Active planning to take the initiative to connect the service to run out of the “acceleration”


“Your service is too thoughtful, and everything is in front of us. As a company, it is time -saving, worry -free and money -saving. For your power service, you like a great praise!” On August 20th, Zhejiang Dabang With the help of the East Lake Power Supply Institute of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Hangzhou City, Technology Co., Ltd., it successfully completed the power work of infrastructure projects. Speaking of power supply services for nearly a month, Ding Lirong, the person in charge of the company’s preliminary department, is full of gratitude.

More than a month ago, Zhang Xiaofang, the customer manager of the East Lake Power Supply Station of Yuhang District Power Supply Company, learned from the Yuhang Economic Development Zone Project Office that the development zone has two key projects: Zhejiang Dabang Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Youyi Pin Garment Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiaofang contacted the enterprise for the first time, inquired about the demand for electricity and the time of power, and actively informed the customer’s related processes and policies.

“Our enterprise currently needs to build a plant. It is not too sure how much transformer is needed. What procedures are needed … I hope you can help us see it.” Said Liu Mi, the manager of Uniqi company. After receiving the user feedback, Zhang Xiaofang immediately contacted the relevant departments to inquire about the power of the user’s electricity equipment, assist the user to determine the specific power consumption capacity, and formulate a typical design plan.

Propaganda planning, advanced intervention, advanced service. Yuhang District Power Supply Company Donghu Power Supply Station actively connected the enterprise, moved the power supply services forward to ensure that the information was unblocked, leaving a deep impression on corporate customers.

“In the past, enterprises needed to go to the business hall to apply for an application, and then after on -site investigation, plan preparation, plan arrangement, and formal construction, these steps needed to run at least three business halls, which took 30 days …” Zhang Xiaofang introduced, “Now users only only users only users now only users. It is necessary to perform a few simple operations on the ‘online State Grid’ APP. All processes can be completed in 2 hours. Just wait for the subsequent on -site power service. “

It is understood that since this year, the East Lake Power Supply Center of Yuhang District has effectively improved the management level and core competitiveness, actively connected with customers, provides services, compressed the current process, and comprehensively enhances the business environment. For each user industry expansion application, the customer manager will push the typical design scheme and the “standardized acceptance operation card” through the “Electric E -Tele -E -Tele -E -Assistant” to fully implement the “one -time” acceptance work of the industry. Through the way you do not meet, promote the combination of completion acceptance, contract signing, and installation tables into a link to comprehensively improve the service level and improve the overall satisfaction of customers. At the same time, the power supply center also provided enterprises with a “transformer leasing” business, which reduced the cost of electricity for users. The user does not need to buy a transformer, and only needs to pay a small amount of transformer lease fee. Based on two years, it is expected to save 60%of the cost.