He Yan Xie Na partnered with a new show, wearing a contrasting sweater and the same frame Yi Qian Qianxi, the style did not lose at all



Recent Members Yi Xi Qianxi joined, the mix and match combination of the New Year, full of highlights, and has attracted the attention of many netizens before it was broadcast.


In response to the fairy combination of these three, netizens also cordially took them a nickname of “three flavors”. Taking advantage of the group, the program group not only released the theme song of the same name, but also showed a group of freshly blamed photos. The three people gathered together and lowered their heads and didn’t know what was busy. Anyway, the scene was harmonious!


It is not difficult to guess from the warm layout of the room. This new program focuses on the warm and warm line. Even the wearing of the three flavors of the real fire is a gentle and comfortable Japanese style.


Different from the tough image in “You of You”, this time Yi Xi Qianxi put on a light -colored clothing, sweater and loose five -sleeved jackets stacked, exuding a refreshing and sunny flavor; On the top of his head, Liu Hai covered his forehead, holding the cat in his arms, his expression was gentle, and the warm male senior made his debut ~


As a post -70s, Mr. He is still young, but he is still young. He is wearing a sweater and three -color stitching. At the same time, he is driving away the boring level. With the style of home, with a small rolling hair, the fresh feeling does not lose after 00 Yi Xi Qianxi ~

It is magical that Xie Na not only focused on the natural and simple dressing route, but also the effect of freezing age was quite significant. Light purple shirts are stacked with rice -white sweater. The elegant color matching is not contrived. The loose version is lazy and casual. The playful combination of the large and small inside and outside pokes the heart of the girl. It is also refreshing to pull up the sleeve. The soft black hair is put on the shoulders, the shape is sweet and gentle, and it doesn’t look like a 39 -year -old hot mom!

Gathering together, the three could not help but play selfie. He Yan Xie Na is simple and comfortable to wear knitwear. The refreshing style is collectively frozen.


He Yan Xie Na, this pair of well -known golden partners, not only cooperated with tacit understanding, but also tacitly tacit clothes. Among the tidbits before the show, one uses gradient elements to show sweet details, one with colorful blooms to light up the whole body, and sitting together is clearly a sense of young men and women in their twenties. (Right) It ’s great. Do you discuss the collective frozen age?


On the fast -known stage of the public, they also dressed the smallest and fresh. Not only is the color schemes preconceived, it brings a fresh and dazzling feeling, and even the selected version is also very particular. He Yan’s white shirt uses the colors with the finishing touch, Xie Na dressing his waist, the white look is really grabbing the mirror ~

The strap pants have their own leisure and lively attributes, and then wearing white sweater sneakers to echo, the age is more crisp and rigid, and the small doll is cute on the waist.

Even if you put on a suit and dress skirt, the format is full of formal sense, and the two can also wear lively, elegant and old -fashioned, and the white powder collides with bright eyes. Standing on the stage is a tacit understanding, the golden partner is really not blowing ~

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