Don’t wear jeans! Choose a small feet pants in spring,


The spring is coming, Xiaoxian is taking off the thick coat, this time is very pleasant. After all, winter is afraid of cold, always like a scorpion, but in spring is not the same, it is a good to wear your own character.


Sub-feet pants that come with the traffic attribute, I have long thought to meet the little fairy, but about the problem, Xiaoxian must have doubts. That didn’t matter, Xiaobian will talk to Xiaoxian today, if Xiaoxian is very like for pants, then look at it.

Match 1: Pattern + Small Suit

This should be very suitable for the office worker, wearing a white shirt, wearing a dark small suit, with black pants, upper body visual effect is super stick, in minutes, you can perform fashion slide, vague It also revealed a feminist model of workplace.

Match 2: Pattern + Sweater

Thick and soft sweater, during spring, it is still very good to use. For example, a light-colored sweater, encounter a black pants, which forms a distinct contrast in visual aspects, causing a strong sense of visual impact.

Match 3: Pattern + Shirt


In the current shirt, it is not only the exclusive of the workplace elite, and the exposure rate in daily life is also quite high. For example, a plaid shirt between blue and white, breaking the middle rules of the shirt, it looks full. With blue feet pants, a pair of casual little white shoes to help attack, easy to wear street fashion models.

Of course, the little fairy can also choose to wear a dark shirt, which is more temperament, put on black pants, and slim is an inevitable result.


Match 4: Pattern + Basketball Clothing Jacket

In the spring, the choice of jacket is also crucial. For example, the upper body wear handsome color color jacket, the simple two-color system, looks neutrality, under black pants, match wild Small white shoes. Tang Yan’s high-rise is also obvious, and it is very good to attract the attention of everyone. Xiaobian also likes this.


Match 5: Tongue

For those who are not very good at mixing or lazy to lazy cancer, choose the same color to wear, should be the most witty. And this appearance, the super thin is high, the foot is parallel with black Laofu shoes, pass the simple and bright clothes, and the welcoming of the little fairy.

Xiao Xian also reads these small and white questions about the matching of pants, is there any own ideas or suggestions? If you feel good, then you will start, with the warming of the weather, Xiaobian suggests that Xiaoxian can quickly start.