Filial piety to the world with the world with true feelings


Source: People’s Railway Network

——The Tongfei, a pipeline worker in Shijiazhuang, Beijing Bureau Group Company, Xu Fei

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

■ Our reporter Li Rong/Wen Bao Correspondent Pan Wenju Zhai Xianting/Photo

Xu Fei prepares new management for on -site operations.

Xu Fei (middle) and workers conducted business discussions.

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

Xu Fei (middle) and worker exchange technical issues.

Xu Fei pushed Grandpa to go out to bask in the sun.

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

Xu Fei won the title of “Most Beautiful Beijing Iron Man” in 2018.

Xu Fei helped to cut her nails.

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

As a member of the union group, Xu Fei is looking at the work union’s information.

Xu Fei showed the “National Most Beautiful Family” trophy to 4 elderly people.

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

Xu Fei is a pipeliner of the Shijiazhuang Building Workshop of Shijiazhuang Building Line of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Faced with the sudden changes in the family, he carried the responsibility of taking care of the family without hesitation, and wrote the touching story of “the old and old, young, young and young” with filial piety and love. In his dictionary, he couldn’t find the sadness and suffering of family difficulties. Xu Fei played the gratitude melody of filial piety and respect for the elderly again and again, and won the title of “Most Beautiful Beijing Iron Man” in 2018. In 2017, their family was rated as “the most beautiful family in the country” in the “Finding the Most Beautiful Family” event hosted by the National Women’s Federation.

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

For 15 years, Xu Fei has helped the uncle in bed in bed every day, and the uncle who could not take care of himself, grandfather scrubbed his body, feeds the water, and helped a father with cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction to classify the eight types of medicines to be eaten every day to help suffer from suffering. Mother of rectal cancer replaces disposable pockets. In the past 15 years, in order to take care of his home, he has paid the hardships that ordinary people are unimaginable; between home and hospitals, he does not know how many back and forth; on this path, he does not know how many footprints have been left. What kind of power is such a heavy burden that allows Xu Fei to persist? He smiled and said, “I am the only child in the family. When I was a kid, my uncle, grandpa, father, and mother all loved me very much. Now they are old, I must take on this responsibility and support this family. Parents are the best role model for children. I Must be done! “

孝心行天下 陪伴有真情

In 1998, Xu Fei joined the army. The experience of the army told him that the responsibility was also a kind of family feelings. After retiring in 2003, Xu Fei entered the railway work and became a pipeliner in the Shijiazhuang building section. High temperature and heat, he drilled the boiler, climbed the ditch, and maintained the pipeline equipment; the nine cold days, he repaired the failure at the fastest speed, dealt with sewage and silt every day, and undergo the test of “two days of ice and fire” every year. The experience of work tells him that the responsibility is based on posts and selfless dedication.

Since participating in the work, Xu Fei has worked hard in his spare time and actively participated in the technical competition organized by the section every year. After the Shijiazhuang building section undertakes the high -speed rail equipment, it is a new equipment and new process. Without the energy of hard work, it is difficult for him to take this hard bone. “As long as there are key tasks, Xu Fei always charges in front and never talks about any conditions.” South Korea Zhu, a member of Shijiazhuang Building in Shijiazhuang Building Section, commented on Xu Fei.

Carrying responsibility on his shoulders and writing life with filial piety, the story of the Xu Fei’s family interprets the true meaning of filial piety. Love is silent, and ordinary families love the light of love.