual lights and flash indexes, while Volon has only SP660 second generations (Nikon, Canon) SP690 (Sony). Not to mention.

Just want a flashing light?

Yongnuo Flash 560 Three Generations_Taobao Search


Ordinary people do not recommend this lamp, because it is too troublesome, the backlight is very headache. You want to throw it away a few times, unless you are advanced, because what I said is basically a simple usage of the top lamp. The machine flash, there is no soft light equipment …

In addition, the Yongnuo 460 should not touch it. This kind of light should be eliminated.


There are two options for batteries. Sanyo Oh Panasonic Elipu (love wife), domestic Beltit (love husband), specifically refer to the battery evaluation of “Battery Pharaoh” Mike’s value friend


The current lighting equipment is combined:

The original factory 430Ex2 used once:

There are also early Mitz:


I have borrowed 600EX wedding:


As far as my personal experience is concerned, domestic top hot boots flash can cope with the shooting scene of most ordinary people. After all, you just need to make up a light. Nanjing friends, a monthly part -time photography income of more than 6K, he also quickly rebelled after buying the second original 600EX. After all, the price of the original hot boots lamp system was very expensive, high -end in the lamp market. On the top with Einstein lightly pat the lights, the god lanterns such as the god cow AD360, which is the former J Lantern, the lightweight of the heating boots and the high flash index of the outer lamp is one. The new favorite of the teacher.

My set of lights are not much cost, and now there are purely shoting lights. As for the third generation of Yongnuo 560 and Volon SP700 (two lights on the right), that is, the surplus heat at the wedding. Essence

As for this set of lights combined with soft light equipment, I found a few:

I wish you all a pleasant use of lights.

1. Preface

2. Why do you need to buy a light?


3. Classification and characteristics of portable photography lamps.


4. How to buy a portable photography lamp that suits you?


5. Some of my thoughts

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