Why do you need to buy a toilet to Japan? You can buy the Emperor’s bathroom!


A few years ago, a financial columnist Wu Xiaobo’s “Go to Japan to Buy a toilet” caused the “uproar” of social media. During the Spring Festival, a large wave of Chinese tourists went to Japan to buy smart toilets again. Maybe someone would ask in surprise, is the Japanese smart toilet really so good? Can’t you buy it in China?

The origin of the smart toilet:

Smart toilet originated in the United States, used in medical and elderly health care. It was originally set with warm water washing function. Later, after South Korea, the Japanese sanitary company gradually introduced technology to start manufacturing, and added a variety of functions such as heating, warm water washing, warm air drying, and sterilization.


Emperor Smart Toilet -Healthy, Smart Life

What is even more shocking is that some tourists found that the smart toilet they bought in Japan turned out to be “Made in China”. Seeing this, do you still want to cross the sea to buy a toilet in Japan? NO, NO, NO …

Different voltage, different water quality, no installation, no after -sales, unable to buy, and unable to buy practicality! Let’s buy it in China, or buy the Emperor’s bathroom -the European brand, the international first -class quality, complete functional design, healthy and intelligent enjoyment, do not believe it to take a look at its unique advantages!

1. Complete function

After the stool, cleaning, massage cleaning, coil heating, warm air drying, deodorizing antibacterial … The Emperor Smart toilet has the above functions and obtains a number of patented technologies.

2. Multiple safety protection

Since smart toilets are home appliances, the safety of electricity is important. The Emperor’s smart toilet has safety protection measures such as leakage protection, water -free power, and temperature protection protection. Resources.

Most Japanese product movements have no moisture -proof measures, which can easily bring hidden safety hazards.


3. Improved after -sales service

Buying the Emperor Smart toilet can enjoy free measurement before sale, professional explanation during sale, after -sales installation, maintenance, maintenance and other services, product warranty for one year, lifelong maintenance.

The products purchased in Japan need to be installed by themselves. There is no after -sales service.

4. The original inverter is the heat technology


The original inverter is the heat technology. It does not need to wait in 1 second of heat. It breaks the traditional heat storage heating technology, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.