Tough guy dinner, beautiful meals


uh-huh! It’s the [Male Color Aesthetic] column once a week!

At the beginning of the sentence: tough guy dinner, show meals!


Laugh! No one is allowed to miss this picture-


“Wise people do not enter love, build a beautiful motherland”


The first feeling of sheep: Beacon in March, Hamburg is worth 10,000 yuan.

The feelings are deep and boring. They are not hamburgers, but compressed biscuits.


Not only that, under the “crushing” of the atmosphere of the tough guy and Shuang Dingliu Wu Jing and Hu Jun, Zhu Yawen was contrasted into a smooth and tender Sven.

(Run the title here, Yang silently sighs: Zhu Yawen’s ankle with leather shoes is good! This is probably the standard set of the president’s getting off?)


In fact, it is not difficult to find that the word “tough guy” has been extremely popular in recent years.


Whether the face value or the words and deeds, it belongs to the proper Chinese handsome guy


Especially when the power, responsibility, the feeling of cuteness and the crushing of the color, the tough guy is not a tough guy, but instead becomes a hormonal bursting in place.

For example, what do you think is the hardcore villain Nicholas Tse?


What is Zhu Yawen, who is unable to enter and the iron bones?

In fact, they are a romantic manufacturing machine “difficult to say”!



This drama of Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse does not know who to envy, I watched it 10 anyway anyway

Movie “Disappearing Bullet” (2012)


And Zhu Yawen’s rustic eyes, Jianshuo lines, and touched waist -side kisses will probably make Yang Mi holding Nicholas Tse want to change individuals


Hard and romantic, sheep’s wall!


Seeing this, whose tears flow from the corner of the mouth?

But men can’t be in love, there is a problem worth Battle

They are not the first handsome guys who can unify the aesthetic /rarely appear in pure love idol dramas …

But why can it be a new dream material? How can we “hard” become diverse and not greasy?

So, with the dream problem, sheep write

The hormones of Chinese tough guys

Sexual tension bomb | Zhu Yawen

It makes sense, Zhu Yawen has also been milk, handsome


This ancient repair photo with Liu Yifei’s drama is an emotional material!

But sheep loves him more ——


People are middle -aged.

That is, the rare male artist type of internal entertainment–

Dynamic tension> Refining the face value


Each of the charm in place gives the audience a unique tough guy fantasy.



The elder brother has culture, and the elder brother loves to fight; the elder brother is a life outside, but the elder brother is willing to go home, and he also has a sweet pet.

Imagine: This is the day of Zhu Yawen.

But when he goes home at night …

When encountering these unsatisfactory pictures, I just hope that God will have a background music to help.

Is he smoking smoke? No, it’s your imagination.

The acting skills are good, the sound is nice, and the eyes are not greasy.

If it is said that the above is Zhu Yawen’s work that you can’t get …

Very good, the following will be more sour -in real life, Zhu Yawen is the dazzling wife.

To tell the truth, when the earthy love words are irrigated by true love, it is not soil;

Zhu Ya Wenxual

I think emotions need to be supervised.


just want it

Let me love you, everyone is well known

I love you, Shen Jiani!

Sure enough, the man who loves his wife and dares to declare it,


24K, pure handsome

The sexual tension of Zhu Yawen when filming? In fact, his daily life is true eighteen prohibition materials

Zhu Yawen: My daughter -in -law never painted lipstick because

We often kiss, lipstick will be eaten by me


Zhang Yuqi: Now there is a lipstick that “can’t eat”!

Zhu Yawen:


It’s useless, we are very hard

But, don’t be too addicted to Zhu Yawen, because Nicholas Tse and other Chinese handsome guys below will be angry.

Boyfriend’s tough guy tenderness | Nicholas Tse


Compared to Zhu Yawen’s exciting walking hormones, sheep think

Nicholas Tse’s tough guy is more like storytelling.

In terms of objective conditions, Nicholas Tse’s face value is not only resistant, but also the style of the beautiful teenager.

External conditions come with gene lottery tickets, face lines

Bright and smooth and anti -aging edge

Can give people


Shocking face.

The knife -like jaw line with a natural micro -hump nose makes the face ratio even more manly, which is also the insurance of the later face.

The sheep said before that the contradiction of face value is prone to surprise. Very good, Nicholas Tse.


Although there is a hard outline and bone phase, the eyes are the “sad little beauty” that shows the story.

The wet water -containing eyeballs, light lips, all with the love of the desire to talk about

In recent years, the “Meiqiang” people have become more and more pleasing, but who has not secretly stored a Nicholas Tse?


He is cold and lonely.

Just like the rich son, handsome, tender and clean, eyebrows can always reflect “I don’t like this world, I only like you” preference

He was destroyed in the middle of his family and was forced to become a crazy approval of the beauty.

Now that the golden pot is washing hands and returning to the market, it is a half -lifetime, and returning will still spread the romantic charming man.

True value gives people settings, and people set up templates for the atmosphere.

Of course, if the face and atmosphere are abstract descriptions, Nicholas Tse in the real life sees the character of the gentleman.


Is it face?

no. That’s that–

“Ren is naturally more embarrassing” behavior


When Nicholas Tse took a group photo with the hostess, the shading plate dropped. At this time, Nicholas Tse was agile, and she blocked the heavy objects.

Protect the host’s head for the first time


Without work, subconsciousness, and full protection, plus a tenderness to “OK?”


The real version of the hero to save the beauty is too exciting.

certainly! Sheep also distressed our hostess at the same time, and everything is the first! ❤️

Moreover, this tough guy’s gentleman character is from one to the end.


In the early ancient times, Nicholas Tse had protected Yuan Yongyi who almost fell back in the show.


Here, the sheep send the couplet: every move, the natural Su, the hero saves the beauty without a routine. Horizontal batch:

Boyfriend power max.

Do you really want to have the above Nicholas Tse?

Sorry, the rich women also thought about it.


Nicholas Tse heard that he was rated

“Men who wants to raise the most in Hong Kong”

The second place.

His first reaction was actually:


“What am I?” And “Who is the first??”

This charming white eye, this damn victory, so cute!


However, as a rich woman who was born in that year, Gu Tianle and Nicholas Tse were really difficult to choose …

Hey … Now, although Nicholas Tse always strives to be upstream, he still has his handsome bibimbap sauce flavor.

After all, he is a diverse tough guy that “Wenneng Kitchen Boils vegetables and soup, and martial arts jumping off the building and cutting the wolf”.

I’m in a stubborn love for love | Zhang Jin


Fantasy Internal Entertainment 2021, inferior artist prison encounters.


How to say,


Whenever he remembered the head of the prison, Zhang Jin’s face was always lingering.


Warm knowledge: It is not necessarily the president, or it may be the “suit thug” Zhang Jin

Combing the oily head, it is not necessarily Li Chengyi’s eyes, it is more likely to be Zhang Jin’s death strabismus


The sheep felt that Zhang Jin’s face belonged -a somber as desire was a bit ruthless, and he was fascinating and poured.

The skeletal volume of the face is large, the cheekbones are high, and the muscle is “horizontal+bone 嶙峋”


(Here is righteous)

The slightly drooping upper eyelid, with thick eyebrows, will make your eyes look through

The vicissitudes and old conspiracy of the experience are deeply calculated, and the pupils are poisonous.


Thin Lip + Elderly + Corner of the Mouth

, Make Zhang Jin’s face fierce, like a dry rack machine that can’t speak without emotion.


On the screen, Zhang Jin is indeed

“The atmosphere that is not shocked is dark, and the drama is elegant with the clouds and flowing water.”

The interpretation is vivid.


However, after leaving the movie and appearance, Zhang Jin chased love like a elementary school student?

It’s like -to make black money hard work outside, all the deposits give your wife “

Good moral man

You thought Zhang Jin took the paper to be used to sentence people to life imprisonment


Used to violate the law and carry out power transactions

But in fact, the paper in Zhang Jin’s hand is used for it


Go to chase Cai Shaofen




Write a full love words in the love of yourself, what kind of soil sweet operation is this! The sheep directly ordered a “The Wind” to help you help you.


During the love period, love is full of love, and the old wife and wife are even more sweet?

Who hasn’t tapped this yet

Zhang Jin won the best supporting actor of the Hong Kong Film Awards with “A Grand Master”.

When sharing the award -winning speech, a suit thug directly choked:

“My wife Cai Shaofen, some people say that I have to rely on her in my life.”

“I want to say, yeah, my life is going to rely on her.”

Sure enough, CP is really good.

I feel that you will always be on the one that you will always be on -the one -the most interesting love, and I don’t care about what tens of millions of people cheer.

To tell the truth, the above love concentration is like the haze of Beijing, which is too high …


Below is the care process, sheep pulled out two more tough guys who sang the double reeds

Romantic is not talented? Cute is very realistic!

Zhang Hanyu & Hu Jun

These two people, new CP, must be said together.


Zhang Hanyu, a magical man with its own “Chinese prefix”:

Chinese captain, Chinese doctor, Chinese company commander, Chinese minister …

True Chinese do not lie to the Chinese

After he took 5 film emperors with the “assembly number”, the uncle became TOP of the “tough guy” in the entertainment.

Oh yes, plug in! Real cold knowledge: Zhang Hanyu is almost 60 years old this year!


Intersection Intersection This very stylish, this muscle line can indeed fly 10 “small cannons” …


As far as the atmosphere is concerned, Zhang Hanyu belongs to the appearance of a man or a man or a man who pays the evil forces to pay the big knife.

Sheep’s impression is particularly deep! A beautiful makeup brand once asked Zhang Hanyu to propagate on the platform …

That picture is simply violated and “sky -lapel splitting”

Zhang Hanyu clicked down the card:

Anti -wind rescue ammunition expert


Zhang Hanyu seriously picks red: like looking for assassination weapons:


Mei Mei, this anti -wolf spray, real steel!

Any fashion background with red willow green, Zhang Hanyu is like that

The backbone of the police circle that is sweeping and fighting in the windy moon

But oh, sheep speaks fairness! Zhang Hanyu = Chinese tough guy, in the final analysis, is acting.

Because he himself, it is


Big tough guy, a lot of troubles and cuteness



People want to play a sweet love drama, and want to talk about love vigorously +1

If you want a petty bourgeois, you can talk about love after get off work +2


Not only that, Zhang Hanyu also wants to have a beautiful wife and a happy home in the show

Isn’t it? You have a beautiful wife! Intersection

It’s just … you are written in “Water Margin “–

Yan Xijiao was extremely lonely, and Song Jiang puzzled the style.


Oh, the last wife was stabbed by you …

(Here we only refer to the plot of the masterpieces, please do not imitate, it will be split by lightning)

Therefore, Zhang Hanyu wanted to open it.

fall in love? The opportunity is left to young people.


I really can’t think of who Zhang Hanyu has a CP feeling, and I feel that I will take a gun if I don’t agree.

But he lived in a warm little universe in his heart, with his pursuit of lovely!

In the interview, Zhang Hanyu asked Hu Jun seriously:

Do you think I am cute?

There is no need to say more here, everyone can make Hu Jun’s expression on the expression of Hu Jun


185 Dahan Hu Jun flipped on the spot:


Scared, speechless, incredible, values ​​are sublimated


Finally dare to answer one sentence:

He is very cute

Is this that?

Don’t understand the darkness of the night during the day?


And the scared Hu Jun himself may be stolen in his heart?

After all, he is: the first attack of the Inner Entertainment + Fangxin Arson. Specifically: your destiny has “loved” Mr. Hu Jun!

Wu Jing said: Hu Jun is his only one

The man who wants to be coquettish

Chen Daoming thought: Follow Hu Jun

Experience bed scene

, Acting a “Lvyu”

Sheep is sour Hu Jun, because Chen Weiting and him


True different kinds of tacit understanding


Andy Lau actually did it for him

Surprise cake



The dream of the film emperor Ren Dahua was married to Hu Jun?

“Good people, more money, good physical strength”


Cai Guoqing was lying in Hu Jun’s arms and praised:

He is so big



Also contracted


Liu Ye’s first kiss


why? Why is his brother a male god harvester?

Probably people are both cute and cute, and they can refuse to welcome it …


When Hu Jun was stolen by a male fan, the tough guy always changed to shy for a second: the pupil earthquake, the eyes were sent away

Although the eyes are “unable to make”


However, after the slow lens is played,

It was indeed Hu Jun put his face up

Let’s take a closer look and laugh!

At this point, sheep think more Chinese tough guys are super nice!

From the perspective of the actor, it is precisely because of their belief in characters + stable output acting skills.

The once -lived characters have been restored and remembered.

In the tough guy in life, the sheep felt that it must not have eight abdominal muscles, the expression “born to death” and the power of raising the cannon.

They can be literary and artistic, can make machines as love words, and are small eggs with rich character and fantasy atmosphere.


You know, the absolute masculinity of tough guys.

The real Chinese tough guy has always been rigid and soft


Get up the hunting ground, get the kitchen; love life, it will be maintained; the sexy atmosphere is increasing day by day, and romance and rose are dead.


There are always people who will bring your cat to see you

Finally, welcome men to roll together!


After all … this is


The tough guy you can’t beat, and the tenderness that you can’t laugh