Tibet Tourism Best Route: Lhasa – Shigatse – Everest Base Camp, send photography full Raiders


There are so many scenery in this magical and beautiful Western Tibet, so that people who have been there will be troubled by the sacred and pure. Cross the Himalayas, free horses, cows, sheep, and the plateau, the Tibetans in the sun, dotted in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau known as “World Ridge”. Tibet is the holy place in many tourists, and there are countless photographers’ eyes, and a beautiful scenery is a beautiful scenery, it is worth reading and collecting with lens.

Too many scenery, how to arrange the best route? How can I take a beautiful blockbuster when I go to Tibet? The following is the best travel route in winter:. Lhasa – Shigatse – Everest Base Camp, if you can master some photographic tips, you can absolutely harvest a different large piece of effect!


Tibetan photography includes cultural architecture and natural scenery. In fact, mastering these three parts are suitable for use.

Shooting of humanities construction


Shooting humanities have a high demand for composition and composition. Projection of light from different angles will show different fun and charm. This section takes Tibet Temples, street views and human landscapes as an example.



The Potala Palace is a landmark building in Tibet, which is the first choice for many tourists to Tibet. The classic location of the traditional Potala Palace is the pool, water and willow trees in the east of the front square. In the morning, in the morning, shooting with Longwang Lake, in the eastern part of Lhasa, through the Sichuan-Tibet Highway Bridge, right turn 2 to 3 km, can be surrounded on the hillside. It is suitable for telephoto shooting. The courtyard of the Potala Palace can take a golden building roof.


On the side of the palace, there are most hotels with viewing platforms, which can occupy a strong consumption terrain for easy shooting. The surrounding topography is better, far from the Potala Palace, professional equipment. You can take a satisfactory photo with 70–200 lenses.

Street view

: Walking on the streets of Lhasa, shuttle on the street, listening to tourists talking about local legend, you can also use each person’s footsteps to witness and explore. As a popular restaurant in Lhasa, it is a romantic holy place witnessed the story of Warehouse. Majiami Restaurant is located in the southeast corner of Bacak Street, worth a tour. The internal decoration of this restaurant has a distinctive feature. You can choose the part to display when shooting. In the case where the other party agrees, you can try to arrange a cutlery in the restaurant and you can draw a vivid expression of the dinner and pedestrians.

It has a deep historic sense of 300 years, a pair of couples, a pair of eyes, and a unique and beautiful scenery here. As a photographic reference, we can pay attention to the “dare to dare to dare to challenge the Everest” activities held in Tibet on December 15th. A group of media reporters gathered in the Ammy Restaurant, recorded the intersection of light and shadows, and the time to change, trace the romantic legend of that year.




: Tibet Lama’s hoe believers are a special scenery that best reflects the humanities of Tibet. If you want to shoot these people, you need to learn to respect each other and consent to each other. If you try to shoot blind and frank photos, you should delete these photos after being found. In the less affluent cities and towns, you can use candies as simple gifts to express your kindness, and those who want to pay each other, simple, direct, rude, this is natural.

Natural scenery

For beautiful natural scenery, bright light is the soul of the photo. Dusk, sunrise, clouds, simple backgrounds and multi-variable compositions will make your photos different from. This is a place in Tibet.

Everest line:

Don’t go to Mount Everest, white to Tibet, and the Everanga Line is the favorite attraction of tourists to Tibet. Winter conditions are limited. If there is a tent, the post office will evacuate, the big camp cannot be overnight. You can choose one night in Shigat, and choose a fixed date on the Mount Mount as winter accommodation. This route can explore Carlola Glacier, Zashlunbu Temple and Yanghu. Once you enter Ding Ri County, you can see the beauty of Everest. There is no big limit in shooting angles.


Yang Zhuo Xico is a nearest scenic spot from Lhasa. It is one of Tibet’s three holy lakes. There are many good themes that reflect people and nature. Standing on the top of the mountain, the snow mountain in the distance is clear, the lake is clear, the sun is on your face. You are in the paradise of the world. Winter sun is sufficient, the temperature is above zero, the lake is 4,400 meters above sea level, and there is almost no ice in the winter. Within 2 kilometers from Yuandu County, you can choose from the fields and swamps along the lake as a prospect, photographing the lake and the village along the lake. Panorama photographed at the top of Okara, 5200 meters above sea level.



The nearest way to Tibet is Carlola Glacier, 300 meters from roads. It looks like a beautiful person, dresses quietly, overlooking the mountains. As one of the three major continental glaciers of Tibet, it is a film “Red River Valley”. When you climb the West Mount Simi Lushan at an altitude of 4800 meters, you can see a artificial lake in the mountains in the mountains. There is a island in the lake, there is a ruins on the island. This is the location of a temple. It has a unique taste on the blue water. It is beneficial to shoot sooner or later.

Shooting between vehicles


In the process of self-driving tour, sitting on the car, press the shutter, you can harvest the different beauty of Tibet, and record the natural taste of the journey. At this point, the focal length mode of the camera should be adjusted to a continuous focal length, and shooting with high-speed continuous shooting and exposure compensation mode. The focal length should be repaired, the shutter should be kept above 1/500 seconds to prevent image loss. In terms of road photography, there are many information from the automotive company for reference, such as Geely Boyue 100 ° C temperature difference challenge, crossing Karame’s unmanned district, Kanas test drive, etc.

To go to the Everest Base Camp, you must pass the Quarten Highway, this road is called “ladder.” This is the only road leading to the North slope of Zhuoluma. Along the highway, you can see the magnificent view of the other peaks of Everest and other mountains above 8,000 meters. This road consists of 144 kilometers of Haisha section, with intensively complex U-shaped curves and S-shaped curve, 6 kilometers of gravel and gravel pavement, with a large slope of 30 degrees, and the annual wind is 6. The difficulty of challenges can be seen. The above “dare to dare to dare, a box of oil challenge the Everest” activity is traveled by Quong Road.

Dare to dare to dare, one box of oil challenges Everest

In December, Tibet is pure, beautiful and wonderful, because it uses a box of oil to meet the activities of Geelibo climbed the Base of Mount Everest and conquer the “Bermuda” of the world ridge. The whole test drive challenge is more than 900 kilometers, experienced high climate, low pressure, hypoxia, provincial road, national road, Panshan Road, Sandstone Road – a variety of driving conditions in complex driving environments such as laundry roads Severe testing of the power and four-wheel drive performance of the vehicle is a huge challenge. Complete media test drive and a box of climbing from the “World Rail Ridge” Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Mount Mount Evening Extreme Challenge Mission, it is brave enough!


As the subject of the event, dare to love, dare to do, dare to do, you can experience the beauty of the city! When you are in Tibet, you will find that the plateau sight in your eyes far exceeds any Tibet photo. Tibet is pilgrimage, body and mind, there is always one!