There is no love in Qixi Festival, only gifts


Text/Jia Hui

From the perspective of consumption, Tanabata today has become the “high time” of traditional Chinese culture. However, gifts are constantly “upgraded and replaced”, but their emotions are becoming more and more ill. When giving gifts becomes a kind of trouble and pressure, how can lovers fulfill the sweetness of festivals?

Do you know how many “Valentine’s Day” in the year?

In addition to the popularity of the Volkswagen on February 14th, the Western Valentine’s Day, the Lunar Lantern Festival on February 15th, and the Qixi Festival on July 7th of the lunar calendar, in Korea next door, in fact, the 14th of each month is “Valentine’s Day”. Yes: Diary Valentine’s Day, White Valentine’s Day, Black Valentine’s Day … there are their own meaning and specific gifts.

Every Valentine’s Day, I envy single dogs.

However, if your other half is more interesting, in fact, you can “festival” every day. In addition to fixed festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, lovers also have many commemorative days, such as acquaintances, holding hands, and commemorative days. Adding various “festivals” in the year, dozens of hundreds can be available.

However, I don’t know when it started, we have all the festivals into “gifts”.


It seems that only by gifts can we confirm the other party’s care and love.

Women who destroyed vanity are more than destroyed by love. /Figure insect creativity

There are a lot of gifts, and it is inevitable to “turn around”

For the girl who is careful, choosing a gift for the other half is a kind of enjoyment, but there is another reason for buying and buying. And boys usually do not have much demand for gifts. No matter what the other party gives, the probability can be readily accepted.

But for a lot of rough lines, choosing gifts for girls is really a “century problem”. If you accidentally, you will fall into a lot of “you don’t care about me at all” “you don’t know what I like” “Charges”.


Ask the girl what gifts want, probably similar to what she wants to eat tonight. Her answers can be casual, and your gifts cannot be casually.

In “Deep Love”, Du Fei always gives some strange gifts, such as ribs and ducks.

Even the love song king Li Zongsheng said deeply in the show: “I sincerely hope that what the ladies want, the men can guess.”


Many boys are saving in maps, and they will search for “Valentine’s Day Gifts” directly on the shopping website, trying to find some creativity and inspiration from it.

This is the easiest way to “turn around”, often making surprises become frightened.

You originally wanted to buy back a romantic starry sky projection light and “count the stars” in the room with TA. As a result, the two were staring at a dim “small night light” in the dark room together.

How many couples did the gift of “not right”? /B station up master

You originally wanted to open a little joke with your girlfriend and bought a Chanel lipstick U disk. As a result, after she opened the lipstick, your Cold War was one day and one night.

In the price, the gifts bought online are a bit “earthy”, and you can also forgive.

However, the limited models of the Qixi Festival launched by major well -known brands, the same soil to spicy eyes is a bit difficult to accept.

For example, the well -known GUCCI, this year, combined Apple and their own logo to make the “Double G Apple pattern” exclusive to the Qixi Festival, which is used on handbags, hats, scarves, mobile phone cases and other products.

Apple symbolizes “long and long love” in ancient Greek legends, plus the love blessing of “you are the Apple of My Eye”. The meaning is beautiful, but the finished product is “earthy”.


The moment they saw them, not only did they automatically circulate the BGM “little apple”, but they also had a dense phobia.


The famous fashion brand in Paris, the limited Tanabata limited models launched recently were also scolded.

There are “He loved me” on the tens of thousands of yuan in handbags, and with the advertising blockbuster of the film studio style in the 1990s, you instantly mess with the “rural love story”.

There are more and more gifts for gifts, but in fact, we are most eager for the simplest but most sincere expression.

Paris Family Tanabata Limited Advertising blockbuster.

Former gifts, the gift is light and affectionate

Now the “gift giving strategy” of screening screens is nothing more than a bunch of shopping links or soft implant advertising, and a “Dingqing Poem” in the Wei and Jin Dynasties can be regarded as a sincere “gift strategy”. How to use a gift expression.

“Dingqing Poems”


Why do you make boxing? Two gold rings.


Why is it diligent? About a pair of silver.

Why is the district? Double pearl in the ear.

Why is it? After the sachet is the elbow.

Why is it? Double the wrist to break away.

Why is it grateful? Beautiful jade dick Luo Yan.

Why is it in the center? Suwa tiring double stitches.

Why is it? Gold Bo painted his head.

Why do you feel good? Behind ears.

Why answer Huan Xin? Three skirts.

Why is it sad? White silk double clothes.

What expression of boxing? A pair of arms entangled golden ring; what kind of performance is diligent, a pair of silver rings; A pair of pearl earrings; what do you use to be sincere? A sachet; what kind of sustenance is? A bracelet …

From falling in love, to knowing each other, keeping each other, parting, missing, and missing, this “Poetry of Ding Love” all gives a suitable list of gifts.

In “The Legend of Lu Zhen”, Chang Guang Wang sent Yu Pei to Lu Zhen.


In ancient times, men and women had long hair, which was very cherished, especially in the Qing Dynasty.

Therefore, gifts related to hair add a layer of intimacy.

The man sends a comb to the woman, and has the meaning of being old and old -fashioned.

Ancient women did not leave home, and women’s buns, except for the maids she served, only her husband could contact. Therefore, at that time, the man would not send the woman casually. The buns represent the meaning of like and hope to marry her.


Golden silk inlay gemstone green jade hollow double bird peony, from ancient times to the present, women have a constant love for jewelry. /Figure insect creativity

In many costume dramas, the bridge section of the sachets that women send their favorite men to their favorite men are not uncommon. In ancient times, the sachets were worn by themselves, which became a token of “secretly sending autumn waves” in lovers.

For literati and elegant, it is too vulgar to give gifts.

Su Hui, a talented daughter of the Jin Dynasty, gave her husband a total of 8004.

She woven her verse on the brocade with five colors of silk threads. As long as she finds one head, she can read it in the shape to form a complete poem.

“Xuan Yuan Tu”/Sumanshu Book

In the past, gifts, the meaning is more important than value, and more love than comparison.

In fact, no matter how the times change, the only gift for love is love.

Any doping of secular values ​​such as money and wealth will cause the essence of gifts and love to fade.

Perhaps what should not keep pace with the times is the “skills” about love.


The romantic bridge in the movie improves the romantic threshold. /”Single Men and Women”

The Qixi Festival is here, the businessman is happier than the lover


The Qixi Festival began in ancient times, popularized in the Western Han Dynasty, and was flourishing in the Song Dynasty. It was commonly known as “Qiqiao Festival” and “Daughter’s Day”. At first, it had nothing to do with love.

Now the lively Qixi Festival has become a “Valentine’s Day”, but it is only nearly 5-10 years.

In ancient times, people believed that the weaver girl was a kind, beautiful, and clever god, so on the night of the seventh day of July, the girl who had not married would “beggar” to the weaver girl in order to have a intelligent heart and dexterous hand.

In modern society, people’s consumption level has gradually improved. Coupled with the trend of commercial hype and promoting traditional culture, the Qixi Festival has evolved into a festival that is now greater than romantic feelings.


In the Ming Dynasty’s Nanjing Lantern Festival in “Shangyuan Lantern”, the Lantern Festival is the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day of “Genzheng Miao Hong”. /Wikipedia

The Qixi Festival is here. Those who are accompanied by sending gifts to the other party are loyal to the other party. There are also reasons to comfort themselves with a single person. There are various promotional activities on online and offline. The lover laughs, and the merchants make a lot of money.


Love is not a buying and selling, but must be coaxed back with gifts.

The “Report on the National Tanabata Consumption in 2018” shows that during the Tanabata period, it costs 1504 yuan per capita, of which Fujian boys led the country for 3081.31 yuan per capita.

The amount of emotions does not measure the standard, but the “gold content” of the gift must keep pace with the times.

JD Data shows that one week before the Qixi Festival in 2019, the sales of flowers and chocolate growth are not obvious, and the sales of gold jewelry, lipstick, perfume, and watches have increased the highest.

From the perspective of sales, valuable gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other gold jewelry have sold more than 3 times the usual usual, and the sales of rings exceeded twice as usual.

However, it is not only male, but also more and more women know how to love themselves.

In 2019, the consumption big data report released by Suning and Ctrip showed that the sales of imported beauty products during the Qixi Festival increased by 186.7%year -on -year, and female consumers accounted for 80%; gold jewelry sales increased by 122%year -on -year, and female consumers accounted for also. Ascend to 78%.

Of course, the driver of consumption for romantic festivals is not only reflected in “buying and buying”.


The “Romantic Economic Big Data Report” released by Meituan Review Research Institute shows that in the six major romantic festivals (214, 314, 520, Tanabata, Double 11, Christmas) Higher, reaching 55%. The number of films has increased by 55%compared to usual, and private theaters increased by 59%.

Romantic festivals are the golden festival of hotel clock rooms. The overall accommodation day order volume increases by 41%compared with usual, and the order amount of the clock room day is increased by 266%compared with the usual weekdays.

From the perspective of consumption, Tanabata today has become the “high time” of traditional Chinese culture.

However, gifts are constantly “upgraded and replaced”, but their emotions are becoming more and more ill.

When giving gifts becomes a kind of trouble and pressure, how can lovers fulfill the sweetness of festivals?

In the movie “My Father and Mother”, the father said to his mother’s red hair card to his mother, “The red hair card is equipped with your red cotton jacket, which looks good.” In such an implicitly low -key era, the red hair card has since become their fascination token. Even as a bystander, we all know how much this gift is.

The mother always changes the patterns for her father, and she is in this big blue and white bowl. /”My Father and Mother”

Therefore, when the father was taken away, his mother fell when he chased the carriage, and broke the blue and white bowl that had been carried by love, and lost the red hair card of the fixing token, and we cried with our mother.

The reason why the gift is precious is never because of patterns and value.