What is a big collection of Japanese cosmeceutic collection in Japan?


Japanese drugstores really hidden a lot of good things girls who can’t control themselves when they walk in ~ Today I will give you some worthy products that are worth entering

1. rice mask

Japanese Mao acupoint rice mask, a box of 10 tablets, mainly moisturizing and whitening, firming pores, closed acne, blackheads and other problems. The essence is refreshing and not sticky, and it can be used by dry skin oil. The size of the mask paper must be exaggerated and the face is super service. The essence of rice has the effect of skin rejuvenation

2. 7 tablets ofpdc black mask

PDC belongs to the brand of POLA. The artificial fiber of bamboo charcoal components used by the mask paper. The soft service is considered good in this price. This is a bamboo charcoal adsorption mask. The non -stubborn acne, blackheads, and white heads on the face. After applying it for 10 minutes, you can see that the non -stubborn black head and white head on your face are adhered to.

3. Queen’s secret mask

Xie Na, Guan Xiaotong and many other stars have the same models. Pink is a pack of 7 packets of hyaluronic acid high moisturizing. The collagen repair the important raw material of the skin damage tissue. It can firmly lock the moisture, support the cells, and use the cells to be plump and water.

4. Muscle beauty essence and acne mask/black mask

Green is dedicated to acne muscle (5 tablets) black deep cleaning (4 tablets)

The muscle beauty green tea mask is a suitable one for acne muscles. It contains vitamin C, green tea extract ingredients, which has nutritional supplementary anti -inflammatory formula and moisturizing effects. It effectively prevent acne and acne. Because acne redness, the healing cycle of acne can be shortened, accelerating the process, and there are VC ingredients inside, and it also has the effect of diluted acne marks.

Muscle beauty black mask, deep firming+shrinking pores and two prongs! This mask adopts the ancient hot spring ingredients precipitated in the underground underground in Okinawa, Japan, which belongs to the deep -sea mineral mask, which contains rich minerals that are indispensable in our body. 18ml essence, absorbing fried chicken praise, so I feel that I eat all of them into the skin, plus the cleaning effect, so it is not recommended to apply it for a long time. Black will not be attached to the skin.

5. Lion King whitening toothpaste

White & White toothpaste can bring you whitening and healthy dental products contain enzyme components, which can effectively decompose, remove hidden tartar, and let your teeth experience completely clean. The texture of toothpaste is ordinary white. It is used in the foaming not many, and it is more dense than the ordinary ones. It has a faint mint flavor. Leave a fresh smell

6. Iriser Water milk

Lin Xinru, a subsidiary of Shiseido (Irisylwater), was only sold in Japan and did not exit! Many friends ask me to bring this to my mother. This brand pays special attention to antioxidant, anti -aging, and repair skin elasticity. It is the most popular cosmetics series in Japan. The moisturizing effect is super good, concentrated repair, restoring the tenderness and transparency of the skin, supplementing collagen, and creating water and jade light muscles!

7. Yuewei anti -wrinkle eye mask

Shiseido Revita Buyewei’s eye mask, the legendary “small iron” in the eyes, is really true. Effectively smoothing the fine lines around the eyes, which can improve deep wrinkles, contain high -purity liquid vitamin A, with the best wrinkles improvement effect. A box of 12 pairs, as long as it is used continuously for 4 weeks, can improve significantly, so those who are troubled by various wrinkles must try ~

8. Shiseido Wulin Cream

Japan’s first sales cream, Shiseido Water Printing Moisturizing Noodle Cream is known as the cheap version of the SK2 Big Red Bottle Cream! Invincible and easy to use lazy collagen elastic nutrition cream • Tien, tilted, high moisturizing ~ lotion+lotion+beauty liquid+mask+cream, five -in -thin coating cream A good cream ~ The smell of the jelly feeling is very refreshing ~

9. Muscle Beauty 3D Mask

Three -dimensional cutting, so that the neck on the face can be taken care of, pink collagen is tightly moisturized, yellow repair and moisturize, blue whitening and moisturizing. 4 boxes

10.minONNON sensitive muscle mask

A box of 4 tablets, the sensitive muscles must try this, the fit is super good, the essence of seeing the fishy shape, the service is thin, the design of sensitive muscles and problem muscles, it will obviously feel the pores when it is applied for 15 minutes. It is a lot smaller, the skin is very slippery, and the hydration ability is super good. Pregnant women can also use when the skin is dry, sensitive, fragile or in a period of allergies, and can deeply understand it.

11. Saborino Morning Morning Mask

60 seconds to make makeup is more natural, improve the makeup, replace the cleansing, lotion, lotion, and pre -makeup Saborino Morning Morning Mask. After applying the skin condition, it is very good. In the morning, you can solve 32 packs of basic care, like wet wetness like wet It is very convenient to extract like a towel. The gospel of a lazy baby ~

12. Youtian Lan Lan Jelly Mask

3 pieces and a box, the jelly essence is full, and post for about 15 minutes. Remove the mask, massage the essence to be absorbed a bit, and then wash it. After finishing the face, the pore is reduced. Caviar essence. Red: Hyaluronic acid moisturizing, blue: dual elastic protein moisturizing, gold: anti -aging. Jelly mask belongs to the peripheral mask, suitable for lazy people who don’t like to apply mask every day. Nourish once a week ~

13. Muscle beauty refined acne mask

Green this acne for unclean -removing makeup, acne has a improvement effect. The concept of muscle beauty still believes that acne acne skin is not suitable for facial masks with more seizure. So the essence is still very small, only 15.5ml. When you take it out and feel that the mask is very dry, don’t panic, this is not the essence of light. this is normal. After it is used for lotion (toner), apply 5-15 minutes each time. If you have extra essences, you can take a shot to promote absorption.

14. Doctor Harino 377 Whitening Essence

I have used several bottles by myself. This year’s hot whitening essence is called a cheap version of small bulbs. It contains high -permeability whitening essence. The texture is creamy frost, which is well absorbed. It will feel dry, and very mild, whitening makes the skin full of transparency, and at the same time, it can effectively lighten spots and remove acne marks. If you think that the whitening essence of POLA and SK2 is too expensive, it is recommended that you try one.

15. Soy milk mask

New product SANA soy milk water replenishment and moisturizing mask, without adding sensitive muscles, the water spirit and tender seeing the smelly beauty solution, deeply penetrated to the skin, and luxuriously cooperate with 3 kinds of soybeans. , The corners of the mouth can be closely fitted

16. Daiso powder puff cleaning agent

DAISO Dachuang Puff dedicated cleaning liquefied makeup tools must be cleaned for a while! Long -term powder gathering on the tool will produce bacteria for a long time on the skin, and it will block pores and acne and acne. Remember to clean the tool regularly.

17.Ora2 fresh spray spray

ORA2’s pure breath mouth fragrance spray can eliminate odor and eliminate bow i odor -flavored bacteria. It is not spicy and stimulated. The oral maintenance brand designed for women is deeply loved by Japanese and Taiwan women. The product is packed in a cute small bottle like a perfume bottle, which is suitable for placing in a pocket or cosmetic bag. You can spray anytime, anywhere. You must use it after eating hot pot ~

18. CANMAKE14 Eye Shadow

Canmake five -color eye shadow No. 14, limited color, difficult to buy, plum wine red, is exactly the same as Chanel 268. It feels amazing on the upper eye, and the color rendering is amazingly white and playful. It’s not a reason for the color to be so hot

19.Canmake marshmallow powder

In the Japanese COSME Awards, the sales volume is second only to a base makeup product that is second only to Chanel loose powder. It is maintained for 8 hours without makeup, and the makeup feel is not heavy.

20. Whitening teeth rubbing

Fast attack whitening tooth rubbing, rubber rubbing the sponge, wipe can be whiter, insisting that the teeth can be turned white, the yellow and yellow tooth stains, and the smoke stains are obviously faded a lot. Let’s move, come and order, the teeth are white is not a dream, friends who often smoke must try

21. Shiseido uno men’s face cleansing

[Black] Natural carbon facial cleanser, black charcoal strong refreshing noodle cream, super strong oil adsorption ability, thoroughly clean the pores dirty [green] pores clear and clear cleanup cream, effectively and gentle removal of skin dead skin hyaluronic acid ingredient moisturizing citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus citrus Fragrance [Blue] with frosted granular cleansing paste, deepen the dirty pores, blackheads, rough keratin. It is cheap and easy to use, and you can give your boyfriend and dad in one.

22.club night fans

Known as the affordable version of Olbin Wanan Fan, the first is no makeup removal, the second with the function of repairing the face can make your skin white, the third is to contain maintenance ingredients! This pink powder is the essence powder. It is said that the Japanese sister paper does not scare the male ticket to get the male ticket after removing the makeup. It’s not good, it’s not afraid to use this.

What is a big collection of Japanese cosmeceutic collection in Japan?