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Reveal the things to take the fine room

Graphic/Reproductive Medicine Mei Yan Yan embryo master

Men who come to the reproductive center for test tubes must be familiar with this room, that is, the hospital’s spermatic room. So what is in this mysterious small room?

Explore the secret

(Internal environment inside the fine room)

Let’s take a look at the exclusive exposure picture. The area of ​​the essence is not large. Generally, there is a bed, the shampoo and the transmission window and the display. It can be said that although the sparrows are small, the five internal organs are all available. Patients can directly transfer semen to the laboratory personnel after masturbating the semen in the room.

There are a few of the spermatic rooms.


01 quiet


There are 6 essence rooms in the reproductive center of our hospital. In order to reduce the sperm extraction process, they are set in the innermost of the floor to avoid noise interference caused by people’s movement. Each spermatic room is equipped with a fingerprint password lock. Only the corresponding personnel authorized can enter the corresponding seizure room. At the same time, after entering the room lock door, the indicator light above the sperm room will display “someone” to avoid Unrelated personnel interference.

Essence outdoor environment

02 Clean


The sterilization of hand -shanted handwashing and handing paper is equipped. Before taking the essence, the nurse will also tell that they must clean their hands and take the essence. In addition, the nurse will send you a piece of paper before taking the essence. After all, these major events need to be “sit” to clean. Ordinary condoms contain substances that are harmful to sperm, so patients need to directly retain specimens through masturbation to sterilize the sterile cup.

Sperm cup


03 security

Equipment with an emergency call button is equipped with the bedside of the fine chamber. When an emergency accident occurs, the staff will enter the rescue. What is the surprise of someone curious about taking a fine? In fact, in the process of extracting, some patients may have an accident in psychological continuous psychological tension or sudden physiological conditions, and syncope occurs when the reproductive center has occurred in the sperm. So don’t underestimate this button, you can save lives at a critical moment!


It is also worth mentioning that there is a certain “strength” that can enter this room. Why do you say that? This involves the method of extract. Generally, men need to take precision on the day of egg retrieval. How to take it?

Generally, patients are used to extract essence by masturbation, but this method is only suitable for patients with normal ejaculation. For patients with obstructive sperm, they must be punctured in the operating room.

Some people asked, what should I do if I can’t get it in the room?


The solution for patients with difficulty taking spermice is as follows: as follows:


A. Let the patient take a rest and relax and continue to take the essence. B. Let his wife enter the room to assist. C. Find my Monatologist to help.


Some people say that I feel nervous in taking the essence in the essence room. Can I take it at home?



First of all, semen must be submitted to the staff of the laboratory within half an hour to observe whether there is abnormal phenomenon such as long -term liquefaction. In addition, it cannot be carried by itself and stay away from harmful substances at a suitable temperature. More importantly, the staff needs to check the information, and the semen of the husband himself can be performed. Therefore, the essence must be carried out in the essence room of the reproductive center.

Do you know the story behind the fine room? Patients who need to be a test tube, hurry up and come to take the essence!

About the Author

Mei Yan, the germology embryoer of the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The direction of the master’s degree is embryo engineering and genetically modified pharmaceutical; in 2014, various embryos and micro -operations, including nuclear transplantation, micro -injection, etc.; At present, it is mainly responsible for the quality control of the laboratory. It is familiar with and master various embryo operations including picked up egg picking, fertilization, auxiliary incubation, and embryo frozen recovery.

Medical is good at: artificial insemination and test tube baby semen treatment and various embryo operations.

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