Tmall announced the most popular underwear, and the sales volume was 5 times a year. I did not expect to expose the cup


Speaking of women’s underwear brands, what can you think of? If it is just Victoria’s Mi, then you are either a straight man or too out. Just recently, Tmall announced a strategic cooperation with the world’s largest underwear exhibition, the French Interfilière, and they also hope to enter the Chinese market through Tmall.


Including Chantelle, Chantal Thomass, Agent Provocateur and other world -renowned underwear brands will enter Tmall, women will have more choices in the purchase of underwear. If you buy underwear in the future, you don’t have to stare at Wei Mi, just stare at Tmall.


The current girl, in the matter of buying underwear, has long -been didn’t care about the boy’s eyes. Traditionally, the clustering underwear that can highlight the cup is not so popular on Tmall. None of the top 10 items are with steel rings.


Currently on Tmall, the most searched and purchased are steel -free and sports underwear, Bralette (bikini -style bra, wearing outside) underwear, which has increased by more than five times year -on -year on Tmall. The fastest underwear items. The target user of Bralette is a small breast girl. The crazy purchase of netizens is also considered to have finally followed the heart.

Behind this, there is also an interesting phenomenon that the proportion of boys to buy women’s underwear has dropped from 12%to 10%. Is there a few boys with girlfriends? This possibility is not great. The real situation is that the current girls are more independent and are more willing to pay for their love, rather than following the boy’s eyes.

It can only be said that the times have changed, and the taste of boys cannot keep up with girls’ bodies. Boys often like vitamin -type plastic bras, while women prefer to wear skin -friendly and comfortable. The exquisite series designed by the famous model is the characteristics of “skin -friendly”, “comfort”, “no sense of restraint”, and have been well received by women.

As brands such as Chantelle and Chantal Thomass enter Tmall, girls have more options and can choose their favorite underwear. What kind of underwear do you like?