The most popular “boots” this year, keep warm and show long legs, fashionable throughout autumn and winter


Boots are almost a shoe that every girl has. Whether it is a short boots or high boots, there is always a pair of pairs to accompany you through the cold autumn and winter seasons. Although it is just a pair of simple boots, every part of the girl’s dress must show the taste, and the fashionable and feminine high boots can best reflect the feminine taste. It can be said that it is a killer worn by girls in autumn and winter, cutting men!


High boots always make people love and hate. Many female stars, models, and fashionistas can be beautiful in wearing high boots. I obviously feel that I can see that it is explosive but dare not try it. As long as you can try to wear high high Boots, then you must not escape the “Zhenxiang theorem” ~ The popularity of high boots will return to the tide with autumn and winter seasons every year. This is time to wear high boots. Are you ready this year?

Historical development of high boots

Today, we do n’t talk about the advantages of high boots, do n’t blow or black, and seriously wear high boots to wear high boots, but before then, let ’s understand the development history of high boots ~ high boots are just boots. Both knee boots, whether in ancient China and Western countries, have appeared very early, so let’s start with the history of domestic high boots.

Those who like to watch costume dramas know that whether men and women will wrap a layer of cloth or socks like boots at the bottom pants of the calf. Ancient high boots and legs are not related. A pair of sheepskin women’s boots were unearthed in Loulan, Xinjiang many years ago. Later, the tombs of the Warring States Period were also excavated in Shenyang in 1974. The material is leather, and the performance is well -proof, waterproof and cold, and was used as a soldier in ancient times. Later, high boots experienced different forms of changes in various dynasties, but the restrictions on formal systems were not too popular.

The origin of high boots in Western countries is not clear. However, the popularity of high boots at first seems to start in Eastern Europe. At that time, women in Eastern Europe liked to wear high boots and could be worn daily and were used as military boots. Before and after the Napoleonic War, the European army was generally wearing boots regardless of levels. The shape of modern high boots was the foundation established at this time. Until the 19th century, the pursuit of modern Asian troops began to put on Western -style boots. Although it was limited to soldiers, it was also promoted in the history of high boots.

After the end of World War II, women’s boots that were originally popular in the West went to the world. In China’s famous Sanmao comics, the image of a lady wearing boots appeared. To this day, women wearing high boots are already very casual, and occupy the mainstream of fashion. The previous high boots were biased towards practical functionality. The current high boots are to modify women’s figures and fashion, but high boots are tightly wrapped in the shape of their legs, so that many people with good figures are not good enough. Facing, dare not try easily.

Selection of high boots

As a good material and simple design boots, high boots can support for several years, whether it is durable or fashionable, and its cost performance is very high. The boots of high boots almost wrap the legs of 2/3, so the effect of the leg shape is the most obvious. The slender legs are naturally fashionable and high -level. How to choose a bad type?


1. Choose according to the version

The version of high boots with different materials is also different. For example, the suede material is relatively soft, and the version of the suede high boots is the leg type; the cortex is harder than that of the leather high tube, so the leather high tube Boots will be quite stylish. Simply speaking, it is two types of tightness and straight tube.

1. Tight -fitting leg type

Recommendation: Suitable for people with thin legs/straight legs


If you have a pair of textbook -style, thin and straight legs, then it is a pity that you don’t need to learn how to choose high boots, because you can wear good -looking, you can wore any boots, and you can be willful. If you want to show your figure, if you want to show your figure It must be the first choice of tight -fitting leg -shaped high boots. The boots are tightly attached to the legs to outline the beautiful and charming lines. The good figure is to show out. And high boots of various materials and colors can be controlled steadily, it is really enviable, jealous and hate ~


2. Loose straight type


Recommendation: Suitable for people with small thick legs/muscle legs/legs not straight


If you feel that wearing high boots not only does not modify and improves leg shape, but expose the shortcomings of leg shape, you can only say that the version of these boots is not suitable for you! Not everyone can have slender straightness. People who are sitting for a long time like student party office workers are easy to thigh with thighs, and people who like fitness will also cause small thick leg muscles and legs. Tight -fitting pants are very eaten ~ High boots that can cover the calf are actually the burgher of the calf, but the type of tight -fitting legs is definitely not your dish. It’s your best choice.

The boots of straight high boots are relatively stiff, and they will not wrap their legs and are not hot. The most important thing is that it is very friendly to people with thick calves or lack of calves. Restoring and improving the leg shape, it looks like a pair of straight legs ~ People with thick legs and legs do not step on the high boots of the thunderbar leg shape. That is your nemesis, remember!


2. Choose according to the heel


The heels of high boots are generally divided into flat bottom, thick bottom, and high heels. Different heights and people with different dressing styles are naturally suitable for high boots and shoes. So which height of high boots are you suitable for?

1. Flat -bottom high boots


Recommendation: suitable for people with long legs/high; suitable for neutral/casual style

The flat -bottomed high boots are relatively comfortable and not tired, but because there is no height of the height and leg lines, it is not suitable for people with low or short legs. Miss girls with high legs and long legs will perform better. The high boot itself is feminine with the air field. If you add domineering high heels, it is not suitable for young girls. The flat -bottomed high boots are not the same. The casual and comfortable flat bottom neutralize the high boots. It is more basic and more daily, and it is more suitable for college students and office workers to wear. Flat -bottom high -profile boots are often matched. Niddow sweater sweater jackets can be controlled. It is more versatile suitable for young ladies who like neutral casual style.

2. High -heeled high boots

Recommendation: suitable for people with long legs/short legs/low/low/low/low/low/low/one; suitable for fashion/light cooked style

High -heeled and high boots can not only show high legs, but also more fashionable and more temperament. It is very suitable for tall and low children. The high -heeled high -boots style is relatively simple and atmospheric. It belongs to the tireless temperament. Whether it is matched with tight pants or skirts, it is very fashionable and beautiful. However, the style of high -heeled and high boots is relatively mature, and it is very sexy and feminine, so it is more suitable for people with light cooked wind. I usually wear a lot of aura on the street, but too many walking will be tired. , Poor comfort.

Different ways to unlock high boots

Now everyone should not know how to pick and how to control it ~ After picking up a pair of high -ribbons that are suitable for your own high boots, you must study how to wear it to look good and fashionable. The wrong dressing will reduce your taste and shape. So how to wear high boots, there are three suggestions here, let’s take a look.


1: cover PP top+light legs wearing high boots

This summer, Oversize’s long T is equipped with high sock socks, and the upper pines and tightly wear a long legs, showing their perfect figure. This kind of way of wearing is also a name that everyone is familiar with- -Leve -body disappearance. Autumn is coming soon. If you like this kind of disappearance of your lower body, you may wish to cover the PP top with high boots. Covering the PP top refers to the length of 10cm above the knee. The top of the hip can be covered. It can be a boyfriend’s wind shirt, sweater, sweater, long jacket, etc. The wide and loose can also cover the meat. Don’t be too friendly.


Since you want to create a sense of disappearance in your lower body, you must wear a cover -covered PP top with high boots, don’t forget to wear safety pants ~ This set is extremely eye -catching in any season, but The premise is that the legs cannot be thick! If it is a thin hourglass shape, it is recommended that you wear a knitted dress with a slim -fit PP, with a pair of high -row high boots, the uneven body line is perfectly displayed. It is very sexy ~ If it is an apple -type pear -type strawberry type, it must be a loose top with high boots. It is very good like a hooded sweater. The casual style mix and match modern fashion style, with a kind of unique neutral beauty.


2: tight jeans+high boots

Women’s sexy has always been reflected by dew, like a young lady who has a good figure, and she is difficult to hide the charm even if it is wrapped in three layers inside and outside. And to say that the most sexy clothing that reflects the charm, it must be said to be tight -fitting jeans. Tight -fitting jeans are definitely not outdated. Not only are the basic versatile but also a good helper to modify the legs of the legs, especially those with slender and straight, I can’t wait to wear tight jeans every day ~ and tight -fitting jeans with high boots are cake. The lady with long legs is very temperament, and office workers are the first choice.


The matching of tight denim trousers with high boots not only modifies the figure, but also the style of the presence is handsome and sexy, especially black jeans+black high boots. Wear a cool leather jacket on the upper body. The field is full of domineering side. The point is that a black dress is very thin and tall, even if the fat young lady can control it. Or black high boots with water washed blue jeans, choose a short sweater on the upper body, full of retro temperament fan, very daily foundation can also be worn with various autumn and winter places. Try.

3: over -the -knee long skirt+high boots


If your thighs are thicker and are not so confident in controlling high boots, try long skirts with knees to match high boots. In this set of wearing, high boots will have a kind of leggings, and the boots above the calf are covered by long skirts. The young lady with thick legs, thick waist, and big hips is most suitable for wearing this. Cover the shortcomings. Tall and thin people wear long skirts with high boots, which will be more tall and thin, as well as a generous and elegant temperament, which is very suitable for younger sisters.

The over -the -knee long skirt and high boots are seamlessly connected, that is, the connection between the skirt and the boots will not expose the skin. Although the people with thick legs are friendly, they need to pay more attention to the color matching. Be sure to avoid contrasting colors. If the whole body is the same color, it is strange. We can follow the basic colors+basic colors, light colors+bright colors, dark+dark laws, such as black with white, white powder, dark green with black, etc. Flowers, black and yellow skin people choose basic colors, dark and dark colors to wear more stable, and the dark colors are much thinner than bright colors. The wall is recommended ~

After reading today’s selection and recommendation of high boots, is there any more confidence in controlling high boots? Try to wear the male weapon high boots this autumn and winter, and enjoy what it feels like to have two meters long legs ~