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Giant, which started by civilian cars, once worked as a foundry for the American manufacturer Schwinn, is now the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer!

From the “Kun Car” to the “time machine” from the “Kun Car” to the top competition, it has its figure! During the junior high school, the classmates who rode a bicycle to school basically bought Giant. Until now, most of the surrounding friends also used Giant. The huge mass foundation made it the first challenge for domestic bicycles.


The first person “Rabbit Killer” in China Tourism Fa is completed

So let’s talk about several main road models of Giant today -TCR, Propel, Defy



It belongs to the ultra -light climbing series, and has been using Compact Road geometric design since 1997. It is the originator of compressed frames in highway cars! After four years of precipitation, the ninth generation has been reached, and TCR has once again ushered in a large modification. The new elliptical interception tube design has made air dynamics significantly improved. Compared with the previous generation TCR, 200 watts are also 200 watts with 200 watts. With a distance of 40 kilometers, the new TCR can save 34 seconds.

The new carbon fiber composite material, laser -cut carbon fiber cloth, and new fusion technology make the vehicle rigidity stronger and lighter. The TCR SL frame weighs 765g, the frame and the front fork group weight is 1266G, which has become Jiente’s own home. The lightest highway frame. Since it is a climbing frame, the choice of the kit wheel group also needs to be partially climbing. The kit is still recommended for Shimano’s R8000 series. The dental plate is 50-34T and the flywheel 11-32T. The smaller teeth can meet the steeper slopes. Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Why climb up? Intersection Intersection Well, because the slope is there ~


At the moment when the highway disc brakes are fully popularized, TCR still retains a love for circle brake enthusiasts. This dedication is really worth learning. I have to change the disc brakes, but I still like the circle of brakes. It looks more comfortable and the weight will be lighter. After all, the cycling is to install X!


It belongs to the pneumatic series, “the fastest on the surface” air dynamics highway car PROPEL, starting in 2011, and the former F1 racing air dynamicist Xavier Gergaud participated in the design. “Aerosystem” (air dynamics type of Kamm-Tail). The bowl group adopts OD2 (1-1/4 inches on the upper bowl group, 1-1/2 inches of the lower bowl group). This specification is used to create its own product line. money! Therefore, it is strongly recommended to buy it before. After all, this is a special specification, which is very troublesome to replace it (burn money)!

The separation seat tube is very user -friendly, which is convenient to make it into it, especially when the second -hand is out of the second -hand, the entire lid of the stand and the bowl group makes it a full -line design. It affects the brake gear feel. It may be said to be an electronic transmission+oil pressure disc brake. Friends riding should talk about the feel of the conventional mechanical kit!




The comfortable endurance series, the geometric design maximizes the comfort of comfort. The entire frame is not as rigid as the first two models. In order to better absorb the vibration of the filtering road, the flat shape and the upper fork of the downward movement have brought a better reduction to reduce Earthquake effect, D-FUSE shock-absorbing black technology seat tube, better shock absorption effect, the maximum variable variable at the cushion can even reach 12mm, combined with the same D-FUSE technology as the seat tube, which can reduce vertical vertical The vibration of the direction is more powerful! The wiring method of the brake oil pipe is aligned with the PROPEL frame, and the inner routing settings are completed by the rectifier. I don’t know if it will update this model in 21 years!

The configuration of this series of streamlined oil, individuals do not recommend it. As the consumption itinerary will become larger, the brake feel will be very poor, and the safety will be greatly reduced. It is strongly recommended to upgrade the brakes, and then change to 32C tires. One floor!


Oh, the right group is still OD2!

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