Tiger Balm insecticides: pyrethroid insecticides


A, insecticides Balm: pyrethroid insecticides

The number of sharing a common sucking insecticides, broad-spectrum insecticide share some today, these insecticide often compounded with the insecticides and organophosphorus insecticides, That increased the killing effect of sucking pests, but also has a good effect for some chewing mouthparts.

Pyrethroid insecticides are: cyanide Ju fat, cyhalothrin, fenvalerate, cypermethrin, cyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, bifenthrin, cypermethrin, pyrethrin, tefluthrin, ethofenprox and the like.

Pyrethroid insecticides

Cyano affect the body which cytochrome c and the electron transport system, spinal cord nerve membrane depolarization prolonged, repeated action potential occurs, the intermediate neuron excitability of spinal cord and peripheral nerves, less toxic to humans and animals, but such pesticides have sensitive people, often not desensitize people allergic skin irritation, before use of such pesticides used to ask whether, if there are allergies.

1, fenpropathrin Ju fat

: A cyanide Ju fat is the most classic fenpropathrin, this very wide spectrum pesticidal composition, an insecticidal effect in a conventional top old pesticides, for sucking mouthparts, chewing mouthparts, both adult mites good results, but also because it is too broad spectrum insecticide, to kill mites predators at the same time, sometimes finished killing mites, red spider mites are often difficult to control at the same time acaricidal.

2, cyhalothrin cypermethrin & & & cypermethrin cyfluthrin:

Cyhalothrin isomers efficient cyhalothrin, more commonly used insecticides currently available, commonly referred effort, generally used for soil pests, often as complex and some of the pharmaceutical ingredient compound, the classic: emamectin benzoate perchlorate, perchlorate and the like Avi, good performance results for chewing insects, but also on the prevention and sucking insects.


Fenvalerate cis

: Disable tea, fenvalerate cis isomer efficient of fenvalerate, mites invalid, larvae of Lepidoptera, Diptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera valid, sucking mouthparts, chewing mouthparts effects are quite good.

4, deltamethrin:

Representative products: Deltamethrin, cypermethrin activity stronger than, mites, scale insects and poor class, broad insecticidal spectrum, heavier product odor, and the proposed pre-treatment larval pests occurs during use, easy to produce drug resistance, recommends used interchangeably.

5, bifenthrin:

Currently relatively low resistance of a product, but also a Wan oil products, basic useful for all pests, both stomach and contact, is relatively easy to use a component.

6, pyrethrin:

Is present pyrethroid pesticide pollution inside the most secure, extracted from plants, not easy to produce drug resistance, good effect of sucking pests.

7, tefluthrin:

Soil pests generally used, relatively rare on the market, substantially effort class instead.

8, etofenprox:

Rice is the only registered permethrin drugs, low toxicity, results for the preferred class planthopper, sucking mouthparts, chewing mouthparts and prevention.

Second, other pesticides:

1, spirotetramat

: Longest time sucking action insecticide, have effects for scale insects, mites has some effect, mainly through the eggs and larvae killing, controlling kill pests, having the absorbency, but also more in the presence of a plant cell a long time, there is at noon conductivity, long duration, up to about 8 weeks.

2, isopropyl Wei


: With contact and stomach poison effect, a major role in sucking pests.

3, carbofuran, carbosulfan

: There has been disabled.

4, Bisultap, monosultap

: Generally used rice planthopper water, stem borers have the effect, but also a wide insecticidal spectrum insecticide.

If there are other sap-sucking mouthparts good effects of pesticides welcome message to add.

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