Spring and summer is indispensable to wear a half -skirt to wear a demonstration, allowing you to easily wear a high -level fashion sense, intellectual and elegant


In spring and summer, women who love beauty and romantic are wearing light and beautiful skirts. Whether they are at work or dating, they can see the shadow of the skirts almost everywhere, making the women feel the sun.

If you want to make the overall dress more resistant to high -level texture, then the Japanese half skirt with the knee length is really suitable. It can cover the bad leg shape, and the color matching is simple and clean. Cooked temperament, easily wear the beauty of spring and summer.


1. Match points

1. Choose a light and comfortable and textured fabric

This season, light fabric is the first choice for Japanese half skirts. The satin, chiffon, tulle, etc. The fabrics of the material are relatively light and comfortable, which can wake up the dull mood of spring and summer.

Moreover, it is easier to create a light and soft high -level texture matching, fully show the graceful figure of women, and has a very feminine charm.

2. Simple and gentle color matching


For women over 30 or forty years old, the refreshing and natural Japanese half skirt is just beautiful, and it will not be too personal. It also shows the tenderness of a mature woman, so that the overall is comfortable and pleasant.

Such as black and white gray, earth color system and other basic color matching classic atmosphere, simple and temperament.


You can also choose a fresh and elegant color matching, such as reducing the light color system of saturation, or the Morandi color that is mixed with gray tone. The light saturation can fully interpret the tenderness of women.


3. Bulberry modification is essential

For small women, because the body is not enough to use high waistline to avoid strengths, such as short shirts or jackets, coupled with high -waisted half skirts, not only allows the figure to increase the visual 5cm, but also allows the body to make Body is thinner.

You can also use the belt to easily complete the charm of body and temperament.


2. Appreciation

Black top+light purple chiffon skirt


Black foundation is versatile. Like white, it can almost have a perfect match. The combination of the set with the light purple skirt on the picture is very glorious. The fold design of the skirt and chiffon fabric, the shorts of the top of the top, the irregular personality cut, make the overall dress more layered, interpret the gentle and intellectual sense of fashion, which is worth learning from.

White shirt+brown umbrella skirt+striped knitted shawl

The collision between white and the earth color does not pick people. The umbrella skirt is an evergreen tree in the Japanese half skirt. It has the most tolerance for the figure. Of course, you must choose a high -waist style. It is also important to make the body taller taller.

The elegance of the brown umbrella skirt has weakened the formal sense of the white shirt, and puts on a striped shawl at will. This kind of unsatisfactory matching makes people have a trace of casual and natural beauty. It can be worn as daily commuting.

Green sleeveless shirt+white chiffon skirt

In Japanese wear, sleeveless top+skirt is a very temperamental group. The sleeveless design shows a slender arm, the proper skin degree, so that wearing is more interesting. Nowadays, this set is much simpler and generous. The color matching is mainly green and white. It is fresh and graceful. It is a sense of atmosphere in spring and summer. And using the tips of the jacket corner, short and long, long legs are easily owned.


Pink top+light pink lace skirt


For women, pink with romantic elements should be difficult to resist. So how can women 30 or 40 years old use pink single products to create Japanese style?


You may wish to refer to this blogger’s same color to wear, high -level and eye -catching. The pink top and light pink lace skirt wearing women’s spring is bright, youthful and confident. And the same color system of different saturations, age reduction and white, looks elegant and noble.


White T -shirt+bright yellow gauze skirt

Don’t just know the dull world of black and white and gray in spring and summer. The appropriate bright color system is also very eye -catching. The bright yellow tulle skirt is gentle and romantic without losing vitality. In order to avoid a large area of ​​bright color fatigue, the top uses a classic white T to make the color matching softer and non -conflict, and it can also make people shine.

White shirt+dark blue vertical half skirt+suit jacket


White shirts and denim skirts are more handsome and refreshing. Like this vertical striped skirt full of retro, and the neat short hair and delicate makeup, it looks very spiritual and has appropriate confidence in self -confidence Gao Leng is a set of non -missed work commuting.

Light gray top+light blue pleated skirt/printed skirt

This set of color matching on the picture is mainly light -colored, soft and not strong, and very durable. The upper body was chosen to have a light gray top, wearing a light blue pleated skirt, with sports shoes to bring a light and simple atmosphere to the spring and summer seasons;


You can also choose a light -colored printed skirt to move softly to create a light and gentle dress style.


Light -colored sweater+pink satin skirt

The satin material has its own luster, delicate and soft, and looks very high -level. It can be called the standard combination of elegant women with casual and lazy knit sweater. As shown in the figure, the top of the top chose a light gray sweater, which complements the light -like pink satin skirt, cute and charming.


There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.

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