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Toyo on the leisure fish -Coach Carryall#33545 purple cowhide ladies shoulder bag

Recently, there was a few aunts in the month, because the daughter -in -law was obsessed with idle fish transfer to idle second -hand monetization. Alternatively paid the Alipay flowers, the daughter -in -law suddenly decided to start selling second -hand, and turned the idle bags, accessories, cosmetics and clothes at a low price. As the buyer confirmed the payment Money, this feels really good. Perhaps it is good luck. Over the past a month, there have been more than 40 orders on the idle fish. There are more than 40 orders.

Speaking of the topic, Aunt Zhang must be chopped. Recently, while selling his second -hand second -hand, he will also pay attention to various fresh idle releases. I did n’t intentionally see this bag -the Candace series#33545 purple handbag, just a bag that daughter -in -law has always wanted to enter, I have seen 3465 yuan in the country in China, I think the price is not beautiful, and Taobao purchases around 2000. Dare to shoot.

The previous official website purchase link first:

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

The release of this transfer bag came from a sister in Chongqing. It was a new idle transfer after her tour in March from Paris in March of the year, so it was cheaply transferred. The original price was 475 Euro discount price of 212 Euros. After a bargaining fish, I spent 1050 yuan to take a picture. If the real product is true, this price can be considered a value -for -money, which is hundreds of dollars lower than the old Buddha’s purchase price.

On July 20, SF will be received on July 22, and it is meaningless to open the box.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

The appearance from the dust bag, when I opened the box, I torn out the metal parts and the protective film on the shoulder straps. I received confirmation and description. Really happy.

The head layer is shiny cowhide, which is very soft. There is an indentation on the front of the front of the original owner but not obvious.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

This is just a trumpet in the Candace series. It is more suitable for commuting without a folder. The same model is similar to the size of the TOTE package.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

Look at the space layout: the two sides are flat zipper layers, which can be put in some unique items. In the middle is an open space with buckle (this always feels that there will be hidden safety hazards)

The bottom area is quite large, and the measured 500ml water cup, folding umbrella, various long wallets, iPad, etc. are easy to put in without pressure.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

The details of the side zipper fixed, the 90 -degree twisting lock is actually useless, but at least it looks very regular. You can also see the skin of the bright cowhide very soft, and the fleshy is likely.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

The zipper layer is opened, which also confirms the new transfer of the original owner, and the packaging paper is still there.

Look at the inside of the open middle bag: the middle buckle, the leather LOGO, and a small zipper layer in one side.

On the other side is two storage compartments of the same size, and there are several LOGO marks on the inner layer lining.

Most of the coach packages have been made before it is made by China. This is just made of Vietnam, half a catty.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

Different from the big LOGO, which was filled in the past, this bag was still very clean.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

The non -slip film on the metal tag did not tear off. Regarding the question of whether this tag is removed or not, please give some guidance here

The bottom can be seen that the width is sufficient, and there are protective nails in the four corners.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

Come to the official website on the official website.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

This is the old Buddha invoice present by the original owner. The counter style and price are complete. 1050 yuan starts with a bag that just wants. This price is really value for value. Warm reminder, Taobao baby on the idle fish is still important.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包

Without a real person, just take a photo with long -handed large and thick dumplings to make a model for everyone.

闲鱼上淘个宝 - COACH 蔻驰 carryall33545 紫色牛皮女士挎包


If you buy it at the cost of the idle fish, if you have the ability to judge the true and false judgment, you have to pick up the treasure.

Although it is transferred, the purchase time is very close. It is brand new to receive the observation aspects. It really feels that it is worth it.

The point is that this color and style have always wanted.

Here is not to promote friends to pick up treasures on the idle fish. Most of the prices on the idle fish are determined according to the seller’s mood. There is no deposit for the sale of idle fish, and the transaction needs to be cautious.

See how many friends have recently redeemed Aunt Zhang, and I have to continue to refuel to write a single gold coin to change gifts.

Thank you for reading, Xiaobian has worked hard.