The small jewelry of 5 dollars in Fun Xi Xi, also the wife is also fragrant


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Fun Xixi earrings big grass!

Hey Girls ~ I am DADA editor on behalf of the class.

Everyone must buy a lot of this time

Spring atmosphere

Little skirt! Do you have some good -looking earrings to match? Intersection But don’t take a few times more money to buy it in the treasure treasure



How many dollars are fighting for a few dollars

Also free shipping

That’s really fragrant!

I just got a lot of earrings in Fuxi Xi recently,

Super beautiful


Spring small skirts are super match!


And only need

how much

Even if you lose it, you don’t have the distress hahaha.

So today is one

Fun Xiuxi beautiful earrings planting grass

Big action! By the way, share with you some of me

Fun Xi Xi to buy earrings tips

Everyone remembers the backhand collection forwarding so that more Jimei can see it ~


Some people buy earrings



Choose “Return Package Freight”, worry -free shopping

The pair of earrings of Pindei Xixi is basically less than 10 yuan.

The postage sent back is enough to buy 2 pairs of back!



“Return Package Freight”

Just complete


Without this worries!

下️ Under the search box, click Search and click this option before you can click this option



First time


In the Jimei of buying earrings, you must remember to click on this option.

Give yourself a chance to regret it!


Remember to view “product details” to understand the material

What if you are



Star people, if they care about the material of the ears, it is best to fall to the product details.

“Material wear”

make a list of.

However, I have bought a lot of earrings in Fuxi Xi, but there are actually a lot

925 silver needle

Style, sensitive star

There are still a lot of choices.


Point collection, you can consolidate the purchase

Fun Xiuxi does not have a shopping cart just like 样 ,, it seems that it cannot be merged with multiple pieces. but

Reasonable use of its collection function

, OK!


first step

, Click “Go to Person”, select the style you can buy.

Step 2


, Click the “collection” below.

third step

, Exit, choose “Product Collection” in the “Personal Center”, and click in to see the favorite products.

the fourth step

, Click on the ,️ on the left to select, consolidate the purchase.


Different stores can also pay at one time

Oh! In this way, sometimes you can use some full coupons, and you can understand the money at once.

Some beautiful earrings


*夕 For the short link of Fuxi Xi, copy it to the mobile browser to open, and you can jump to the Pinduoduo app to buy it.

Asymmetric Sweet Beads Flower Earrings




The first pair is that I look at the pictures that they will be beautiful!

The asymmetric design is very unique and individual!

It uses paint



It is made, and it has a certain weight to get it.

No cheap plastic Feel

, Very textured, completely

Can’t see a few dollars!

With the spring skirt, the atmosphere is full. Probably

If you go out, you will be asked about the level of link!

Irregular crushed stone pearl C -line earrings



Because of the elements of pearls, I am afraid that I will be cheaper when I look at the web map. I will get one directly when I get it

big surprise!

Although pearls are indeed plastic, they are small and round, but An An is not reduced! The surprise is gravel, the sun shines, crystal clear,

I want to see it on my ears!

Little makeup, put on your beloved skirt, put it on it,

It’s a magazine blockbuster!

Retro Mori geometric earrings


This pair is the one that moves me the most, this is the green, what kind of

The light of light is more tender green

, Too suitable for spring travel!

The bow at the top is small and delicate, and the green cubes are wrapped in a layer of golden edges. The pattern above is the effect of relief.

A few dollars, the craftsmanship is to do this, and the conscience is to explode!

It looks good with daily shirts.


Spring is retro again. Girls who want to play retro style in spring must give me a fierce pick!



Simulation purple earrings




This kind of earrings are very popular recently, because it looks special when it looks



, It’s simply


Born for spring and summer!

The pair I bought is actually okay, the size is moderate, and it is not very exaggerated.

Friends with small ears or relatively large ears can be happy to hold!

It is also made of beads with bright crystal 串,

Not cheap, 塑️ Plastic sense


, And not very heavy.


Switch chicken is suitable for floral skirts!

The whole wow, spring in spring!


Retro irregular port wind earrings





Irregular earrings really buy addiction as soon as they buy! Who doesn’t like this

High and unique face value


What about it!

The material used for this pair is


, Jade Circle, I did it on the one on it

Dark pattern

There are natural jade in the feeling of natural jade! The other color is


Make people’s comfortable golden color

It doesn’t look at the gold at a glance!

Just put it on

Very Hong Kong is very temperament!

It is also very suitable for daily commuting!


Personal Spiral Pearl C Circle earrings



This pair was also worried that pearls were cheap at first, and it was completely worried about it!

Gold and pearls with thread

Such one




, Very obvious



Wear the upper ear upper ear! Yes

You can wear daily, and you can also be carry

One! Not to mention who can see it only 5 yuan 5!


Spring bow earrings



Silver earrings


Make the temperament of the temperament

And this pair of bows+diamonds, showing a bit of temperament



A small one,

There is a sense of existence, but it is not eye -catching

, Low -key look, rest assured to match daily clothes. There is no need to stun the makeup of heaven and man, apply a lipstick to lift the complexion, and put on this earrings to be beautiful!


Niche design butterfly earrings




Twelve pieces, the most expensive pair today! Although “very expensive”, I felt at the moment when I saw the network map,

Buy back!

bling bling’s butterfly

Which girl can refuse? Intersection

Flame of the drilling tassel

Which girl will not love? Intersection Baby who likes butterfly elements, this one will never regret it!

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

Buy such a quality of earrings a few dollars

, It’s pure

Pick up the big cheap

It’s! Start if you like it! Don’t worry about selecting the “Return Package Freight” option ~

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