The new national standard, long battery life, easy ride, the Yadi ZD1 folding electric bicycle is suitable for those


Said at the beginning


For the topic of the new national standard, there are many controversy on the Internet, especially

The voltage must not be greater than 48V, 25 yard speed limit, 15 yards bee

These three major features will “refuse the door”. However, this industry is indeed a bit chaotic, and there are many accidents in China, compliance is only a matter of time.

As the representative of the new first -tier cities, the author’s Hangzhou, coupled with the Asian Games this year, has been fully strictly implemented in public transportation road safety.

“Temporary White Card”

It is a license for the use of the national “Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycle Safety” and the temporary transitional transition of the vehicle. The original use period was at the end of last year. As of the last month, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Zhejiang Provincial Electric Bicycle Management Regulations”

Humanized automatic extension for one year (no need to change cards, it can still be used until December 31, 2022)

It can be seen that the policy has the temperature when the policy is landing.

After nearly three years of implementation, the new national standard has become a climate. The purchase of new cars in consumers is still promoted by manufacturers.

No driver’s license, flexible card, relatively low price

Naturally, it has become the first choice for consumers to commute in the urban area.


Even the Mavericks and No. 9, which are mainly intelligent representatives, have gradually updated the new national standard version of the same model. Of course, the high price is not suitable for most people. Among them, the app is optional for most people, and the price is the most important. Then the three thousand yuan has become a clear order to place an order.


As an urban office worker, there is no need for people, they are

Fashion, face value


Become the primary consideration,


Brand, lightweight

Become a secondary factors. Electric bicycles are developing towards a regular and personalized road, and it appears

It’s closer to the form of bicycle, foldable, long battery life


Special ones, I believe it should be another preferred choice for urban people to choose mid -to -high -end cars.

Hello, ZD1

As the foreword said, the author’s reason to start with Yadi ZD1 was fully passed to the leaders at home. Anyway, it is a new national standard,


Folding electric bicycles have the characteristics of high face value and ultra -light convenience


It is significantly different from the traditional electric vehicle. In addition, lightweight can achieve stronger endurance performance at the same price at the same price at high density batteries. Taking ZD1 as an example, the 48V20AH lithium battery can achieve a battery life of about 70 kilometers, and the price of the traditional car is almost several times the price.

As a front -line brand, Yadi is very active in follow -up of the new country’s target. Recently, the folding train has significantly made a series of new cars. It is very easy to start with Yadi. There are a lot of offline stores. The warranty is more convenient. I ’m too lazy to run and buy it directly online.

The price of the Yadi F7 (48V26AH) of the battery life has exceeded 3,000. I have calculated that the daily use frequency is not too high for battery life. I chose this ZD1 one by one. Currently ZD1 has

Black and white dual -color, 12AH and 20AH dual batteries are available, as well as the lightweight, a family version (with the back seat) ZD3 optional


Essence The same type of folding electric bicycles are different in the material, battery capacity, and safety configuration of the frame. Some of the price range of the basic manufacturers are 2K-3K as the main battlefield.

Since the spontaneous combustion accident of Hangzhou battery cars, and the Asian Games, the safe and strict normalization is imperative. In December last year, Zhejiang’s new car card must be brought


Body Zhejiang Code+Battery Zhejiang Code

These two yards are provided by manufacturers or stores. Before the license, the traffic police scan code registration must be provided to enter the card process. Some people do n’t know how to get on the card, I will say one more: In addition to dual code, bring your ID card, invoice, and qualification certificate. In the ZFB applet: Hangzhou Traffic Police -Automobile Management Office Booking -Electric Bicycles on the Lottery Owner Application, choose to choose The good date and time, like winter, can basically make an appointment that day, the total process is almost 15 minutes. (If you do n’t know if the model is in line with the new national standard, the online model directory library is not updated in time, and it is not recommended to check. The recommended method is to query the function on the bottom of the appointment page.


ZD1 accompanied

A set of portable tool suits, two physical keys, a charger


Essence The output power of the charger is 54.6V/3A. Because the fast charging does not support the fast charging, the actual charging performance is quite satisfactory.

The battery is used



, Quality safety is guaranteed.


The capacity of the battery built -in 18650 lithium battery reaches 48V20AH

As for some people questioning such a small volume and the battery capacity is not up to the standard, there is no density factors, so this battery is far heavier than it looks. The various performances of lithium batteries are better than other batteries, especially cycles and attenuation, so the cost of battery will be a big head, but compared with other high -end smart electric bicycles retail batteries, the ZD1 vehicle is estimated to be replaced with a battery.

ZD1 presets the rear cushion, no need to buy separately, there is no problem with emergency use. I also watched another ZD3. The upgrade of the 6061 aluminum alloy body was upgraded, and the motor power dropped from 300 watts to 250 watts. The parameters were more light and security considerations. No wonder it would give ZD3 a family version. ZD1 ZD3 ZD3 family version, the three are one hundred yuan each. Considering that I am personal use, so choose the cheapest ZD1.


Four layers of welding, delicate paint surface, logo paint color, and then attached the last coating,

Yadi products are workmanship details


I didn’t have to pick it.



Close your pedals, fold your body, take the handle,

Three -step folding method

Easily storage of the vehicle, the entire vehicle storage is more compact, but the weight is still not light. It is still a bit difficult for female users to put a small car with a small trunk. If the strength is small, you must operate the single person, then take off the battery and try it.

As a folding design, it is not just for the use of the vehicle to enter the household and the battery. I think the most meaningful thing is that they can make all ordinary bicycles and electric cars look back: driving self -driving tour at the hotel, walking around the street to experience the lives of the local people. I think this is the reason why the folding bike is more fragrant, and it is also the reason why I approved the speed of leaders in the lobbyist.

Electric bicycles that are also detachable batteries. ZD1 can really ride separately. As an ordinary bicycle entering the elevator or on the road, it can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. Because the battery occupies a large part of the vehicle, it can obviously feel the weight loss after riding after removing it. This speed -up experience is basically the same as the bicycle of the same size tires. It is not clear how this bicycle has been on the electric car license.

The ZD1 battery lock is relatively common. It adopts the design that is immediately open and locks. It is basically enough to use battery anti -theft in the city. However, what needs to be talked is that although the ZD1 handle has the key to the independent switch, it still needs to be power -on first. I have a short commuting distance from get off work, and the battery is not large, and the battery rarely removes the battery. As a long battery life, it is a bit not convenient to lower your head and insert the key.

Regarding the Double Edition of the ZD1 battery (12AH and 20AH), the two battery life difference is 30km, the weight difference is 2kg, and the price difference is 300 yuan. I don’t think it is necessary to tangled at all. Large capacity not only brings long battery life, but also allows users to reduce the number of charging and reduce the battery cycle. This is really meaningful. So what should be tangled is whether ZD1 should be upgraded to lighter ZD3.

The highest standard for the new national standard is 400 watts, and ZD1 is so small that it can be used with 300 watts. The actual measurement door is not rushing, which is relatively linear, but you can still feel the kind of brisk and fierce thrust. You need to adapt from ordinary battery cars. The speed measurement can reach about 25km/s. The author’s 78kg weight faces the basic bridge climbing ability, and it should not be insufficient to be motivated.

This car was just listed for less than a month. In addition, I did not take a long battery life. After the battery was full for the first time, I ran about 5km every day on my working day. I ran away with the courier on the weekend, and the power dropped two grids. The power indicator is four grids. The calibration of this interval is not accurate. My own hair is estimated to run to 40-50km in winter, and it is almost 50-60km in summer. With reference to the official nominal battery life 70km, there are relatively stringent standards (such as standard weight, flat roads, low wind resistance, non -frequent start and stop, etc.), and 20 % off comprehensive measurement is already a good result. I will communicate with you in the comment area.

If the electric vehicle that starts at four or five thousand is called comfort, then the comfort configuration of ZD1 is not ambiguous. The height adjustment of the handle and the stool can always find the best sitting position in various height state. This is the advantage brought by the folding attributes.

ZD1 does not support the help riding mode, so there is no need to arrange a narrow stool designed for long -term cycling. In terms of face value, the wide cushion (comparison map of the PRO MAX size) is indeed slightly inferior to the narrow stool, but the wrap, shock absorption effect, and not tiredness of the ZD1 stool must be far better than the latter. It is no exaggeration to say that the cushion of ZD1 is soft and comfortable than most of the electric vehicles.

Both the front fork are equipped with reflective patch, and the shock absorber has a long stroke, which can make different impact effects on daily slope and rotten roads. I observed that the intersection of each body activity (shock absorber, cushion, and faucet) of each body activity of the ZD1 were pre -coated with lubricant to reduce the wear and noise brought by the mechanical structure.


The tire is 14 inches, and the model is the 14X2.125 anti -moisture tire tire. It can be seen from the figure that the middle of the tire pattern is smooth and the sides are deep, which takes into account the increase in grip and drainage of rainy days. However, it is well known that long battery life and grip cannot be both. The tire patterns designed by Chaoyang, coupled with rubber materials, are more considering safety considerations. If it is a thin water film, the advantages of such texture are not obvious, and dry or multi -water environment should be the advantage of this tire.


The lighting lights are standard, and the rear lights are turned on at the same time. Both are LED lighting before and after, and you don’t have to worry about power consumption.

The front light supports manual angle adjustment. The measured lighting range is moderate (about five or six meters). It is sufficient to use in the non -extreme dark environment. Of course, I think the more important rear prompt lamp in the city. In addition, when I ride at night, I found that there is also a aperture behind the front light, which can be enhanced from the side, and I can directly see the opening state of the front light on the driver’s seat.


Compared with the comfort configuration, you can see that the ZD1 is equipped with a huge album. It can be seen that it is considered more in safety. Generally, the vehicle uses the front disc rear drum, and the brake effect of such a clean brakes is changed to ZD1, giving me a lot of confidence. The battery plus the rear motor, and the terrible brakes raised by the rear wheels will not appear. In the rainy day, the braking force is still stronger than friction. The brake brake process is very safe and linear. Do not be full at once.


End evaluation

Electric folding bicycles are not fresh products. They are more expensive than ordinary bicycles, and they are much cheaper than long -range smart electric vehicles. I think choosing such a model is directly related to whether it needs a unique personality, especially for folding storage.

At the same time, choosing ZD1 must also make a good choice, not to mention that the help mode and the intelligent APP are not just needed for most people, but ZD1 can bring good battery life at the same price. Obviously clarify self -demand, which will make ZD1’s folding models more valuable and selected. The elderly and Baoma who do not ride a stupid battery car usually pick up the baby, and those who work and commute and self -driving tour like me. ZD1 has a good poke.


In the end, I also have to remind you that ZD1 is still more difficult for female users to fold themselves by themselves. If you need to be light, it is better to give priority to the model of the aluminum alloy body. If it is a male user or a small amount of self -driving travel within a year, you can choose the same as me.