Follow the blogger to wear a sweater in the early autumn.


In these days, Shenzhen has begun to rain again, and I suddenly turned cold again. I saw that the friends around me have arranged it



It’s right.

I recommended it with you last time, everyone said that I didn’t read enough, so today I will arrange again

I specifically found three super -wearing bloggers, they are all me

The list of wearing bloggers in the list for more than three years

The matching skills are deep, and you can learn from it every day. I believe that it can bring a lot of inspiration to the girls!

The first is


Sports wind and loyal powder

, Bloger who can wear pants never wear skirts 40


The second place is that everyone is familiar, and even took her photo to make avatars

Senior wearing bloggers


Fan Zhiqiao

The third is that although I rarely give you Amway

Very cute reading college student blogger


They are in common in common

Can match the simple sweater with a sense of fashion

, Hurry up and look down and “further studies” together! ([Example Disclaimer]: This article is recommended by the bloggers, everyone can read it with confidence.


40 I introduced her at the beginning of the year. She is a cold -looking young lady, with a cool short hair, which looks cool and advanced.

▲ 40 is the homophonic of her name Silin, so good and memorable


She is the blogger I have ever seen the most embarrassing word like gold,


There is only one sentence every time to post a blog

, Sometimes I do n’t even think of the copy. I really do n’t write it. It really implements the high -cold route.

Such cool, of course, the style she likes is also cool ~

To browse her Weibo and Xiaohongshu, you will find that you are basically wearing a sweater. The style of the sweater is either

The solid color of black and white brown is either a simple letter logo


, Sports Girl himself.

So how does 40 put on such a simple sweater out of sports style?

The key is the choice of shoes!

Each of her sweater Look will choose different sports shoes to match according to the style of the desired desired (faintly feel that it is a wealthy sneaker)

▲ A strong casual sweater

Can be paired with street -style canvas shoes


▲ A strong sports sweater


Will be paired with lightweight sneakers

I read it carefully, common sneakers match

New Balance, Vans, Converse, etc.

It is a good match and wearing noble shoes.

There is also Nike’s shoe type. From last year, I watched her wearing it to the present, super suitable for matching sweaters!

In addition to shoes, you also pay attention to creating a casual atmosphere.


In order to create a sexy sexy, 40 usually uses trousers to match the sweater, and most of them are

Properly wide -leg pants and sports pants

The 40 body is thin and high, this kind of loose and loose way to wear

Especially suitable for girls with tall and H -shaped figures for reference


, Can cover both body defects, it is also very refreshing ~

▲ Wide -leg pants covering the upper or


Bid -footed sports pants are all good choices

The hem of the sweater will not be stuffed, basically it is basically

Cover the length of a little PP so that there is a sense of freedom and not short. But the big -breasted girl will try it carefully ~

In order to avoid single, 40 will also be in the sweater

Put a white T/white shirt as an inward, expose the hem


, Sports style is fashionable ~

▲ Baseball, canvas bags and other sports styles of sports style are also used


Give everyone a small summary for everyone to focus

After watching the sports style, then see how you all like the Korean wind sweater how to build it ~


The second blogger Fan Zhiqiao, the girl who often visits Taobao must be no stranger to her, she

In the early days, it was a plane model

, I can see her in many Taobao shops


Now she already has a Taobao shop that belongs to her own,


Turn over as a boss

It’s ~

Don’t look at the current Fan Fan when the model is very light -car. You must not guess that she is actually a pharmacological major, a quasi -nurse, and the current occupation is completely not stained.

Later, because of her good looks and figure, it was recommended by friends,

During her internship nurse, she also went to part -time shooting part -time shooting

Then slowly transform into a professional model ~

When I first liked her because of her style of dress,

Special vitality

, Coupled with the unique rounded face, people are in a good mood when they look at it ~

Especially the sweaters are worn, there is a style of Miss Korean sister, cute and lively

The style is actually biased towards the simple style, but where does this sense of vitality come from?

The first is to win a lot of color selection!

The color of Fan Fan’s sweater is basically colorful, giving a very bright feeling. For example, red, yellow, etc. are very eye -catching existence ~

Don’t look at these colors that are very strong, in fact, it is more black and white than simple black and white

Can show


There are often some cute little elements on the sweater

, Smile or letters, these small details also make her sweater wearing full of vitality ~


Secondly, the coolness of the girly skirt and the sweater.

Fan Fan really likes


Sweater+half skirt

There are many types of matching in this match, and there are many types of skirts with matching ~


When paired with a long skirt, you will use it

Combination of sneakers+socks


, Full Korean score!


When paired with a short skirt, you can either show your legs directly, or pull your long legs with long stockings, sweet and cool ~


▲ The long sweater will not look procrastinating in the head of the pants


Girls with a small belly can be worn like this

▲ Short sweater with high -waisted half skirt easily out of Han Fan’er

Test a girl with a thin waist and legs and a thin body can refer to it ~

Finally, even the hairstyle is also particular, after all, the shape comes from the whole body.

Fan Fan is generally

Pick up a ball head, or the half -taber of Korean


, Immediately, the young lady feels like ~

▲ This year’s popular grasp clip is used ~

Fan Fan’s wearing summary, I have sorted it up, let’s consolidate it again!

The bloggers who appeared next were cute to the explosion, you must watch it ~

The last blogger’s phoenix claws are seats

Little little fat girl

, Keep the obedient BOBO head, like a little cute from comics ~

have to say

Short hair is really suitable for her


Yeah, it is much more recognizable than long hair.

00 years of Phoenix claws are still studying in Shanghai this year. Like many college students, before college, she is also an ordinary little girl ~

Because she likes to dress and dress, in the university life with sufficient spare time, she has become a dress with her own style & beauty blogger (other people’s university life is rich. …?)

The phoenix claws are indeed a bit fleshy, so she has been doing sports to lose weight since high school, but it seems that it seems that


Can’t resist the temptation of eating and eating

, I’m still working hard at KKK ~

She is just like herself, taking a cute route, she will match the item of the sweater.

Not only can you take care of the characteristics of the figure, but you can also use some tips to take into account the fashion sense.

Because it is a small man, it must be high!

The sweater is loose, in order not to press it, the phoenix claws usually choose

Match short load


Such as shorts or skirts

▲ Vitality yellow with white, fresh and simple

It is suitable for girls with thick waist or H -shaped figure ~

▲ The short skirt in the inside selects a high -waist A -line skirt,


The girl who covers is thin, and the girl who is wide learns

If you are worried that your legs are not thick and you want to show your legs, you can try the middle -length strap skirt like phoenix claws,

Only exposed the slender ankle part

, Immediately thin!

▲ Select a bright color sweater,

Visual center of gravity can also be significantly higher

She also made good use of accessories to light up her dress, and immediately opened the gap with passersby ~

for example


Use knitwear as a shawl


The original simple sweater was suddenly fashionable a few degrees. This trick

It is also very friendly for slippery stars


, Visual vision is shifted ~

▲ If you do n’t have the insurance, choose a black sweater

The most eye -catching is her accessories. The phoenix claws have a lot of cute (Huaqian) round earrings necklace, which also adds a lot of childlikeness to the simple look.


Finally, let’s take a look at the summary, have you all learned ~


The above is the three bloggers I shared with you today. I hope to help you bring a little sweater inspiration ~