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Hello, sisters, I will wear pills, share some tips that can be quickly becoming beautiful every day ~


I don’t know when I started, I actually fell in love with the silk scarf. Now I suddenly understand, for the Chinese aunt, so keen on the silk scarf, because it is really good.


Don’t say that if you want to be the most prominent one in your photo, the silk scarf also helped a lot of busy, it is simply taking pictures.

Audrey Hepas said:

When I put on the silk scarf, I never felt that I was a woman, beautiful woman.

Elizabeth Taylor said:

Women who don’t be a scarf are no future.

It can be seen that the silk scarf gives our women’s style and charm, which is unable to replace other items.


Silk towels can not only make our match more out, but also protect your neck well.

. So it absolutely calls a model of practical and good-looking.

Today, let’s talk about it, scarves this magical single product ~


How is a scarf?

(1) Scarf silk scarf

Scarf scarves should be the most common and practical, and most people will choose. Especially in the spring and autumn season, the temperature is cold, saying that hot, you can choose a scarf scarf to keep warm.


With windbreaker or sweaters, it can become a bright spot of the whole. And it is also very good as a shawl.


(2) a small square


The small scarf can be said to be a silk scarf that is completely uncharacted. Whether you are 20 years old or 60 years old, you can choose a small square towel to embellish your neck line.

And its area is relatively small, so it will not be too exaggerated.

The introverted sister, it is recommended to choose white, gray, and elegant colors. Personality sisters, you can choose a silk scarf with oil painting.

With simple clothes, you can also add a lot of extra points for the whole, super foreign.

(3) long silk scarf

The long scarves are also a silk scarf I like this year. I found that this silk scarf is really an absolute dress.

Especially like an ordinary round neck sweater, it must be unpleasant. But only one additional long silk scarf will


The neck lines of the entire person are also thrown long, and the clothing instantly improve.


You can also choose the silk scarf echoing with the clothes, and the integral modeling is more stronger.

Multiple usage of two scarves

(1) Save ordinary clothes


There will be a few pieces in our wardrobe, but I don’t feel the clothes you can’t do.

In the future, I will encounter such clothes, you can use a silk scarf to save it. The method is also very simple.

Simply put the silk scarf on the shoulders, plus a belt fixed. At the same time of highlighting the waistline, fashion is also improved.

A T-shirt that can be a homeship, as long as it is with a silk scarf, is it a new dress?

(2) with clothes

I will always feel that the neck is empty. If I go out, I will have a lot of boring.

In this case, I will choose a silk scarf to embellish. Whether it is a silk scarf that is relatively large, it is a colorful silk scarf, it is very good.

The temperament of the trendy girl comes with the face and looks particularly exquisite.

(3) doing a band


Take a horsetail with a silk towel and super romantic. This approach is also very suitable for the hand-made party. It doesn’t matter what technology at all. Just put the silk scarf on the horsetail, it is very noble temperament.


When traveling on a holiday, a simple meatball head is tied, and then tied to a back and kill, take a photo super mirror.


⑷ decorative bag

What is the bag? Don’t have an emergency,

Take out your silk tail tied on the bag, immediately let your bag renew new

. Is there a good way to save money and simple?

Different system of three scarves

There are many kinds of silk scarves, but for our ordinary people, several simple systemic methods are enough, after all, we have learned, we also learn ~


(1) Simple knotting

The first is simple knotted method, choose a small square, after a few times, I will make a knot.

It should be noted that the silk scarf must be too tight, and it will feel a little bit.


The system of tie is relatively complex, but the style is more handsome than the knotting method.


This method is also very simple, just like a tie, you can do the silk scarf on your neck.


(3) lateral

Like Korean-style sisters, you can choose the tie of the side silk scarf, the method is simple and beautiful, and the hands and sisters can refer to it.

Especially for color and style simple clothes, it is best to choose a bright silk scarf.

Overall wear is also illuminated, full of Korean CHIC winds.

Ok, let’s talk about it today ~


I hope this article can give you some inspirations in silk scarf.


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