Can you buy big names in the early one? Or is it direct overseas and the quality of the counter?


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Phoenix Shangpin


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Sisters must have encountered this situation:

The lipstick is noisy. Whether TF or YSL, it feels like a woman is not equipped in the bag.

When I first started to make up, I was also keen to buy various lipsticks and eyeshadows. I feel that since the money is spent, I have to have an immediate effect on my face.

After a long time, you will carefully observe the senior beauty around you. In addition to lipstick, those “good skin” that looks perfect is the biggest confidence of high -ranking women.

On the way to pursue the second layer of good skin, I also tried a lot of base makeup products. Picking a bottle of foundation that suits them is difficult to find a boyfriend


Naturally, the base makeup is like your second layer of skin. It is not an optional bonus item in the future. It is more like a basic card.

Walked Wang Fried items without effort.

Especially now that the cold winter has arrived, the face is dry, and it is absolutely urgent to replace the liquid foundation suitable for this season and skin.

Xiao Bian also stepped on a lot of Lei and tears that I have summarized it

1. Don’t blindly follow the wind to buy online celebrity explosion

2. The liquid foundation is close to its own skin color;

Light but no time



The base makeup is still trying to choose a large brand with quality


Because big names have their own beauty lines, at least the quality is guaranteed

For example, the editor was sent by my girlfriend on her birthday two days ago

Dior lock makeup without trace liquid foundation

After makeup, I said to you.

It really should be officially said: Dior’s new lipstick is long -lasting liquid foundation, light and moisturizing, and refreshing skin artifacts.

Click the figure below to buy

The concealer effect is first -class, me

The acne on the face is covered with cleanliness

, Moisturizing and makeup effects are also very good,

The weather is so dry recently


After applying makeup, there is no peeling at all

Official claim

24H ultra -long “lock” makeup


, To be honest, it’s not so exaggerated.

It’s just a little darker than in the morning

It is already very good.


It is said that this liquid foundation is Dior’s home

High -energy foundation prepared for star makeup


Star circle, one man

, Also from the Dimai makeup series

The king of the town shop!


In addition to the pursuit of the strength of the celebrities, as the makeup experts of the beauty wind direction, it has also been circled by its strength!

No wonder Li Jiaqi, who has tried countless cosmetics, also said in the live broadcast,

Because of it, the first time I fell in love with Dior’s liquid foundation

; I agree, I don’t know how it did it. As soon as I came up

The only thing that is beautiful is,


Tmall flagship stores are in the end, the prices of thunder can’t be moved

520 yuan/30ml.

Greyed, this “disadvantage” is also resolved today!


this time

New 20ml experience version


,if only

168 yuan


Calculate according to the same capacity of the formal installation, start with it


252 yuan/30ml

, Siter than Tmall

Nearly 2 cheap 2





Is it not fragrant to buy lipstick?


The benefits of the middle, I don’t say you know, you know,

First, it is easy to carry to carry

The second is suitable for novices.

I feel good to start with a formal dress, in case I really don’t like it, it will not hurt because of idleness.


And even though this time I got a good price, but

There are not many inventory, limited time and limited edition

After grabbing, you will be gone. Do n’t leave a message to scold me if you ca n’t grab.

Concealer MAX


Moisturizing does not get stuck, refuses to fake white mask faces

Most girls can avoid flaws


Therefore, judging whether a liquid foundation is easy to use, the first criterion is it


Dior’s concealer I want to kneel!

Light a layer

, The dullness and wax yellow that can be driven away from staying up late;

Stacking 2-3 layers


, Carse pores, spots, acne marks and acne pits

All can be invisible.

Quite severe acne muscle, red blood silk face


, Can make the foundation cover without traces, and the overall skin tone of the face is very well -proportioned!

Each pore on the face is “grinding”


When looking in the mirror, I feel that my skin is smooth like a piece of white chocolate,

It seems to be a beauty filter

After using it, you can really say a word:

“What is the pores? I haven’t grown up, I don’t know!”

In front of the base makeup, everyone will have different skin care products and steps. The concealer effect will be slightly different, so I found it again

Blogs’ use of color test pictures

The#012 suitable for cold skin can cover the black eyeliner’s pen, let alone red blood, freckles or something.

This is the original film straight out, but there is no filter.

Everyone feels ↓

For me who loves makeup everyday, the most fear is to encounter the foundation of the makeup after the face, or the foundation of the mask.

Dior’s philosophy is

Natural concealer

There are both skin -like clean and fair, and with the red halo from the skin, and then wipe the blush, it looks particularly good.

None of the straight man can’t see you wipe the powder

The texture is well -moist and skin -friendly, and the flow is strong

Gently apply with your fingertips to mix the foundation uniformly, and it is natural to put on makeup.

Don’t worry about getting stuck and stuck.

Add it

86%of water lock skin care

Fang, contain

Ultra -moisturizer essence

, Moisturizing power MAX, especially suitable for dry and dehydrated weather,


Now this season is just right

In addition, this liquid foundation

The sunscreen coefficient is SPF35

, Autumn and winter ultraviolet rays are weak,

Apply it, even sunscreen money is saved.


Although the weather is getting cold now, I go to work on the way to work and rush to the subway.

It is inevitable to sweat;

Foundation can absorb the sebum and sweat discharged from skin secretion, so that the makeup is lasting; no longer afraid of the erosion of sweat, avoid

Make -up embarrass

Full score

, Water will condense into water droplets on the foundation,

Not get off


If you are the same as me, you are not used to putting various cosmetics in the bag when you go out every day,

If there is no habit of makeup supplements outside daily

Then choosing Dior will definitely not make mistakes.

Of course, it is also convenient to carry the needs in the packets from time to time. It does not occupy the land.

This is the beauty.


The color number naturally does not pick people


Thinly painted pure pseudo -plain face, thick coating gas field buff

Friends who know Dior foundation know that its Forever series belongs to the “Almighty King” that can be used in all skin types

Dry skin oil and leather universal

You don’t need to tangled with the color number,


Take 012 directly (directly

Natural color, pink tone) is right; white in white, pink,

Most girls use this color number ok

The editor belongs to the yellow skin, and it also uses 012 color.

There is no false white or unnatural at all,


The fair -skinned girl took 010 (whiter, yellow and white tone), and even skin tone. At the same time

Cover acne marks, freckles, thick pores

Waiting for some flaws to bring the effect of porcelain white muscle

Thin coating creates natural pseudo -plain face, and the most important thing is that it does not have a strong mask, the most important thing is that it feels like

It is enough to make your face confident.

The little fairy is full of praise, and has been highly recommended! Intersection

You see, belong to

The era of facial fighting in winter

Start soon … what are you waiting for?

French Dior Forever Forever Finding Foundation

Middle Sample 20ml Experience Version

The daily activity price is only 168, quickly buy and buy! Intersection Intersection

Yang Mi Same

Restore lip hydration













Click the figure below to buy

Click the figure below to buy