155-160 Girls wear trousers, and use the tips of dew-waist lines to be thin and more fashionable.


The little sisters are going to work harder. People who are better than your figure have already started to roll. How can I allow myself to continue mediocre?

Get the trousers that others are unbearable. As long as young girls master this technique, they can easily increase and increase their fashion passwords.

See how 155-160 girls “conquered” trousers

(NO.1) Method of choosing a model that cannot be made wrong


>> The trousers should be long -term with the legs

It is strongly recommended that when sisters with height from 155 to 160 choose their pants, be sure to pay attention to the length of the pants!

It is recommended to choose the length of 89 to 100 cm.

The shortest can show the ankle, the longest is just the back of the foot, it is very suitable to look ~


>> The height of the waist and crotch line determines the visual leg length

If you don’t want to become a five -short figure,

Then don’t try low waist and low crotch lines easily

, Super legs are short, who knows who wears!

The small man should give priority to choosing long or high -waist design long pants

In this way, you can increase the length of the legs visually.

The depth of the crotch should not exceed 36 cm, but not less than 15 cm.

>> The style of the trousers must be selected right


In general, the simple solid color design like the right will be more suitable for small people.


And too dense patterns and large patterns will increase the bloatedness of the lower body.

The width of the pants tube is also very important.

Tight pants should be exposed to ankle. The width of the trousers of the pants is suitable for 18 to 22 cm. Wide -leg pants are suitable for the width of 25 to 30 cm pants tube.

(NO.2) 155-160 Girls wear trousers, and it is enough to rely on the waistline

How do small sisters with a height of 155 to 160 put on the effect of long legs?

Then it depends on the waistline. You can optimize the proportion of the figure. If you do not show the waistline like the right, it will be even shorter ~

Different trousers are suitable for different waistline ratios, have you wore right?

(1) Honal trousers are more suitable for these waistline ratios

①. Low -key and natural four -six -point high waistline


It is not suitable for the nine -point pants or pants that can expose the ankle. If the position of the waistline is too upper, it will give people a deliberate feeling.

The proportion of the upper body and the lower body is the most suitable ratio.

With a slightly loose ankle pants, how good the effect is, the sisters will know when you look at the picture ~

②. More personalized and eye -catching three -seven -point high waistline

If you choose the dewk trousers with a loose or obvious high waist design, you can choose the exaggerated three -seven -point ratio.

According to the ratio of three or seven points,

Wearing ankle pants must keep the overall clean and neat


If the clothing and shoes are too cumbersome, it will still be properly “rolled” on the scene ~

(2) The position of the high waistline of the ankle trousers must be selected like this

①. The proportion of high waist lines with the most long legs is three or seven points

But if the length of the ankle of the instep or mop is the other thing if the length on the picture is on the instep or mop the floor.

Because the length of the ankle trousers is exaggerated,

Choose a more exaggerated three -seven -point ratio,

Not only is it more thin and tall, but even the sexy nine -headed body is not a problem!


②. The more sexy and bold method is the two eight -point high waistline

Personalized ankle pants can also challenge more eye -catching ways. That’s like above,

Choose a slim -fitting umbilical short top to reveal the waist skin within 3 to 5 cm, and use a 28 -point ratio with a high -waisted ankle trousers.


Although it is exaggerated, the effect is immediate.

If it is equipped with a vertical loose wide -leg pants,

That effect can surprise you in minutes, but don’t miss this treasure puppet ~

Do not dew the waistline. The high waistline created in this way is more natural


(Method 1) The thin jacket is directly full of jacket corners

In fact, when it comes to revealing the waistline, the first thing many sisters think of is the way to wear the whole jacket? The way to wear the whole jacket corner is simple and effective, but it must be seen in the situation of the shirt ~

Only when the fabric of the top is soft or the version of the body is repaired, can it be suitable for trousers with a full -jacket corner.

Otherwise, the jacket is accumulated on the waist with a large area of ​​clothes, and it will also increase the “burden” to the waist.

(Method 2) Thick/large silhouette top is half a jacket horn

It is also the way to wear the jacket corner,

Although these thicker or loose tops are not suitable for all jackets, they can change their ideas and choose irregular jacket corners.

Shirt, cardigan, etc.

The jacket -like top can unbutton the hem’s buttons, and wear half of it in the way to wear half of it;

If it is a loose version such as a sweater, T -shirt

Kessy top, you can only put the corner of the clothes into the waist of the trousers,

It wore a high waistline, and it will not be fat ~


(Method 3) The most direct upper short and lower length+exposed waist matching method

However, to say that the most worry -free waistline is also suitable for summer matching methods, of course


Short -term

The combination!

Choose a short navel shirt directly with high waist trousers,

But it is best to choose a certain color difference between up and down, and slightly expose the waist.

The coolness of summer, the sexy figure is in place directly ~

(Method 4) Use a belt/short shoulder bag to emphasize the waistline

If you wear it directly and you can’t wear the ideal effect, you can use accessories.

But the width of the belt should not exceed five centimeters


The too wide belt will also look thick.

Short sisters choose short shoulder bags, it is best to choose small bags or bags with longitudinal width less than horizontal width.

These two designs can stretch the body vertically ~

(Method 5) The appropriate proportion+upper and lower color contrast reveals the waistline


Whether it is the corner of the jacket or the use of accessories to create a waistline, it will add a certain level to the waist. This method of wearing is not suitable for sisters with obvious waist fat.

Sisters with thick waist and width can use the color contrast of the top and pants to create a obvious part of the waist part.

For example, the orange -white match on the left, the red and black contrast on the right, and the combination of the short and lower long way of wearing, it is also very good!

See how much is it suitable for different trousers to show the waist line 155-160 girls


(Look1) Turning the sports suit into a high artifact of a small child

The loose and loose sports suits can not be worn directly, and the “careful machine” on the waist line can be more beautiful than others.

Roll up the jacket on the top of the shirt, reveal the slender waist

Then go with long -style guards, the effect is too amazing ~

(Look2) T -shirt plugs and jackets with cropped pants

In the summer, you must pay attention to refreshing and clean. Choose a simple striped T -shirt, use the jacket corner to wear nine -point straight pants, see how high it is!

Add dew -toe sandals, if it can

Take a little bit of height,

Don’t be too simple to save the small body ~

(Look3) Slimed top with high waist wide -leg pants

The sexy V -type neckline allows the small man to have a beautiful swan neck. The black slim -fit French top with high -waisted denim wide -leg trousers, cleverly made the figure easily become the golden ratio of everyone’s envy.

Low -key and sexy, simple and advanced.

The thin and increased trousers skills, hurry up and join the pocket


After reading this dry trousers today, I found that there are not only shorters in the small wardrobe of the original small man, but also the trousers that cover meat and thin!

A pair of trousers can get all the troubles of 155 to 160 height. You only need a simple waistline to realize your dreams. Do not miss it ~