What should I buy more than 300 entry equipment? Recommend a very high cost -effective equipment for everyone


How do I buy fish rods in the entry of Luya? Many people spend hundreds of dollars directly to buy new gloves. That thing is plain, it is Mengxin harvester. What new gloves of a certain treasure and Shi Xi Xixi searched for 300 are so old -fashioned. , I also give you a lot of various fake bait, which can be caught in any fish. These things can’t be said to be exactly the IQ tax, but when you buy it, you can find that this set is really a bad money. You can only use gray to eat, or you have to buy it again. Therefore, it is recommended that a set can satisfy all the fantasies of the novice to Luya. Various Luya objects can be disk. It is also necessary to match the cost -effective combination.

Let’s talk about it first. I am neither opened the store nor advertising. I just recommend a suitable equipment for novice friends who want to buy Luya equipment. Essence


Let me briefly introduce, the recommended routine and elements are very popular with the equipment. The long -range shot performance is good. You can catch a microblog to make a microcontroller, and the wheels are imported, and the wheels are imported. The big brand, the pole is a domestic new star brand with a price of 300-400. It has both face and container, which is very suitable for novices and is very cost-effective.


Since I am a novice, I am not tidy in the flowers, and the water droplet wheels will skip it directly. The frying thread can give you a lot to give you up on the spot. If you want to get more likely, you can play the spinning wheels quickly, fast, it is not easy to fry the line and put the gun, and it is easier to make long shots. The most important thing is not to distinguish the left and right hands. The left -hander bought the right hand wheel, and the right -hander bought the embarrassment of the left hand wheel.

Drop wheels are easy to fry the line, commonly known as frying powder, this really makes the scalp numb

I recommend a spinning wheel that is cost -effective, Ximanno’s Sienna500 wheel, the price is only about 180 yuan. Ximano is one of the two mountains of the Luya equipment industry. The feathers are not available for just two hundred yuan, but the things they do are not garbage at all. It can be said that it is very conscience.

Ximano Sienna, a product with a very cost -effective product in Luya’s entry -level wheels

In terms of appearance, this wheels are red and white and black, simple atmospheric, not blooming, and the face value is still quite high. The appearance of the red metal wire cup looks very textured, and the strength and value of silver -white metal rockers are great. I don’t like this flat grip pill in the picture. This can also be replaced. Just work. Overall, it is still very good. The more you look, the more you look at it. Unlike a small amount of wheels in the new gloves, the others are plastic, and the entire wheels look plastic.

The overall structure of the wheels looks very compact. After all, the exquisite body is small, the outside gap is small, and the official label seawater! Intersection Intersection So the gap is still small. However, it may still be a little bit of use for a long time because of the internal gap. After all, the price is there, and it is impossible for others to make the price of Sienna for Sienna. However, this long -used sound can be removed by maintenance. Remove the gear, remove the dirt and waste lubricating oil, and replace it with clean new lubricating oil and lubricating fat.

Performance parameters The oblique mouth cup for line cups is very conducive to remote shots. The various materials will not be said. There is no shortage of two pounds. The strength is definitely good. If you want to see the specific parameters, you can search for a certain treasure. And the body is very delicate. The entire wheels weigh 180g. It is very light in my hand and is not tired at all. In terms of capacity, this 500 -model wheel loading line 0.8 PE is 140 meters, No. 1 PE is 110 meters, which is very easy to buy lines. The most commonly used PEs 0.8 and 1.0 PE can all be all available for 150 or 100 meters. Just put it down, very friendly.


A small tip here: If your wheels you find that it is not filled, this will definitely affect your remote shot performance. At this time, you can measure a large line that can be filled. Disassemble first, then use waste fish wires or beautiful tape to base, first occupy the thickness of the measurement value, and then reload the line. At this time, the wire is perfectly filled, which does not affect the throw performance.



The pole recommends a good reputation in Luya products in China. The fish hunter’s straight handle is 702ml. This one has UL, L, ML, M, MH from soft to hard models. In order to pursue generalization, I It is recommended that ML hardness. The rod hardness of this model is medium, with a length of 2.13, and the rod weighs 129g. The center of gravity is more reasonable. If you want to see it, you can go online, you can’t find me in private. As for what carbon cloth, what X entangled, and what inside and outside the wire can be understood, we do n’t understand except those in the industry. We only need to pay attention to the actual sense of use of this pole.

PE line


The fish line is recommended for domestic and medium -sized pool blade PE lines. This line is still very smooth. The 8 editoring is also very compact, so the remote shot performance is still good, and the price is not expensive. The unavoidable domestic line is the increase. This is caused by technical problems, so buying Line 0.8 is 100 meters, which is equivalent to the import line Line 1. The tensile value is definitely enough to catch a variety of Lutah object fish. It just happens With the capacity of the Sienna500 wheels, it has just been full, and the price is only a packet of Huazi money. The color is multi -colored, as well as the color of Chinese red, equipped with the best weapon for X.

A very good product in domestic brands

Reminder: The advantages of the PE line are smooth, soft, and are very suitable for remote shots, but the disadvantages are also obvious. This has something to do with its structure. It is very high, but the strength of the single root is definitely not so high, so it is easy to be injured. For example, if the stone at the bottom, or if the shell is rumored, it will damage some of the filaments, and the surface of the surface will be injured. The tensile value of the place is reduced, and it is easily broken in this position after hanging or the fish, so the PE line is used with carbon front -guided. The carbon line is more abrasion, but its flexibility is not good. It just happens to be PE and PE Line complement, perfect match. Therefore, you must use the PE wire to use the front wires to reduce the loss of the bait and the probability of the medium fish cut.


Overall, this set is pursuing pan -use, not to focus on which Luya object fish. This set is equipped with hard and hard, and has a good experience. The remote shot performance is good, you can throw 10g bait the most normally, you can also throw 15g weighing to play super long-range investment, you can also throw 3-5G small sequins, and even 3-5G aids throw throw Flies and melon seed sequins, the overall throwing 7g-10g bait is 50 meters away, and it is proficient in holding 60-70 meters after throwing. Essence


Finally, I wish novice friends to take less detours, get started with Luya as soon as possible, and buckle every day!