Home improvement: The 6 Chinese -style decorative paintings are hung in the living room to help you create traditional national style


With the return of the national style culture, more and more people love Chinese elements. The Chinese have always paid attention to the creation of living room space, and the prevalence of Chinese decorative paintings has ignited our cultural self -confidence. However, how to decorate the new Chinese style has always been a problem that many friends are worried.

The Chinese -style decorative paintings hanging at home can be a ink painting, an elegant antique painting, or a green landscape painting, different themes, different colors, and different compositions. beauty of.


1. Bamboo landscape paintings of Chinese decorative painting series, high -quality quality!


Li Guosheng’s new power is a landscape painting bamboo picture “Everything is safe and everything” works. Source: Yi Congwang.com

The painter Li Guosheng is good at merging the landscape and bamboo, and vividly shows the charm of the bamboo. Gives a pleasing visual beauty. And in a traditional sense, bamboo and Songmei are hailed as “three friends of the cold”, and Mei Lanju is called “four gentlemen”. Not only that, but in the folk bamboo, people have given “bamboo reporting peace” and “steady seasons”. Gao Sheng’s “auspicious meaning, so a hand -painted bamboo landscape painting of Li Guosheng’s hand -painted bamboo landscape paintings, decoration, gifts, collection are good choices!


2. The Chinese -style decorative painting series of Jubao Bao landscape paintings, wealth and lucky luck!

Sofa background wall hanging painting Jiang Weixin Pleueling Water Fortune “Yuanyuan Long” works Source: Yi Congwang

This work is full of spring and vibrant, and the flowing water foreshadows the wealth of wealth. There is a cornucopia in the front, and there is a red day in the back. The waterfall flowing in the work represents the meaning of the wealth and endlessness. The flowing flow of the stream below forms the shape of a cornucopia, which means that the water is not out of flow, that is, wealth is not out of flow, that is, the wealthy cornucopia. The value of art appreciation and the meaning of Feng Shui means both, and it is your preferred work of Feng Shui painting in the room.

3. The antique landscape paintings of the Chinese decorative painting series, the elegant charm is exposed!

Wang Ning’s latest boutique six -foot banner is the ancient landscape painting “Mountains and Mountain Autumn” works Source: Yi Congwang

Teacher Wang Ning’s paintings are mainly antiques, simple and elegant, and have the unique rhyme of landscape painting. The painter is also very clever in the use of color. The brushwork is exquisite and unique, paying attention to the smoothness of the lines, the rendering embellishment is just right, making the whole picture highly ancient, making the picture show the artistic atmosphere of Wonderland, showing the viewers a mountainous mountain The artistic context with a long water and remote artistic conception is endless. The landscape courtyard pavilion, soft middle belt, natural casualness, layering. Human views, such as the immersive, cool, a static thought, a comfortable, and peaceful.

4, Chinese decorative painting series of freehand landscape paintings, classic patience!

Lin Dekun’s new product creation of six -foot banner Chinese painting landscape painting “Xishan Chen Yun” works Source: Yi Congwang

Lin Dekun’s works are mostly based on freehand creations. The strokes are Shen Ning and Cangrun, and their transport ink is thick and momentary. The flowing ink and flowing lines make the picture full of liquidity, reflecting the implicit, quiet and indifferent interesting interesting interest The realm of art. Whether it is mountains, water, clouds, or trees, it is strongly integrated into the emotions of the artist. “The picture at hand, write a thousand miles of scenery”, shows a magnificent style of painting, writing a fresh and spectacular landscape scene.

5. The Hongyun landscape painting of the Chinese decorative painting series, classic Chinese red!

2021 Classic Feng Shui Painting Jiang Weixin Pinpan “Fortune” works Source: Yi Congwang


Landscape paintings occupy an absolute advantage in home decoration, especially landscape paintings with “Hongyun’s head” painting. The painter Jiang Wei’s expression of the Hongyun’s popularity of Qiuye’s positive red scene, which shows the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of Wan Mountain and the hustle and bustle of the waterfall, and the green pine trees are organically integrated together. visual art. Let the viewers enjoy the art of art and a good blessing.


6. Four screen landscape paintings of Chinese decorative painting series, typical Chinese style!

Wang Ningxin’s freehand Chinese painting four -screen works “Maolin Youju” works Source: Yi Congwang

The non -greasy Chinese style, fresh, elegant and charming landscape painting four -screen Chinese decorative paintings have the finishing touch in the room, the overall effect is too beautiful! Wang Ning’s four screens of landscape paintings are vividly expressed with a relaxed pen tone vividly. The weather of the natural mountains and forests has its own charm. The mountains are winding and upside down in the scrolls. The mountains are strong, the sky is strong, the sky is lush, the qi is ingenious, and the meaning is very rich. The unity of Yunyan’s illusion makes the picture have an empty inspiration and elegant sense of elegance, and there is a sense of mystery that is as good as it is not greasy for a long time. It is elegant with pens and elegant ink. It contains the aesthetic minds of the Chinese nation, which reflects the natural concept of the Chinese people. It is the first choice for high -end indoor decorative paintings.

A noble but not vulgar home can present a lot of expression, but only the elegant Chinese -style decorative paintings can best show the elegance of the Chinese bones. The clever integration of Chinese decorative paintings with home space has both practical value, but also gives home new aesthetic connotations, which plays a dual effect of embellishing the environment and beautifying space.