In the Nordic style, the bold use of color, the romantic atmosphere naturally burst out, the effect is fascinating


A few days ago, I introduced to my friends to create a fresh and natural atmosphere in the Nordic home style. The hard fit lines should be simple, the color matching should not be too much, and the low -saturated color matching should be used. But in fact, a large number of people still want the decoration effect of the house to be colorful and prefer large -scale use of color.


As a home style, the Nordic style is open and has a strong tolerance. For fresh style close to nature, it can also be controlled by the beautiful and romantic style. In the Nordic style, the use of a relatively unbounded color is also a common technique, and the effects that are finally presented are the same fascinating.


Today I will share such a set of Nordic -style home improvement with my friends. This house is mainly white, and the colors that are more detached in the living room and bedrooms respectively have a romantic atmosphere that originally made a simple and natural space. In addition, the solid wood furniture in the whole house is unique and delicate, which makes the entire space present a comfortable, beautiful and romantic atmosphere.

01 entry into the house

The entrance entrance area is dominated by white and embellished with wood color. The suspended porch cabinet on the left is used to place some scattered items or ornaments to maintain the tidy space.

The porch cabinet is close to the study. Although the study space is not large, the design of the tatami can be lifted. The white and log -colored bookcases of the entire wall and the wood color provide an independent reading space for the owner. It is also a good place to drink tea. Essence

02 minimalist guest restaurant

The living room is a simple and practical route. The green sofa background wall with natural and fresh green plants can soothe the physical and mental; the branches of chandeliers are rich in simple space. White soft fabric sofas, walnut iron art coffee tables and TV cabinets, striped stitching carpets, simple matching and color matching make the living room space present a comfortable and warm effect.


The restaurant connects the living balcony, and is based on light green curtains as a distinction. The sun is sprinkled into the restaurant through the glass, making the meal atmosphere more warm. The solid wood dining table and chair with simple chandelier lamps, the green photo wall behind the card holds the photos of life, the restaurant space is also warm. The white card seat has the functions of storage cabinet and the cabinet, which is beautiful and practical.

03 Fresh Kitchen

Opposite the kitchen opposite the restaurant. The kitchen floor is paved with tiles, adding vitality to simple space. The wooden cabinet and white countertop and white hanging cabinet make the kitchen space look fresh. The embedded design hides some kitchen appliances, greatly saving the kitchen space.

04 Advanced, romantic bedroom


In the master bedroom, dark gray solid wood flooring, pink bedside background wall, bean -green bedding, and three shapes of different shapes are created to create a romantic and warm feeling of space. The wooden dresser with retro wall lamps and makeup mirrors silently accompanied the hostess to turn on the exquisite every day. The bay window is set to white, which undertakes part of the storage function in the master bedroom.


There are no extra designs for children’s rooms. The overall color of light gray is the main color of the space, which looks advanced. The solid wood shelf beds on the upper and lower paved can satisfy the boy’s active nature.


The guest bedroom continues the simple style of the space, and the integrated customized furniture is integrated into the bed, wardrobe, bookcase, and desk function. Usually


The small study and study can be used as a guest room when there are guests.

This set of Nordic -style home improvement cases is still simple and practical as a whole, but in terms of color, the color system loved by the owner is bolder, especially the use of raw wood materials, so that the color of the space is even more tone more tone. Tend to be peaceful and comfortable. I hope that this bold -colored Nordic -style home improvement case can give some reference value for friends in need.