“Avastic Girl” is a kind of awakening, not a crime


Like feminism (feminism), the word “boring woman” is often in an embarrassing situation in the context of public opinion.

Voltai said,

If you want to talk to me, then first define your term.

Therefore, if we want to use the word “hate”, first of all, we must know what the hate.

Many people often look at Wensheng that the so -called “boring women” refers to “hate women”. If this is the case, it is actually not wrong. However, when people talk about “dislike women”, they often determine the subject as “men”, that is, “men hate women”, and hate women have become a crime of critical men.

However, Ueno Chiyozi is not said in the book “Avoid Girl”. First of all, the “boring woman” is not only a male illness, but also women also have “feminine diseases.”

Secondly, “female hateness” is the core foundation of the patriarchal society, and the gender imbalance caused by gender binary theory (men use “” female hate “to confirm their identity recognition).

The profound analysis of Ueno Chiyoko’s deep analysis of the “boring daughter” determines that we cannot talk about this word.

So what are we talking about when we talk about “hate women”?


01. What is a female disorder

When it comes to “having a woman”, we naturally feel that it is a man’s behavior, and men will “hate women.”

But how can this be? Do n’t men like women very much? Obviously “hate women”, but “like women”, it sounds incredible.

At the beginning of this book, Ueno Chiyoko solved the problem. She said that as long as she understood the “woman” as “female contempt”, the paradox above could be said.

On the one hand, men despise women, on the other hand they like women. Under the influence of women’s illness, men will not regard women as the same sex subject as themselves, but they objectively and others. This is exactly the contempt and discrimination of women.

After explaining this, Ueno Qianhezi immediately emphasized that it was not only men, but also women who were “boring women”.

This seems to be an incredible view. How can women hate women?

But the fact is indeed the case. Ueno Chiyoko said, “

In the gender order of the gender dual system, those who are deeply embedded in the core position are women hate. Under this order, no one can escape the envelopes of a woman who is hate.

Maybe someone will refute that they are obviously not a “boring daughter”. Ueno Chihezi also gives a relatively simple reform to prove the universal existence of “hate”:

Men are fortunate that they are not born for women, and women complain about cursing for women.

Ueno Chihezi regards this statement as a definition of a feminine disease. As long as the above -mentioned people have produced the above ideas, it is “a daughter -in -law.”

From the above definitions, we can also see that the manifestation of female hateness is not symmetrical in men and women.

It is manifested as “women’s contempt” in men, and women are “self -aversion” in women.

In the order of gender dual theory, just as men who do not have a “boring daughter”, there are also women who do not have a “boring daughter”.

This theory of Khuruo Chiyo is enough to prove that many of us have a deviation in the understanding of the “boring daughter”. And this is exactly the value of the book “Disdish Girl”.

02. Double standards of sex

In order to establish and repeatedly prove the status of their “sex subject”, men have deeply rooted the core of self -confirmation of women. This is a female hate.

Similar to the female hate, there is also having homosexual abomination (the same), which is also a topic that Highland Chisaki talks many times in the book “Disdish Girl”. Homest sex can be understood

“The fear of the ambiguous and ambiguous of men and women’s boundaries.”

Men to complete the establishment of their identity by the “other” of women and homosexuality, which is also the reason why homosexual men are “feminized”.

However, in this logic I confirmed by this kind of “boring girl”, there is a fatal weakness, that is, mother. Men cannot reasonably use “women’s contempt” to the woman who gave birth to themselves.

As a result, another manifestation of female hateness -worshiping women.

On the one hand, we despise women, on the one hand, worshiping women; on the one hand, she worships women as “virgin”, while reproducing women as “sluts”. Men complete the separation and dominance of women in this way.

Under this logic, women have two different fate. It seems that the fate of the “Virgin” seems to be good, but this is not the case. Whether it is a “Virgin” or a “slut”, it is the product of the gaze of men’s power. It is depressed for women.

The separation and dominance of women is closely related to the “dual standards of sex”. Ueno Chiyoko uses the content of one chapter to discuss these two topics.

The so -called dual standards refer to the sexual morality facing men and the sexual morals facing women.

When Kuroko Kazuko mentioned this, I immediately thought of Hardy’s “Tess”.

There is such a plot in “Tess”: at the time of wedding, her husband Clay confess his previous romantic affairs to Tess, and then Tess then confessed that he had been raped.

Tess thought she forgive Clai’s past, and her past could get the same recognition. But Tess was wrong. After Cle after hearing it, he said that such Tess was not the Thith he loved, and then left, and Tess suffered a second injury.

The story of “Tess” may be fictional, but from the above plot, we can also see that the difference between sexual morality between men and women. Clay can accept his past, but he does not forgive Tess’s tragic encounter.

The sexual morality under the patriarchal system has actually been included in the “foul” of men into the system. Ueno Qianhezi said.

This dual standard of sexuality has achieved separation and dominance of women. As a result, women are divided into two groups, one is the “virgin”, and one is a “slut”. As mentioned above, no matter which party is, it is suppressive to women.

03. Destiny is not fate

After reading “Disdish Girl”, we will know,

The so -called female dislikes are synonymous with men’s contempt and female self -aversion.

Women’s dislikes are not only men who only suffer from men, and women are inevitable.

Even Ueno Chiyoko believes that women’s hate women are more troublesome than men’s apriosis, because women’s hateness is self -disgusted.

After understanding this, we will understand,

Ueno Chihezi wants to convey a awakening by using “Disdish Girl”, not a crime.

In fact, even if we realize that we have a “female hate”, even if we understand the same gender and social gender, we are just a cultural product built in history, and it does not mean that we can be liberated from it. Because the female hate is the foundation of the patriarchal system and the core of the gender binary system.

The patriarchal system and the gender dual system exist in the individual. Everyone is later born in the language world that has existed first, so it must also bear the historical load carried by that category at the same time.

But at the same time, Ueno Chiyoko also emphasized that we must terminate this vicious circle,

We must realize that the so -called social gender, the so -called patriarchal system, is only a model instead of fate, can be changed, and should be changed.

This is the biggest significance of the book “Disdish Girl”.

At the end of this book, Ueno Chiyoko wrote such a paragraph:

The hate and homosexual harassment, the two use a concept to express, is “the pornography of rights”. Porn and rights are foreign bodies, which separate the two, and send power back to the original point of power, so that the pornographic is full of richer diversity … This is not impossible. We see that this trend has begun.

Yes, this trend has begun.

However, in my opinion, when we wake up from the “boring woman”, pursue feminism, and pursue equal rights, we seem to go to another misunderstanding -expeling men.

04. Dedicated men

I see that in the eyes of some women, the right to fight for women is equivalent to negating men, and they seem to think that feminism does not need men (therefore, so that men can be overall for men regardless of their overall stigma).

The word “tired woman” is also regarded by them as a powerful weapon that can knock many male writers to the ground.

Some readers are looking for “elements of women” in literary works.

In fact, I acknowledge that there are some plots in the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “Water Margin” that make women feel offended.

However, who talks with the ancients hundreds of years ago, talk about equity, and talk about “hate women”. Who is there a problem?

Even in “Disdish Girl”, Ueno Chiyoko seems to show the tendency of “women do not need men”. She said

“Most men write things that can’t be read calmly and read”

She also said,

“Women have already begun to build a woman’s world without men” … …

Can no men’s feminism be regarded as feminism?

In fact, in the book “What is the use of feminism”, many feminist pioneers have realized that the feminist movement needs men to join it.


Bell Hoks, a black American female doctrine, said,

Without male allies to join the struggle, the feminist movement will not make progress. If we do not work hard to promote a public movement and popularize feminist education to all people including feminism and men, then feminist theory and practice will eventually be destroyed by negative information generated by mainstream media.

Real feminism wants to achieve a movement of ending gender discrimination, gender exploitation and oppression. To achieve this goal,

The problem is not men, but gender discrimination.


Therefore, if feminism excludes all men, there is no doubt that the equal rights we look forward to will never come.

In the last chapter of this book, Ueno Chiyoko mentioned a point of view of Morigang’s Zhengbo,

“You must reject the core thoughts of men’s existence in feminism.”

I take it for granted that feminism requires equal rights, and what requires both sex can be free, rather than transferring the shackles that have been restrained to women to men.