Fried Stink Tofu (Family Edition)


My children and I like to eat fried and stinky tofu. I bought it cleanly outside. I decided to do it at home. The taste is very similar to buying outside.

BY Kitchen Niangmo



Blood tofu

2 pieces of Wang Zhi and Stinky Tofu milk

Moderate amount of coriander


Cool white open amount

A small spoon of salt

A big spoon of cumin powder

A big spoon of sesame sauce

Practice step


1. I bought a bottle of stinky tofu and actually used only two pieces. It is not very good to eat odor, it is enough to put one piece. A large spoon of sesame sauce, add half a spoon of salt, add the appropriate amount of cold boiling water, stir well, then put a piece of stinky tofu, crush it, and stir well.

2. Northern tofu cuts five to eight millimeters of small pieces, which will be broken if it is too thin. Be sure to use hard tofu, otherwise it is too broken.

3. The oil temperature is 60 % or 70 % of the heat, and the tofu slices are added in portions, frying it to golden yellow, and there are crispy skin outside to remove it.

4, pour the sauce, sprinkle with cumin powder, and immediately eat it!



Stinky tofu is salty, so put less salt in sesame sauce, and the water of sesame sauce should be put a little bit. Tofu must be selected from North Tofu, and it is not available.

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