Liney seven -point sleeve loose shirt, casual comfort to make a piece of tailoring


Today, share a linen leisure seven -point sleeve shirt, super can hide meat, my favorite one

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图

Average code

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图下摆卷边0.5CM袖口抽碎褶,开小叉,拼接袖口加扣


Point of production

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图

Bring the side of the neckline, add buttons at the opening of the neckline (1cm side by side on the left and right, open to 10cm) outside lace

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图后背開缝,下片抽碎褶拼合后上部分

Open the back of the back, the lower part of the slice

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图均码

The cuffs of the cuffs of 0.5cm cuffs are crushed, the small fork is opened, and the stitching cuffs are buckled

亚麻七分袖宽松衬衣,休闲舒适做一件吧 附裁剪图

Well, share here today.Just do it if you like it.