Brand Weishang leader Dai Jin and Yunnan Baiyao New Pin appeared in “Fashion Hui”


Seeing the silver screen, it is difficult to imagine such a tall and beautiful fashion girl.

It was learned at the recording site of “Fashion Exchange” on December 28, 2016 that the person in charge of the Yunnan Baiyao Weishang Project Dai Jin, the label on his body is: the best lens award of the Hainan Branch of the New Thinking Model, The championship, the top ten international supermodel competitions, the runner -up of the Miss International Bikini Contest China, the founder of “Stone”, “Not Slim”, “SINGLE” personal brand, etc., which are bigger than one.

From well -known models in the mainland of China to many popular brand founders, finally gorgeously turned into the leader of Yunnan Baiyao Weishang project, which is well -known at home and abroad.


As the second fashion day broadcast show “Fashion Exchange”, which is the second in the country, it will naturally not miss this good opportunity. Based on the expectations of creating a group of micro -business celebrities with ideals, mission, social status, and self -worth, I sincerely invited the post -80s beauty entrepreneur to visit the “Fashion Exchange” recording scene, and share the micro -business brand entrepreneurship entrepreneurship experience.

After entering the marriage in 2013, Dai Jin gave up his favorite model industry to make a full -time wife. Occasionally, with the help of the WeChat circle of friends, the first slimming product “Little Gold Bottle” was made. In June of the same year, she gave birth to her daughter’s small stone. Hot circle of friends. Due to the rapid development of agency forces in 2014, Xiaojin Bottle faced the impact of various fakes, and in order to prevent consumers from damaging the interests of consumers, Dai Jin ended up the supply of Xiaojin Bottle. Then she used half a year to learn and inspect and launch the first independent brand of her life “not thin” on May 21, 14th. Dai Jin did not expect that the detonation of slimming was not expected. In just three months, the number of agents increased by more than 2,000, and the monthly profit was nearly one million. During this time, many of her agents also made the first bucket of gold in her life. In 2015, the core agency charter of the team went to South Korea to join hands with South Korea’s hot mom Zheng Duoyan to launch new weight loss products. The agent quickly increased by nearly 10,000 people. In March 2016, the independent makeup brand sold 200,000 yuan in 30 days!

For Dai Jin, it is a turning point in life. In her opinion, Weishang is an emerging sales channel that combines traditional industries and the Internet economy advantages. It can also be understood as online shopping through WeChat. There are also many people who think that WeChat is just looking for something and then selling through the WeChat platform. The restrictions of a certain point are no longer a shop or a connection that allows people to understand products from various channels. The fissionability of Weishang cannot be underestimated to promote the rapid spread of products through social circles. This spread is also explosive fission. Micro -Shang may be more likely to Dai Jin. Through WeChat, financial freedom has been realized, the self -worth through Weishang has also helped many people who need help through Weishang. Therefore, she will continue to do this career, and will bring more good things to those in need. I also hope to affect more people through their own experience and lead their team to live up to every expectation.

However, the development of Weishang has not been a certain independent brand or a certain type of explosive product today. It can start to enter the giant invasion and invest in building a platform. The so -called weak credibility of explosives lacks the certification of authoritative agencies. After contacting Yunnan Baiyao, after visiting the Yunnan Baiyao Factory and understanding the history and management and planning of its brand, the national oral care leading enterprise Yunnan Baiyao and this concept of the trader attracted each other. Jin became the head of the Yunnan Baiyao Micro Business Project.

Yunnan Baiyao, the king of high -end oral care, led the oral care industry all the way. Regardless of how the business model changes, Yunnan Baiyao’s corporate planning and brand quality and status will not be shaken, and Yunnan Baiyao is still an industry overlord.


Now that you have chosen a strong union, it is bound to be uncomfortable. Adhering to the company’s strategic guidance of “new white medicine, big health”, in order to pay attention to personal health, in order to meet market demand, Yunnan Baiyao Yitou Qingxin rinsing water is launched. Once released, the natural herbal mouthwash has set off a wave in the micro -business world. Following the heat continues. Yunnan Baiyao Yitou Qingxin Wash is a precious Chinese herbal book such as 800 years of ancient tea trees and soft gold, Yunnan specialty mint, licooltaida Yukozi, which is thirsty. Zhenxuan Yunnan’s unique Chinese herbal medicine is carefully developed with the strength of Yunnan Baiyao’s technology, and it truly achieves a pure herbal mouthwash with fluoride and alcohol.

2017 is the outbreak of oral care, and it is also a year when Yunnan Baiyao Yitou Qingxin’s mouthwash brings oral health to more people. Yunnan Baiyao has shined with its strong corporate strength and natural product concepts, leading the trend.


The era of oral nursing micro -business has arrived!

In the end, Dai Jin thanked and expressed his gratitude to the recording of the “Fashion Exchange”. “Fashion Exchange” was a high -end fashion day broadcast program aired on more than 130 TV channels across the country. Nearly 2000 episodes of the show, a total of 400,000 times have been broadcast on major TV stations, and high -end fashion day broadcast programs with far -lasting influence in the industry. It is positioned in a group of love, health, embrace trends, fashion communicators and practitioners. female. Not only does it provide a platform that shows self, but I hope that there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future to invite agent teams to participate in the recording of the show. There are many stories. Why not help the world to listen to the world. As a result, he and your products have been well -known and well -received. In fact, you can, you can do it too! “Fashion” will give you and your team a platform that shows self and realize self. Let you have a qualitative leap for your goal. “Fashion Exchange” has confidence and strength to win a person. Only if you work hard, you are the next celebrity!

It is reported that this is the “Fashion Star Project” and the first hand technology. “Fashion Exchange” and the first hand technology will jointly create a group of micro -business celebrities with ideals, mission, dignity, and social status, and can realize self -worth.