It is advanced to wear “British style” in winter. 24 sets of basic simple shapes, easy to get British style essence


The so -called British style, the British style. Based on khaki, Scottish lattice, low -key color matching, casual style, and raising matching as the main features. Unlike the rigid boards of Asians, and it is not as public as Europe and the United States.

In winter, you must wear “British style” to be advanced. Let ’s share with you 24 sets of simple British style wearing look, so that you can easily get the essence of British style in simple and handsome wear, and have the skills to wear one and one.

Casual and exquisite is the biggest feature of the British style. If the conventional leisure style is too lazy, the leisure style in the British style is enough to make you shine.


Obviously a lazy khaki sweater, but the white shirt was added, exquisite and handsome, and the temperament was immediately improved.


The rare suit suit is equipped with a pair of simple canvas shoes, which is exquisite with the beauty of leisure. Lazy camel coat, combined with black body, high -level and comfortable.

Although the British style is sometimes simple, it will never make people feel particularly monotonous. Even if the coat is matched with the way of wearing nine -point pants, it can be appropriately used to outline the inside stack to outline a clear and clear sense of layering.

A comfortable and lazy coat can be put directly on the body. The gray -black sweater can be added with a white T -shirt as a base, which appropriately exposes the edge of the hem to make the layering more clear.

Advanced but undead board is also the most vivid portrayal of the British style. In daily wear, we will prefer high -level style. The British style also has a delicate and high -level side.


A sharp coat, exquisite hat hat, and aristocratic temperament naturally overflowed. But it is full of modern fashion elements, making British style advanced without rigid boards. It can be a casual sweater, or a lazy sweater stacked, which makes the British style match advanced and rigid.


The most indispensable khaki can still interpret the most classic British style. The windbreaker was first evolved from the British style, and the most classic trench coat color is still khaki.

It can be seen that the Khaki has a standing position in the British style. Whether it is a trench coat, coat or down jacket, they prefer a strong khaki color. Express the beauty of neutral and handsome, showing a more cool and fashionable atmosphere.

The ultimate black system, although there are some monotonous, it will not make people feel boring at all. In the British style, the tailoring of the coat will not be so rigid. Will choose more casual styles. For example, a cocoon -shaped coat, or a straight coat, or a silhouette coat is more popular.

Black coats, medium -length version, even more friendly to small girls. The inside is also mainly simple and sharp. We can match the most conventional knight boots and have a handsome and handsome posture.

If it is a girl who is not tall enough, when choosing the British style, it is recommended not to choose the coat of the ankle. Because the British style coat will have a certain looseness. The length of the ankle and ankle is really easy to press, and the modern figure is not straight enough.


Properly choose some medium -length coats that can be the length near the knee, but do not completely stuck on the knee. Such a medium -length coat, combining a pair of cropped pants, is even more neat. Even with small white shoes, it is refreshing and lively.

The British style can also be exquisite and capable. Such a combination will be more suitable for some capable workplace women. For example, the H -shaped coat of the straight tube, the design of the refutation, the matching of the shoulder, and the effect of the body is even more upright.

The color of the coat, if you choose the light color system appropriately. Then the color system can be more handsome. With the black line, thin and not bloated. With a pair of simple white shoes, it is unusual.


The feminine British style is more recommended, and more recommended everyone to choose some light -colored clothing matching. For example, oatty gray, or rice white, and light khaki, smog blue, etc., etc., are relatively soft and elegant colors.

And with a certain loose tailoring, you can outline the beauty of laziness and comfort. Especially the tall belt, the whole person’s aura is not bad at all.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. These fashionable and beautiful British wind wear look. Which group do you think is more beautiful? I will share with you the fashion trend little knowledge every day. Hurry up! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)


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