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How does the Tyraria little fairy get it? How about the little fairy of Tyraria? This article brings you a brief introduction to the little fairy of Tyraria. Let ’s take a look!

泰拉瑞亚小妖精图鉴 小妖精属性获取详解

Baby grinch little fairy

Summon: Baby Grinch*S Mischief Whistle naughty little fairy whistle (so translated so)

ways to obtain:

The chance of defeating the frosty queen Ice Queen, which appeared in Frost Moon, has a chance of falling at 0.95% -1.67% (depends on the waves, the higher the number of waves, the higher the drop rate)


泰拉瑞亚小妖精图鉴 小妖精属性获取详解

Flying status:

Little dinosaur flight status:

The above is the detailed explanation of Tyraria’s little fairy pets and obtaining it. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more relevant information and strategies, please continue to pay attention to the pocket buses [Tyraria] area.

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