Wide -legged pants quickly walk away, the “puff skirt” is the correct way to open in the summer, fashionable and thinning and age reducing age


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At the moment of opening the closet, many girls will ask themselves, what to wear? Such a scene is staged almost every day. Too many items often make girls, I don’t know where to start, and choose to wear it for you.

But no matter when it is,


The skirts are the main theme of the girls. This must be unique.

In terms of only skirts, there are still many categories. You can see that wearing it on others


But it may not be suitable for your own style. However, a skirt that is very popular this summer can be easily controlled for girls.

It is a gentle and temperamental “puffy skirt”. Simply matches, you can wear a variety of changes

History of Puffy Skirt

The historical traceability of the puffy skirt is still relatively long -term. Its earliest origin was in Europe. Later, with the change of time and the continuous changes in fashion, it gradually evolved to all parts of the world.

Its design was originally fluffy and fluffy at first. This method will well highlight the slim skirts of women’s slender curves and thin men.

It looks like the temperament will appear more fairy and beautiful, very loving


For girls with a plump figure, wear up,

Also full of aura


In terms of its limitation on the figure, the popularity is also an imaginable previous puffy skirt and a skirt design.


Today, this style of this style is rare in daily life.

It has evolved from its current cake skirt, princess skirt, or wedding dress skirt. These skirts actually have a puffy skirt on it.

Puffy skirt runway fashion

To say that the most formal puffy skirt style is now, it is also the most common on the runway.

The oversized skirt can cover any leg flaws perfectly

The scattered puff shape will appear more slender and slim on the waist and limbs. In addition, the figures of the models are generally high, and the effect of wearing a puff skirt is naturally quite good.


The color of the puff skirt

There are many kinds of puffy skirts on the color color, and the most common is still, it

Pure color printing and stripes these styles

Essence And these kinds of colors, their respective sense of fashion are also a little different. Interested girls may wish to take a look together


Solid color


Pure color puff skirt, if it is dark color

The saturation of the vision should not be too high


Essence If you wear it on your body, the dull feeling will be stronger,

If your skin is very white, then like this dark puff skirt,

It can also be controlled very well,


And the dark color generally has a thin effect

, So girls with a bit fleshy figure are also very friendly, light -colored puff skirts,

It will look a bit swollen when wearing it

But its advantages, which will automatically ignore this feature.

The light -colored puff skirt is very refreshing, especially the girls who are suitable for black or yellow skin.

And in summer, it also corresponds to the hot season

So as to reduce some hot visual feelings, so it is also very popular with a high degree of popularity. If the color tone is relatively public or very eye -catching, it is very eye -catching.

In terms of matching this style, the main thing is to pay attention to the harmony with other items.

You can choose a single product lighter than the puff skirt to integrate this saturation,

Or it is to choose to take the opposite of the opposite to use the poison to attack the poisoning strategy, and then the other



The saturation degree of saturation is improved again

Living above it, to create a sense of fashion that is particularly grabbing, and a pure color puff skirt belonging to the neutral color,


Maybe the tone is not particularly eye -catching. But it has a sense of fashion that comes with


So this kind of puff skirt is suitable for girls who like to walk on the avant -garde route. Other items can be paired with dark colors or light colors.

So to create an alternative fashion charm, this style is also very trendy




Another one is a puff skirt with striped elements,


Especially for vertical stripes, it will be thinner visually


And still extend your height in virtuous. This type of puffed skirt


Suitable for micro -star and short sisters,


It is fashionable and well hidden in your body defects

, Can be described as a few specials, with a strong comparison of striped tone,


To create a visual collision feeling

This kind of stripe puff skirt,

Has brought a three -pointer trendy style


Essence So on the choice of shoes and bags,

Simple and generous solid color single product


It may appear more fit and matching

If you are still a half -body puff skirt,

Then the top can also use items with striped elements


, Come and further condense the feeling of the whole body dress, the same color striped dress modifiers,

The overall sense of coordination is full


Just choose other items,

Either unification again, or just a bit of contrasting stitching to create a different fashion tone.

This way of dressing is also one of many girls’ favorite combinations


Rich printed elements, embellished on the puff skirt,

The overall feeling will appear more life, and the feeling of agile appears

Essence And it will look younger to wear, if it is a dark print

So on the choice of other items,


It’s best to choose solid color

In order to create a sense of thickness of the overall dress, choose a light -colored printed puff skirt,

The vitality of youth will bloom more strongly

It also shows the feeling of vitality of the little girl. This type of printed puff skirt,

Generally older female friends do not control, it will bring a suspicion of pretending to be tender.

Putch skirt


There are many ways to match the puff skirt, combined with different tops,

The fashion taste of revealing


It is generally not the same as there are similarities. Let’s take a look at it, what is the effect of matching with different items

T -shirt

Put your skirt and T -shirt, this way of wear,


It should be the most favorite of young girls.

It looks vibrant and energetic to wear, and it is suitable for going out of the street or playing, or going to work in school.

There will be no sense of disobedience. It can be said that this type of dressing is very versatile. Summer single -sleeved T -shirts are a high -appearance item. Puffed skirts and short -sleeved T -shirts It is also very trendy


Whether it is a light -colored combination,

Or a dark color match, or the collision of the two, can show different trendy style

Interested girls, you can try

Pairing shirt

Short -sleeved shirts are also wearing a lot of girls in the summer. When it is matched with puffy skirts, there are many occasions that can be controlled.


In the workplace party or dating, and shopping and leisure, it is one of the good ways of matching


And it is also very strong,


Little girls or mature women can wear it easily,

There is also a pure -colored puff skirt with a printed shirt.

The light color can correspond to dark or the same color, smooth color system, and the overall effect of wearing this is also very visual.

It is best to have a solid color tone. Casual shirts of the same color system with the panton skirt

The overall effect is uniform,

The degree of shot shot out of it is also super praise

Essence This is also one of the most suitable wearing for girls who like simple wind

The shoes on the feet can be high -heeled shoes or very simple flat shoes.

Although the fashion style is different, it can create a different trendy style



The slim vest with a puff skirt, the requirements of this style of the figure are quite high,

It’s just that the body is slender, and it must be material. It is estimated that you can wear that kind of bumpy body curve.

And this combination,

It will also look tall,

So if you are still short, then you must remember to try this way

Wide -legged pants quickly walk away, the “puff skirt” is the correct way to open in the summer,

Fashionable and younger.


Different puff skirts, the sense of fashion shows is also different. How do you match and which items are matched with the trend style.

So girls must choose the style that suits them before you can wear the taste you want